Unknown hacker/programmer.


Azreal is only known by name. No one knows who this entity is, though several claim to have solid theories (that have never been proven). Though no one knows what Azreal looks like, many just relate to the digital image that is always placed with (her) work, a woman with fiery eyes and dark wings.

This image somewhat matches the theological depiction is Azrael as the Archangel of Death in Hebrew, Sikhism lore, as well as Islam. There was also a historical comic character by the name of Azreal who had various different background stories. Though the digital image does not depict this form, some question if Azrael’s background more closely resembles one of those area of lore.


The only piece of information (dated from about 13 years ago) that most people agree on is that Azrael last operated from some location in the asteroid belt. Azrael is responsible for several large hack jobs exposing corruption and questionable moral behavior among corporations manufacturing infomorphs around that time frame. Azrael suddenly went “silent” around the year 2095, just when (her) work was beginning to make major social changes for infomorph rights. A few activities since that time have been reported to be the work of Azrael, but they all lacked the intentional digital mark Azreal always left behind( a woman with fiery eyes and dark wings walking among a ruined landscape), almost as a challenge and warning. Some wonder if Azreal was killed or apprehended, but if that were the case there would be a large announcement for someone so notorious.


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