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Group Salvage

Item # Location Found Description Value ($, ea.) Carried by
Personal Gear Crew Cabins/Lockers Personal stored gear. Self
Rifle 1 Dead Guard Assault Carbine, 7mmCL (no ammo) $1600 Verge
Ammo Magazine 1 Dead Guard 7mm APHC, 50 rounds ? Verge
Grenade 1 Dead Guard Flashbang ? Verge
Shotgun 2 Dead Guard Assault Gauss CAW, 18.5mm $1600 Verge
Ammo Magazine 4 Dead Guard 18mm, 30 rounds ? Verge
Grenade 1 Dead Guard Flashbang ? Tien
Key Card 1 Dead Guard Opens Lockers in Visitor Security Checkpoint ? Verge
Tien’s Bag 1 Lockers Contains some of her personal gear. In Room
Crew’s Gear 1 Condor Each crew member’s personal gear. ? Equiped or In Room
Clothes 4 Dead workers Work clothes from dead miners. - All
Cyber-Dog Shell 1 Meizi-Class PSV German Shepard, No Computer $13k YURI
Credits Meizi-Class PSV Misc items sold for credits. $6900 Davian

Distributed Salvage

You are responsible for recording and tracking these items on your character sheet and they will not be updated any further.

Date Distributed

Davian Greaves James Grayson Jason Longstreet Tien Tsin Verge Brink Y.U.R.I.


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