NASA today is much smaller than it was during its glory days of the 2030s and 2040s, its role largely overtaken by private companies, the military, and the USAGS. Today’s NASA is concerned with two things: the development of advanced aerospace technology (not just spacecraft) and the planning of interstellar space missions.

NASA’s advanced technology laboratory has an office on Rhea, where it and the USAF are working with Columbia Aerospace on the X-92 project.

NASA has no manned spacecraft, but does have several long-range cybershell probes, some of them housing ghosts, shadows, or SAIs. In recent years, its main goal has been the robotic exploration of the nearby brown dwarf Xiang 63, with some unmanned probes presently approaching it; NASA also has an interest in the Oort Cloud black holes. It is presently exploring a partnership with Nanodynamics-Exogenesis to reactivate the Starswarm project.


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