Meizi-Class PSV


The luxurious Meizi serves as the benchmark for all other commercial fastliner passenger vessels. For comfort, most of the cabins and recreation areas are installed in two spin-arm pods at the front, leaving the rest of the vessel in microgravity. The passenger seating in the core is a “storm shelter” for emergency radiation protection.
The Meizi uses an unstreamlined, 10,000-ton hull (SM +10) 300 feet long. Craft are named after objects of beauty.

Front Hull System
1 Light Alloy Armor (dDR 15).
2 Habitat (25 luxury cabins, 10 cabins).*
3-4 Habitats (120 cabins).*
5 Habitat (24 cabins, two establishments, 10-bed sickbay with automeds, minifac; 105 tons cargo).*
6 Hangar Bay (300 tons capacity).*
core Control Room (C10 computer, comm/sensor 9, two control stations).*
Central Hull System
1 Light Alloy Armor (dDR 15).
2! Smaller Systems (three at SM +9): one Medium Battery (two turrets with 3 MJ very rapid fire ultraviolet lasers; 50 tons cargo) [!]; one Fuel Cell (one small Power Point for Medium Battery); one Habitat (10 luxury cabins).
3-6 Fuel Tanks (500 tons nuclear pellets providing 14 mps delta-V each).
core Smaller Systems (three at SM +9): two Passenger Seating (total 400 seats); one Habitat (10 establishments).
Rear Hull System
1-5 Fuel Tanks (500 tons nuclear pellets providing 14 mps delta-V each).
6 Fusion Pulse Drive (0.05G acceleration).*

*One workspace per system.

It has spin gravity (0.2G) and exposed radiators. Crew consists of two bridge crew (commander/pilot and navigator/copilot), one chief engineer, and eight technicians. Cabins are set aside for 10 additional passenger-support personnel (such as a ship’s doctor, stewards, entertainers, and bartenders).


TL Spacecraft dST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ dDR Range Cost
10 Meizi-class 150 -4/5 13 0.05/126 mps 10,000 492.8 +10 378ASV 15/15/0 0 $219.6M

Meizi-Class PSV

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