Character Creation and Advancement

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Creating Your Character

Before you begin creating your character, review all the allowed material so that you can have a detailed concept and know what your options are. Also review the house rules for modifications you should be aware of. Your primary source of information is the Transhuman Space product line. The other material can help flesh things out in more detail. A great tool to assist you in the task of character creation and maintenance is GURPS Character Sheet. You do not have to use this tool but it can vastly assist the process if you do. You may post your GCS sheet to your character entry on this site or use the character sheet provided by the site.

1. Determine Character Concept and Background

Develop your character concept and background so that you can have an area of focus and intent as you select from the numerous options available.

2. Determine Campaign Starting Conditions

This campaign begins with 200 Character Points (CP) which may be used to build your base character. Points may be used to purchase anything that has a CP value. Mutable Point Totals (Changing Times, p17) will be used to track campaign progress and general power level as the game progresses. This is a baseline 4th Wave (TL9) campaign, though certain sectors will be 5th Wave (TL10) or 3rd Wave (TL8) levels depending on access to technology and society beliefs.

3. Determine Basic Attributes & Secondary Characteristics

Determine your Basic Attribute scores and adjust your CP pool based on your choice. Basic Attributes max out at 14, prior to applying Racial Templates and technological enhancements (covered later). You will then derive your Secondary Characteristics and determine if you wish to adjust them, adjusting your remaining CP pool based on your choice.

4. Select a Race

All characters other than “baseline” Earthborn humans have a racial template, called a model template when referring to machines or software. (Infomorphs actually pick two templates: one for their digital mind and one for the body that houses it.) Note that Racial Disadvantages do not count toward your maximum limit explained below. You may not “buy off” racial Advantages/Disadvantages throughout character development, though they may be cancelled out by an opposing Disadvantage/Advantage, if one exists, when you get to that step. Deduct the CP cost of your racial selection from your CP pool.

5. Select a Career

It is not mandatory but highly recommended that you select from some sort of career template to help identify your role within the setting. Deduct the CP cost of your career selection from your CP pool. If you choose to skip this step then you will need to purchase abilities in the next step to help define your career.

6. Invest Remaining Character Points

At this point you may invest CP into the other components of your character such as Build (B18), Social Background (B22), Wealth & Influence (B25), Friends & Foes (B31), Identities (B31), Advantages (B32) / Perks (B100), Skills (B167), and Techniques (B229). Note that Base Skill Levels max out at 18. Wildcard! skills are also required for characters in order to reduce the burden of numerous separate skills. You should have a few to cover key career fields. You may also select up to 50 points of Disadvantages (B119) and 5 points of Quirks (B162). Disdvantage and Quirk values add points back into your CP pool that you may spend in other areas.

* Exotic and Supernatural abilities must be GM approved on a case by case basis and will most likely have the Unusual Background enhancement, unless included in an approved template or universally common for the setting.

* Cinematic abilities are not available unless expressly approved. This is a realistic/gritty campaign.

7. Purchase Gear & Enhancements

Characters receive $30,000 starting cash, modified by Wealth (up to Wealthy). You may use this entire value to purchase all the setting appropriate gear and property you own, including biomods, not to exceed TL10. You may not use cash to purchase racial/model templates and enhancements to yourself that were done prenatally, as those are covered by CP in Step 4. Your first month’s cost of living is factored into this and will not be accessed till the next month in game time. You may spend remaining CP for extra money, gaining $3000 per Character Point. (B26)

8. Submit the Character to the GM

Completed characters should be submitted to the GM for final approval. This can be done a couple ways. If you are using GURPS Character Sheet, send the completed sheet to the GM and/or upload it to the character page and notify the GM. Otherwise, use the Dynamic Style Sheet (DSS) titled “GURPS 4E” to fill in your character data and notify the GM of its completion.

Advancing Your Character

Bonus points will be granted based on character actions and campaign progress. New characters entering an ongoing campaign will follow the steps above for creating new characters, but will then be given a number of bonus points by the GM to further advance the character. Follow all the normal rules for “Improvement through Adventure” and “Improvement through Study”, covered in Character Development chapter of the Basic Set (B290). Note that the limitations on Basic Attributes (14 max) and Base Skill Level (18 max) still apply unless relaxed by the GM, at which point the values will be changed here. If you wish to further improve aspects of a skill, look into Techniques.

The GM will maintain a “Time Use Record” on the character page to track progress during character down time. Earned points will be posted to the Adventure Log after each session (usually a day or two). You have until the next session to notify the GM and purchase any relevant abilities – any ability that saw significant use during the session or an attempt at a default skill under pressure – with these points or they will be locked into your general CP pool and the opportunity will be lost. Total CP earnings (both Time Use and Bonus) will be adjusted accordingly by the GM and posted on the Character Points page. The pool of CP reflected on this page may be used to purchase character upgrades but is subject to the normal Character Development rules.

When you update your character by spending CP, record the changes on your character page of this site. The entry should be placed under the “Character Point Expenditure Log” entry created by the GM and contain the date of the improvement, what was purchased, and the CP change. Refer to the example shown below:

Example: Character Point Expenditure Log

8-1-15: 200 CP used for Creation + Legal Enforcement Powers (10 CP)
10-2-15: Basic Self Defense! +1 (4 CP)
10-15-15: Everyman (Space)! +1 (4 CP)
10-15-15: Wirerat! (4 CP)

If you are using the recommended GCS, periodically update your character and upload the new sheets to your character page and/or send the GCS file to the GM. Otherwise, make sure that you update the DSS character sheet on the site when the character is improved.

Character Death & Replacement

In the unfortunate event of character death, you will create a new character with the same Character Point value. Follow all the requirements for creating and advancing a new character above. Voluntary character retirement is highly frowned upon and will therefore be cause for loosing 10% of your earned Character Points. Note that attempts to kill your character on purpose to avoid the retirement penalty will not grant any reprieve. If the GM deems the death intentional then the same rules as retirement apply.

Character Creation and Advancement

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