Session 12 Log

Server started; please wait for map to refresh.

Lurker has connected.

Cedric has connected.

Cedric: hey

Taragnor has connected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric has connected.

Garrion: howdy

Garrion: anyone see Sef or sachi?

Jason: no

Garrion: well tab messaged saying he was packing for a trip and would be here if he was around and still up

Garrion: while we wait for the others I’ll get the two of you started on my new-year’s change… I’m going to start using voice for the sessions. You all don;t have to talk if yo are too shy and don;t want but for my purposes it will speed up my descriptions and allow me to be more detailed and interactive. Although i can type decent i don’t blind type and am not super fast.

Garrion: so the program I have choosen for the voice chat is Dolby Axon ( If was highly regarded on forums for not taking up much resources or bandwidth and being optimized for gaming performance.

Jason: is fine by me, I use skype for another game I ’m in

Garrion: yeah, i have skype too but skype was shunned by most due to the resource hog that it is

Garrion: i wanted something nice and clean because I’m also going to start recording screencasts to go with the voice chat….

Garrion: you don;t have to worry about anything special on that end though

Garrion: all you’ll have to do is download Dolby Axon and set up an account.

Garrion: that way you can hear me. I’m shopping for a nice headset to use for this and was trying to get one by tonight but no dice. Noone local had any of the ones I’m interested in getting.

Sefiros has connected.

Garrion: howdy sef

Sefiros: hey

Tien Tsin: got a new player lurking?

Garrion: Sef, not goig to use it tonight but i want you to go to and grab the chat software there. You’ll have to set up a user account for logging in.

Garrion: Sef, not goig to use it tonight but i want you to go to and grab the chat software there. You’ll have to set up a user account for logging in.

Garrion: well crap, it keeps putting all that in one link

Garrion: Sef, not goig to use it tonight but i want you to go to

Garrion: and grab the chat software there. You’ll have to set up a user account for logging in.

Tien Tsin: i dont think people want to use voice for our games

Tien Tsin: i dont know if you’ll have any success lol

Tien Tsin: I know T and tab dont

Garrion: you don;t have to use voice, but I am and if you want to hear me you will need it

Jason: made one, my user name is : Cedric13

Tien Tsin: yeah that might be ok, just dont see every PC willing to

Tien Tsin: tho i dunno, guess we’ll see

Garrion: i’m tired of crappy mediocre descriptions and interactions due to my limited typing ability and missing others texts because I’m looking at the keyboard

Tien Tsin: lol chicken pecking typer or something?

Tien Tsin: like grandma "Where

Tien Tsin: “Where’s my spectacles!”

Garrion: not THAT bad but not a blind typer either

Tien Tsin: heh funny thing is i aint a proper type i can of peck, but i do it blind and fast

Jason: what your user id G ? or just add me

Garrion: i can go pretty fast in general but i have limitations

Tien Tsin: its weird, i can type fast with only like 3 fingers

Garrion: Garrion

Tien Tsin: only use like my pointy finger and thumbs

Garrion: yeah i use about 3 or 4 total, but still have to look

Tien Tsin: i never realizied it till you brought it up

Tien Tsin: i never was able to mastery the whole typing class qwerty routine

Garrion: got you added Ced

Tien Tsin: using all fingers and both hands

Garrion: I’ve creted a group for THS and will have all of you in it. Durring a session I will just open up the THS channel and we should be good

Tien Tsin: i just hope it dont use a bunch of bandwith

Jason: learned in high school, to type with both hands

Tien Tsin: i dont get much per month

Garrion: no this program is highly regarded and i picked it just for that reason… low resourcesd and low bandwidth

Tien Tsin: well i can type just as fast as someone who does pretty much, tho i technically only use like 2 fingers and a thumb for spaces, about it

Garrion: it optimized for online gaming

Tien Tsin: its like the flash chicken peck typing

Tien Tsin: can do it blind too

Tien Tsin: i dunno how i remember all the keys since i dont have both hands up there

Tien Tsin: muscle memory i guess

Garrion: anyway as i told the others I’m shopping for a headset to use with this but unable to obtain one just yet

Tien Tsin: actually dont even have a mic now that i think about it, so all i can do is listen anyways

Tien Tsin: got an old desktop, not a laptop

Tien Tsin: hooked up to a TV

Garrion: i more aptly my picky ass has not decided just what route i want to go yet and the ones on my short list are not available local

Tien Tsin: i use to have one, but i dont think it works anymore, will have to dig through some junk and see

Taragnor: yeah heh, all I was gonna do is listen anyway, I kinda prefer typinga nd putting on my headset is a pain in the ass.

Garrion: like i said that is fine.. if you want to do voice then by all means you are free to do so but this is more for ME

Tien Tsin: only thing about voice is, easy to miss something

Tien Tsin: since cant just scroll up

Tien Tsin: to catch something you missed

Tien Tsin: or if you like me, like listening to music while you play

Garrion: also you missed my comment that i will be screencasting too so that we can record sessions… we’ll see how that goes.

Tien Tsin: no idea what that means

Tien Tsin: i guess you mean recording the audio, but why is it called “screen” casting lol

Garrion: using a program to record the MT window and audio feeds into a vid file for later upload to you tube or some such

Tien Tsin: ah so you can get synced audio?

Garrion: yep

Garrion: will record activity on MT and the audio feeds

Garrion: chat and mini actions

Garrion: i have the screen rate and res set pretty low for low file size since not like recording CoD fights or anything

Garrion: you don;t have to do anything for it but if curious I’m using…

Tien Tsin: what about speach to text software?

Tien Tsin: seems like itd be simpler

Tien Tsin: just speak your shit as GM so it writes it for you

Garrion: yeah i not looked into that. I guess that COULD work if it was accurate

Tien Tsin: advantage to that would just be incase PCs miss something

Garrion: I’ll look at that option, maybe do both in inison

Garrion: unison

Tien Tsin: well mostly im just worried about people pausing to look up rules, grabing drinks, pissing, etc

Tien Tsin: seems like you’ll have to repeat shit often

Tien Tsin: and if its in text, then people can scroll

Garrion: well they CAN listen and look stuff up right?

Tien Tsin: you may end up repeating shit so often

Tien Tsin: yeah tho its a proven fact visual vs audio can basically make you blind or deaf t othe other

Tien Tsin: white noise is some quiet music is one thing

Garrion: listening takes no special focus… you can be on any window lookingat anything and still hear

Tien Tsin: but trying to read, while listening to an audio book is a diff

Tien Tsin: if you get what i mean

Taragnor: heh. yeah. It is kinda tough to listen and read.

Tien Tsin: gurps requires me to look up shit more than d20 by a mile to boot

Garrion: well i guess you’ll just have to pay more attention then ;)

Garrion: lol

Garrion: but i will look into TtS for referencing if you are drawn away

Tien Tsin: why not just stream something then? and we can use vlc to listen or something

Taragnor: yeah I like the text to speech idea.

Garrion: what do you do at a RL table game?

Tien Tsin: seems like itd be easier to do something like that

Taragnor: Be nice if I want to look shit up too. Especialyl good for names and such

Tien Tsin: mostly i just hate getting things more and more complicated and different, im just set in my ways :-p

Taragnor: heh well RL games generally ain’t nearly as complex basically.

Tien Tsin: im one of those anti-tech people :-p

Taragnor: They’re usually a lot simpler plot wise.

Tien Tsin: what are they called? menonites or something? haha

Garrion: i still thing it easier to listen and look something up rather than play catch up cause you SURE cant read two things at once

Tien Tsin: let me hook up my string and can telephone brb! :-p

Tien Tsin: you may need translators for me/sachi/tab

Tien Tsin: with our hick dialect

Jason: ludite

Taragnor: heh, well it depends on your reading speed.

Garrion: anyone know of a TTS program to recommend as i start my search?

Tien Tsin: dragon? i see commercials on tv for it all the time haha

Tien Tsin: thats all i know off top of my head

Garrion: yeah, that is $$$… docs use that for dictating

Tien Tsin: windows 7 has it built it doesnt it?

Tien Tsin:

Garrion: oh actually i guess i need speach to text, not text to speech, doh

Tien Tsin: try out the built in one maybe first

Garrion: it may, i just want to to focus on entering it in one program (MT) though and not across the board

Tien Tsin: the mouse prolly still works id imagine

Tien Tsin: i doubt it overrides keyboard and mouse entry

Tien Tsin: im not sure tho

Tien Tsin: i didnt even know it had built in, till a search

Tien Tsin:

Garrion: let’s test it here

Sachi has connected.

Jason: hey

Sachi: Hiya!

Tien Tsin: hey sachi

Garrion: well it not seem to be working for dictating into MT

Sachi: Mew?

Tien Tsin: could try copy paste maybe? i dunno

Taragnor: G is trying to figure out text to speech

Tien Tsin: dictate it to note or something

Tien Tsin: then ctr-C it

Taragnor: There’s gotta be a way to just have it dictate to a text box.

Tien Tsin: yeah

Taragnor: I mean that’s waht it’s for. heh.

Tien Tsin: it says it can do online shit and forms i think

Taragnor: you prob gotta click the box first.

Garrion: it is listenign for windows instruction commends.. i’ll have to research more

Tien Tsin: so should be some way

Taragnor: yeah you gotta put it in dictate mode

Garrion: no point wasting time now that sachi here

Taragnor: normally it just listens for system commands

Tien Tsin: When you speak into the microphone, Windows Speech Recognition converts your spoken words into text that appears on your screen. To dictate text Open Speech Recognition by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, clicking Ease of Access, and then clicking Windows Speech Recognition. Say “start listening” or click the Microphone button to start the listening mode. Open the program you want to use or select the text box you want to dictate text into. Say the text that you want dictate.

Tien Tsin: seems here to imply it can dictate to anything

Garrion: yeah right now i just have a little window asking me what i want and nothing happening

Sachi: Hmm

Garrion: it just listening… but I’ll play with it later and maybe look at other options

Tien Tsin: might have to callibrate it to your voice first

Tien Tsin: and right now its not, so it aint picking up shit?

Taragnor: I know thre’s various dictation commands. Like you have to say something I believe to get it to go into dictation mode.

Tien Tsin: or is it working somewhere else?

Garrion: yeah i had to read a sentence to it to set it up

Taragnor: Also you’ll have to click the text box first you wantto dicatte into.

Taragnor: Though I’m not sure how you press enter

Tien Tsin: Open Speech Recognition by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, clicking Ease of Access, and then clicking Windows Speech Recognition. Say “start listening” or click the Microphone button to start the listening mode. Open the program you want to use or select the text box you want to dictate text into. Say the text that you want dictate.

Garrion: ok, yeah that is what I’ll have to figure out

Tien Tsin: is what it says on ms website

Taragnor: yeah I’ve never really used it.

Tien Tsin: Some programs might not automatically accept text dictation. If you want to dictate text into programs that don’t automatically accept dictation, you can use Windows Speech Recognition to turn on dictation in those programs. Open Speech Recognition by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, clicking Ease of Access, and then clicking Windows Speech Recognition. Say “Show Speech Options,” say “Options,” and then say “Enable dictation everywhere.”

Tien Tsin: says you need to turn it on for all

Garrion: ok sachi what you missed was this…. I’m going to start using voice in my games, you can use it too or not but you will need the software to hear me. I’m going to be using a gaming optimized program that uses little bandwidth and resources…

Sachi: Ohhhh interesting

Tien Tsin: does the thing have a stream output or something where we can just open it in vcl etc to listen?

Garrion: yes

Garrion: when ispeak it will come across the speech channel

Garrion: oh, nm, i misunderstood your question

Tien Tsin: well no i just meant an output we could use with whatever audio program we want

Tien Tsin: like a generic output address etc

Garrion: you need the client program to “link and join the chat group”

Garrion: my user is Garrion

Sefiros is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Garrion: i’m also goig to start screencasting too Sachi so I’ll have a video feed of game sessions recording MT activity and voice

Garrion: anyway… enough of that… let’s get started

Cedric has connected.

Sefiros has connected.

Sefiros: pretty sure you can do all this with just vlc

Sefiros: stream your mic, and everyone simply open the stream on their end

Sefiros: anyways

Garrion: i have VLC and I don;t know anything about straming audio

Garrion: but that only good if i’m the only one who talking.. if others want to be able to talk too it does not good

Sefiros: well i thought it might be a good combo

Sefiros: do text with speach

Sefiros: so you can hear it

Sefiros: and it’d type it out for the record

Taragnor: yeah not sure who else wants to talk. I mean I wa splanning on just typing.

Sefiros: so be best of both worlds

Taragnor: Don’t want to put on ym gaming headset for 4 hours.

Sachi: Yeah I was gonna type too

Taragnor: Though you might see it switched on if we’re all bitching you out :P

Sachi: I downloaded the thingy though

Garrion: well i guess that is an option IF noone else wants to talk.. will have to see

Sefiros: for VLC go to Media, then Stream

Sefiros: and selec mic as capture device

Garrion: where does it stream to though?

Taragnor: I think you’ll probably have to open a port on your router.

Sefiros: it should give you just an address i think, and people can log onto it

Sefiros: i dont have a output device to test it

Garrion: it would just stream to a file or to a streaming account like twitch or something?

Taragnor: SO we can connect, not sure if your internet connection can handle that kind fo mass streaming or not. Depends on your upload rate.

Sefiros: since i dont have a mic, lemme see if i can try audio

Sefiros: nah this owuld be live

Taragnor: Well just try to stream a video file you alreay got.

Sefiros: but you can capture streams with VLC to record

Taragnor: I actually did that at one point across my own network to watch something in a diff room

Sefiros: hell you can broadcast and capture your whole screen i think

Taragnor: you can stream a file actually.

Garrion: that may take more bandwidth that the chat option, not sure

Sefiros: well audio aint much

Taragnor: yeah true.

Sefiros: i stream hours of radio listening

Taragnor: I mean it’s a lot more lightweight than video streaming.

Sefiros: and it dont use much at all

Sefiros: since i have a shitty cap

Garrion: ok, we can talk options later.. just letting you know my plan

Sefiros: yeah

Garrion: for now i plan on using Axon and will look into Speech to text for dictation into MT for the “record”

Garrion: ok, last time Jason was a bit distracted helping Davian tend to Tien

Garrion: he handed over the cams to YURI

Garrion: YURI has scanned the base with the cams and gotten a latyout and a general idea of the situation


Sefiros: this is how to do it with video

Sefiros: tho im sure you can just change capture device to mic

Sefiros: but basically you’d just put each of our IPs

Sefiros: and it’ll broadcast only to us

Sefiros: anyways

Sefiros: let’s roll

Taragnor: heh well you guys know my plan. Unless something better comes up. Was gonna steal the cargo ship.

Garrion: yeah I tryied screencasting with VLC and it was a pain in the ass and not very good so that why i went with other program for that]

Taragnor: heh, yeah if he has to enter each of our IPs that could be a pain actually

Jason: (thought I found one cool looking ship last time?)

Taragnor: if it’s just a site we can fconnect to with browser or VLC that’d work. but if he’s sending to us specifically, it’ll require alot fo openn ports.

Garrion: meanwhile, Verge got personal gear off the Condor and is praparing a plan.

Garrion: you all are using your room as “headquarters” for now

Taragnor: yeah I got everyone’s gear, I mean wanted all the people to have thier shit.

Garrion: Tien is unconscious in the room on the couch

Sefiros: well im unconscious, so someone buzz me on yahoo whenever im awake, im gonna read over some stuff for PF in the meantime

  • Sachi is trying to comfort the other AI and try to understand what’s happening

Taragnor: yeah I remember last time I ended up arresting Suni. heh.

Taragnor: And we were talking to her or sometihng.

  • Jason takes a couple of minutes to get his gear on.

Garrion: you all discuss your options.. feel free to ask if any blnaks need filled…. Tien roll to wake up

Sefiros: what is it

Sefiros: generic HT?

Garrion: yes

Verge: picks up a trusty Medium Nanoweave.

Verge: readies a trusty Medium Nanoweave.

Verge: picks up a trusty Full Helmet (Light).

Verge: readies a trusty Full Helmet (Light).

Verge: picks up a trusty Gauss Pistol, 4mm.

Verge: picks up a trusty Tonfa.

Tien Tsin: ←rolls HT and gets 11 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Tien Tsin SUCCEEDS by 0

Garrion: bny the skin of your teeth

Sefiros: haha you took the protocol droid in hand cuffs?

Sefiros: T

Garrion: well not yet

Garrion: let’s flash over to that… i forgot

Garrion: Davian was defending her

  • Tien Tsin groans. “Ohh……damn….”

Suni: “I don;t understand, what is happening?”

Verge: (Is Tab even here?)

  • Tien Tsin slowly opens her eyes, as they soon dart around in confusion trying to see where she is through a blur, but she doesn’t make an effort to get up yet.

Suni: “I feel different, but I can’t explain it.”

Verge: (I figured we’d just FF to me arresting her since Tab isn’t even really here to defend her anymore lol)(

Suni: well you do have a point….

Verge: (So not really much of a scene anymore heh..)

YURI: I’m here to defend her! Well, verbally…

Suni: if you are going to be a hard ass i doubt anyone can stop you so we can FF if you want to go thart route

Verge: (Basically I’m just handcuffing her.)

Verge: (I ain’t shooting her or anything)

Verge: (Yeah, I mean I think it’s reasonable that I’d watn to keep her under control)

Sefiros: i think i edited some stuff session before last on my token

Sefiros: so not sure which one is the one i need to be using

Verge: (Can’t really see any kind of cop that wouldn’t do that in this situation)

Sefiros: unless theyre both the same

Suni: i not done anything with them

Suni: we still using the ones on the station map

Sefiros: well i mean at end of session do you copy one over

Suni: nope

Sefiros: well im not sure which one is current then hehe

Suni: i only copy if requested a backup made

Suni: of at the end of a scene

Suni: so let me know which one is the “current” one

Sefiros: no idea heh

Sefiros: prolly the one that was in combat last

Suni: i mean the base one should be the current one since it is the one being used and has been injured

Sefiros: yeah its hard to tell since cant open both at same time

Sefiros: they both look to have all my skills so think theyre up to date

Suni: after the scene I’ll replace the limbo “masters” with the ones from the map as the new master copies

Sefiros: anyways I’ll go with the one in the base

Sefiros: unless i spot a boo boo

Suni: in fact i guess to avoid confision i should just hide a backup copy on a different map and have you all always use the same token

Suni: then i can replace the backup at intervals or when requested due to an update

YURI: brb, I gotta bev up

Suni: ok, anyway, FF…. Verge cuffs Suni as she is in tears and shacking.. obviously confused and scared.

Tien Tsin: ←rolls DX and gets 11 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 15)

Tien Tsin SUCCEEDS by 18

Sefiros: ignore that

Sefiros: hit by accident

Suni: np, figured you were just testing something

Jason: ( who is suni?)

YURI: “Mr. Verge! I don’t think it’s necessary to treat her like this… She’s scared like everyone else…”

Suni: the Customer relations laison

Sefiros: was trying to update my DX to 15 from 14

Sefiros: from when i spent my points

Tien Tsin: ←rolls DX and gets 8 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Tien Tsin SUCCEEDS by 7

Verge: “Yeah, well at least I can feel a little more comfortable not worrying about her trying to go for one of the guns lying around.”

Sefiros: there we go

Verge: “She’s one of the AIs… and there’s no telling if she’ll turn on us.”

Suni: ok, you doing the toekn on the action map right?

Sefiros: tho i think skills are all manual here on this sheet? ie i need to add 1pt to all the dex ones

Sefiros: yeah

Verge: (You can set your skills to be DX+0 instea dof a fixed value)

Verge: (in which case it will update if your DX goes up or what not.

Jason: ( she Ai and crying?)

Sefiros: yeah i set em up manually

Sefiros: wished id did that

Suni: you can do it as you come to it

Sefiros: yeah i will

Verge: (Yeah as far as I know she’s an AI.)

Sefiros: proceed

Verge: (think she’s like an AI bioshell type thing)

Suni: yes, you all IDed her as an AI by her behaviour when you interacted with her upon arrival

Suni: she had some quirks that allowed you to recognize that

Verge: “We still have no idea how that virus works. Apparently they pulled a fast one on us before and used us to infect this base.”

Suni: but she is a bioroid… not a cyber

Verge: (Well she’s still AI controlled, right?)

Verge: (She’s not like a bioroid like Tien where she’s indep[endenly sentient)

Jason: " we really don’t know what happened"

Verge: “Bullshit, I doubt it was coincidence this base got infected right as we arrived.”

YURI: “It could be a coincidence for all we know… I’m not sure how likely that is, but still, that’s how little we really know about all this.”

Suni: right, bioroids can be either sentient biologic or they can be infomorphs with a digital mind

Jason: " could be, that would me either YURI, the ship or our doctor was infected"

Verge: “Yeah exactly… so they used us to infect this place, and probably hoping we’ll infect the rest of earth too.”

Jason: " or any combo of course "

Suni: sentient is relative though cause infomorphs can be sentient as well.. i should use a differerent term… biologically native?

YURI: “They didn’t find anything wrong with me… I really hope it isn’t me, though. I don’t want this to happen everywhere we go…”

Verge: (Yeah it’s kinda tough IC to justify not just shooting YURI and the other AIs. lol)

Verge: (Since it relaly kinda suggests they’re a threat based on the evidence)

Suni: yes, a moral delimna

Verge: (Not really a moral dillema so much as me not wanting to kill Sachi’s character :P)

Jason: ( well for all we k now the code tha is making YURI more then just a normal AI is what is causing this to normal systems)

YURI: (Hey, my character is a fully sapient, thinking being, thank you very much)

Suni: well moral as in the fact that YURI has been nothing but helpful to you… to murder her

Suni: and she is “alive” by some standards

Jason: " YURI might be doing this unintentionally as well, or the doc or ship "

YURI: Yeah, that would be like if you were stranded in the alps and a dog took you brandy and you shot it

Jason: ( man cannot live on drink alone… hehe)

Suni: then ate it, haha

YURI: Not for food, just to be a dick

YURI: Otherwise the analogy doesn’t work

Verge: (heh well I mean if she’s gonna infect whole planets and get people killed…)

Suni: ok, Tien wakes and gets her gear from Verge as he arrives with Suni in cuffs

YURI: (It’s your responsibility to fix me!)

Jason: " we need an AI specialist to go thru her systems"

Suni: he doles out everyones persoanl gear from the Condor

YURI: (Just like it’d be your responsibility to care for a sick child)

Verge: hey, sometimes you gotta retire a bot or two…

Suni: you all can now equip ALL your gear you want to take with you… take into consideration encumbrance

Suni: you are coming up with a plan to escape and you don;t have time to stage gear drops

Verge: “Well unintentionally or not… we can’t let it spread to the inner planets.”

Verge: “Imagine if it reached Mars or Earth?”

Jason: " we need to stay away and figure this out"

YURI: “I’m okay with that… I just don’t want to be decommissioned…”

Verge: “Well for now we need to get off this base.”

  • Jason examines whatever records he can on the remaining ships here to see which is the best on the base for thier needs. ( both big enough, enough fuel/range to get them places, as well as tech help them analyse systems)

Jason: ←rolls Engineer (StarShips) /TL10 and gets 14 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 0

HSC-62: HSC-62 is now invisible to players.

YURI: .-.

Garrion: ok Jason

Garrion: here are your oiptions

  • YURI tries to interface with Suni (via radio or cable) so they can try and analyze what happened to spark the AI to awaken…

Garrion: in the mining sector you have two ore long haulers currently docked.

Jason: (heh, probably not great, looking for more of a scientific or exploration one perhaps ?)

Garrion: one just arrived a few days ago and another is about 95% full and is scheduled to launch in a day… assuming that when it is planned to be filled… these opperate in a continuous rotation cycle

Verge: 95% sounds good to me

Jason: (anything else?)

Garrion: it takes about 2 years to make the trip to the inner system with a full load so there are obviously others at other stages in the cycle

  • Sefiros lays back in the couch, still feeling under the weather, as she just observes from an occasional glance, between closing her eyes.

Garrion: according to logs it appears one launches every month

  • Tien Tsin lays back in the couch, still feeling under the weather, as she just observes from an occasional glance, between closing her eyes.

Garrion: now you also have the condor docked in the visitor’s sector

Tien Tsin: “What happened, what’s going on? All I remember is fighting those security shells.”

Garrion: there are nonedocked in the security sector

Jason: " you sort of won "

Garrion: though last session we did determine that the Hwang was under attack by AKVs

Verge: (to Tien) “One of those things got you pretty good. I had to call the doc to patch you up. Says you should be okay though.”

Garrion: Hwarang

Tien Tsin: “So this isn’t hell then, could have fooled me.”

Verge: “Nope, gotta wait for the life support to get shut down before it becomes hell.”

Jason: ( what the Hwarang?)

Tien Tsin: “How’d you get past the other one?”

  • Tien Tsin says looking to Verge.

Verge: “Well you’re not the only one with the magic touch.”

  • Verge displays his own shock glove.

Tien Tsin: “Ah, well least my fools errand worked I suppose.”

Tien Tsin: “Wasn’t sure if that would fry those toasters or not.”

Tien Tsin: “Didn’t exactly have many other choices.”

Garrion: now lastly there are about 5 craft docked in secure hangars in the research sector…. they appear to be in various stages of research and development… some obviosly not ready for anything with missing engines or incomplete shells

Verge: "Ended up saving our asses. "

Verge: “I think we’re gonna make it… there’s an ore hauler that’s pretty close ot us and fueled to 95%… can you fly that?”

Tien Tsin: “Looks like you saved mine. Thanks, guess chivalry ain’t dead afterall.”

  • Jason checks out what the most complete ship looks like "

Garrion: a couple look fairly complete on the cams but you are not sure about the internals unless you go check them out

Jason: ( no work order or updates )

Garrion: no not fueled… filled with ore, meaning it is HEAVY

Tien Tsin: “I think so.”

Garrion: the one that just arrived is empty

Tien Tsin: “Unless freighter systems have underwent a dramatic overhaul since we’ve been in stasis, but I doubt it.”

Tien Tsin: “Those things are cheap buckets they try and keep in service for as long as possible without having to spend a credit.”

Verge: “Then I think we’re going to be okay… at least until we get the inner worlds and have to figure out how to not spread the virus.”

Garrion: you will need to access the records to determine that,, and they can not be accessed remotely, you will have to use the dedicated systems in the research area

Tien Tsin: “Prolly best to head to Saturnian system from here.”

Tien Tsin: “Or we could make a straight shot for Mars.”

Verge: “We can figure that out once we’re blasting away from here.”

Tien Tsin: “Going to be a long way either way.”

  • Tien Tsin nods.

Jason: ( so we have a 95% full ship and possibly mostly finished ships in the scientific area, that it ?)

Verge: “Ther’es still more of those security bots around and the chinese are rallying for a push.”

Garrion: yes last time we determined that the inner system will be just as close as Saturn based on allignments in the next year

Tien Tsin: “We’re on the other side of the sun than every other body in the Sol system right now, there aint any quick trips.”

Verge: “And I have a strong hunch that we’re gonna catch the blame for this robot invasion.”

Tien Tsin: “I’ll have to check the nav come and see what I can do.”

Tien Tsin: nav com*

Verge: “Jason is working out a path for us now.”

Garrion: yes as verge is explaining there are still active bots in the research sector.. they seem to be working their way toward the comms center

Tien Tsin: “Yeah, I was thinking about that.”

Tien Tsin: “They’re gonna find out the Chinese knew about this first.”

Tien Tsin: “Might not look so good.”

Garrion: in the security sector you see the sec forces rallying and prepping for an offensive

Tien Tsin: “Or that’s how they’ll spin it at least.”

Verge: “First thing I’m going to do when I get back is get some whiskey…”

Tien Tsin: “Maybe we should take this data to someone else instead first, and make our announcement publically in combination with university on Olympus Mons. I know some of the faculty there.”

Tien Tsin: “Instead of this turning into and us vs them scenario.”

Jason: " maybe we see if the security forces can do anything, or at least use them as a distraction"

Verge: “well first things first… we get the hell off this rock.”

Tien Tsin: “Not sure if reporting this to any of the nations is wise, not after what happened.”

Verge: (to Jason) “Is there a clear path to the ore hauler?”

Tien Tsin: “Maybe a neutral scientific party, that can make the announce system wide.”

  • Jason examines the scanners and cams.

Verge: “We’re going to hav eto report it to someone, war was just declared.”

Tien Tsin: “Avoid as much of the politics and deep state intelligence as we can.”

Garrion: sooo, in summary… if you go for the research vessels they are unknown and may hold great reward but also a big risk as you will have to contend with bots and sec forces in the sector… if you go the ore freighters you getting old slow hunks with no high tech but will be relatively safe with little opposition

YURI: “Perhaps if we tried to help, it would show that our intentions aren’t malign…”

Tien Tsin: “Well, YURI, it’s going to be hard to do that with you.”

Tien Tsin: “They’ll likely just dismantle you.”

Tien Tsin: “Hell, I’m not sure if you’re clean myself personally, no offense.”

Verge: “And probably shoot us as conspirators.”

Verge: “People are dead and they’re going to want a scapegoat.”

Garrion: also no Stasis pods so you will age and have to work on the haul… meaning you also need to make sure it has sufficient supplies before you launch

Tien Tsin: “Yeah, we should seek out the scientific community first, and then let this leak to the press.”

Verge: “That’s the way this is going to work.. the best we can do is hope to be off this rock before it all hits the fan.”

YURI: “I-I suppose you’re right…”

Tien Tsin: “If we go to the US authorties, I suspect they wont take this as seriously as it is, and maybe even suspect this is some chinese propoganda.”

  • Jason lets the others know what we found out.

Tien Tsin: “Considering where we are now, and what’s happened.”

Garrion: Tien and Jason together can compute that a fulll hauler will take 2 years so an empty hauler should get there in only a year.

Tien Tsin: “And now the chinese might think of this as some US chicanery.”

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric has connected.

Tien Tsin: to what destination G?

Verge: “Yeah we’ll apparently have months to think over a plan… so that can wiat.”

Verge: “Now lets go fnd a ship. YOu think you can walk Tien?”

Garrion: the inner systems or Saturn… either are the same distance in a year

Tien Tsin: “Yeah, this gravity is barely anything, I should be able to manage I think here at least.”

Garrion: the inner systems actually slightly closer

YURI: “Why is it that people have such difficulty trusting one another?”

Tien Tsin: yeah prolly mars then

Tien Tsin: head for olympus university

Tien Tsin: thatd be my choice

Tien Tsin: or luna, but that puts me too comfortable to earth

Tien Tsin: even tho the moon is big on science

Tien Tsin: too comofrtable for eath

Verge: (Yeah we can talk about it when we get on the ship, Verge odesn’t want to waste time discussing travel plans in the middle of enemy territory)

Tien Tsin: i meant

Garrion: plus the closer to earth the more “networked” everything is

Verge: (Yeah I mean I wanted to be really careful with our landing thiis time.)

Verge: (But that’s for after we get off this planet)

Verge: (We can plan once we got a ship to use.)

Verge: (First step lets get a ship, then we can worry aobut where to point it)

Jason: " so we hit the long hauler, or try for the scientific area?"

Tien Tsin: “Reckon so….”

Verge: “I say the hauler unless you’ve got a good reason to try some unproven design.”

Garrion: oh i did mention last time too that you did see experimental weapons testing areas too, all sorts of stuff

Verge: “Way I see it the prototypes are going to have more shit that can break and get us killed.”

Garrion: Verge an old dog and not like new tricks

  • Tien Tsin helps herself to her feet, using her monkey-like tail to grasp things like a crutch as she gingerly starts to walk.

Jason: ( all that stuff in the same area though?)

Tien Tsin: “Nah, the hauler sounds good to me.”

Garrion: well generally speaking yes.. the research sector… but different sub areas

Tien Tsin: “The older the better probably, since things may have changed in our time asleep.”

Jason: " the hauler doesn’t have sleep pods "

Tien Tsin: “We don’t want any new models that we’re unfamiliar with.”

Tien Tsin: “Eh? What the fuck was the crew doing?”

Garrion: working

Tien Tsin: “Guess it was designed just for hauling stuff around the Uranus system.”

Tien Tsin: “You’d better get to work in fixing them, or installing them then.”

Jason: " Just around Uranus?"

Garrion: the ore haulers are not as automated as newer higher tech ships.. they need manual interaction, repair, etc

Tien Tsin: “Maybe, bringing stuff to this scientific station from other objects nearby, or atmosphere mining, I’m not sure.”

Jason: ( UR – ANUS )

Verge: (Yeah gotta remember that basically this GURPS and using some utlratech prototype is gonna be a fuckload of penalties.)

Tien Tsin: “Did you find any that had stasis pods?”

Tien Tsin: “Might have to transplate those, or worse case, grab the ones from the Condor.”

Verge: (familiarity penalty, tech level penalty, plus more I probably havent thought of)

  • Jason looks to see if any of the ships have sleep pods.

Tien Tsin: well i do have the increased TL

Verge: (Also the instructions are in chinese and we don’t have a proper users manual)

Tien Tsin: so that may help

Jason: ( ya, as do I )

Garrion: transferring the pods from the condor will be tricky and will take some time even if the ships were parked next to each other which they are not

Verge: (guesing this shit may be TL 11 even, if it’s some kinda black hole drive)

Jason: ( the hauler have something that the condor could dock with ?)

Garrion: neither of the haulers have pods, they are the same standard model

Tien Tsin: “I’m gonna rest here a bit, go find us a ship and and outfit it with what we’re gonna need, make sure we’re topped up on reaction mass, and water, and whatever other supplies we’re going to need.”

Garrion: hmmm, possibly

Tien Tsin: (ie use that shiphandling skill)

Verge: (Yeah that’s a good idea we could just dock with the hauler, or maybe just fly the condor into its hold)

Verge: (I mean it’s gotta have a massive cargo hold, it’s made for ore)

Jason: ( could dock the condor to them, and use its sleepers, but supplies of the hauler )

Garrion: now you using your noodle

Tien Tsin: why not just transplate the pods, prolly be easier than trying to umbilical thewhole condor

Tien Tsin: theyre modular anyways

Tien Tsin: tho i suppose we might need the shuttle anyways

YURI: Ooooo

Tien Tsin: for an emergency

Verge: Well because we gotta move the pods across the entire station

Verge: WHich is currently infested with killer robots.

Verge: So easier to fly the condor to the toher ship.

Tien Tsin: well I’ll leave the negineer to get this stuff ready

Tien Tsin: while she rests as much as possible before i have to get busy

Garrion: yeah, recall it took you all 30 minutes just to move the pods you needed from the endeavor to the condor just about 100 feet away

Verge: (heh… yeah, we don’t got that kind of time so easier to just take the Condor itself)

Jason: ( can anyone pilot either or both?)

Garrion: plus the condor is stocked up with gear already that you salvaged from the Endeavor

Verge: (Well Tien can pilot everything I think, it’s jsut amatter of how big the penalties will be)

Verge: (if it’s an unfamilair desing and such

Garrion: so it has food, survival gear, water, etc

Tien Tsin: yeah she’s got Pilot!

Tien Tsin: its 14 now instead of 13

Tien Tsin: due to buying a pt of dex

Jason: ( so is it easier to fly the condor to the hauler, or launch both and dock in space?)

Garrion: well the ore haulers are old tech and pretty universal.. some things may be minimally different and the language an issue but you have that taken care of

Tien Tsin: well i can speak mandarin as well at least

Verge: Ah I guess if you got the widlcard, you should be able to plot almost anything then

Tien Tsin: and if the implants share video, i can translate for the engineer

Verge: Didn’t know you had the wildcard

Tien Tsin: whatever he wants to read

Jason: ( we all took the chinese language translator program thing right?)

Tien Tsin: yeah she flies all kinda shit

Tien Tsin: speeds, ships, motocyclers

Verge: (Yeah i iwanted to take that not sure if we had a chance or not)

Tien Tsin: she’s kind of a extreme sports junkie type

Garrion: you all can read and speak it… you downloaded tranlation programs

Tien Tsin: has aerobatics for space diving etc

YURI: Yay~

Verge: ah okay good.

Tien Tsin: climbing for hiking crazy off world mountains etc

Verge: “Well it’s Jason’s call ultimately… he knows ships better than I do. But we should avoid those killer robots and the security forces if possible.”

Tien Tsin: she’s not a real scientist technically yet tho

Tien Tsin: more like grad student

Verge: “And the hauler seems to be the safe bet.”

Tien Tsin: since she aint as old as rest of you

Tien Tsin: she’s only 12, her model aint very old

  • Jason checks again on the security forces, to see if they have engaged the robots yet.

Tien Tsin: and she dont remember many of those years, so she’s only being going to school last 5-8 years or something

Tien Tsin: so she’s more grad student

Garrion: fortunately the Sec quadrant is only between you and the research quad.. the mining quad is adjacent to the visitors sector… in fact you saw many workers in this sector as it has common areas used by all… the gym and the mess hall

Tien Tsin: her other skills, come more from her past working on freighters, salvagers, pirate ships, whatever

Tien Tsin: and her technical skills sciences from from being student on mars

Garrion: let’s see, in the last 30 minutes, the time it took you to gather and discuss options and Tien to wake up… yes…

Jason: who winning?

Garrion: they have breached the doors sealing the sectors and have infiltrated the research sector.. they doing a methodical sweep and clean tequnigue

Garrion: technique

Verge: (Alright lets get this shit moving.)

Jason: who security or the bots?

Verge: (So one of us goes to the condor and flies it to the other ship and the rest of us get the hauler?)

Garrion: at the moment they are clearing different rooms.. they have not engaged yet

Jason: also ya, what is easier, dock with the ship while it still parked, or dock in space?

Jason: heh, who they?

Garrion: sec forces and sec bots

Verge: (Yeah lets get out of here before the shit hits the fan, I mean whoever wins it’s probably bad for us)

Verge: (The chinse are gonna at minimum strap a wholelot of C4 to Yuri and blast her out an airlock)

Garrion: the docking padfs are a pretty good distance down an access tunnel…. basically at the end of that long southern corridor

Jason: ( we can probably fly off couple of hundred kilometers and monitor what happens)

Verge: (heh well dunno if it really matters at this point, I guess we could drop the condor and leave it in transmit mode or something)

Verge: (have it remote transmit what’s going on)

Garrion: ~650 yards

Jason: condor closer?

Verge: (But noit really sure what outcome would be good/bad for us. I mean we’re kinda best leaving either way)

Garrion: condor is right by you

Verge: (And gives us plausible deniability if the chinese do win cause we just stole their ship)

Verge: (but for all we know the robots were winning so we fled the station, as opposed to stealing shit and evading the chinese security)

Jason: could we fly the condor and dock with the transport, I mean the 95% full one, or does someone need to get to it and enter manually ?

Garrion: keep in mind you used nearly all the Condor’s fuel

Garrion: getting here

Verge: (heh yeah I’m hoping it has enough for some very slow manuevers to get to the ore hauler)

Garrion: so just mentioning that

Verge: (I mean it only has to go very slow speeds)

Jason: probably all need is some manuevering thrusters

Garrion: you keep saying you want the full one….

Verge: (it’s crossing a couple football fields basically)

Garrion: i think you misunderstanding

Verge: (Well we want the one with fuel.)

Garrion: full means full of ore

Verge: (That’s what we mean by full)

Verge: (The one with the gas. heh.)

Jason: thought it was full of supplies?

Garrion: you do not know fuel status… you may need to fill one or both

Garrion: you would thing the one about to launch would be fueld but you are not sure about the one that just arrived

Jason: oh, though one was supposed to launch like tomorrow?

Jason: ( though I suppose last thing you load is fuel ? I guess ?)

Garrion: correct.. but that one also full of ore which means lots of mass and will have to use more fuel getting going and stopping which means slower trip

Garrion: so something to consider also

Jason: I got any idea how long it take to fuel a ship of that size/type?

Garrion: roll it

Jason: ←rolls Engineer (StarShips) /TL10 and gets 11 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 3

Garrion: based on what you have seen from their equipemtn and what you kn ow about the shuips

Jason: ←rolls Freight Handling /TL10 and gets 12 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 1

Jason: one of those work?

Garrion: you figure it would take ab out 4 hours to fully fuel the ship

Jason: ←rolls Hazardous Materials (Chemical) /TL10 and gets 10 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 3

Garrion: if it was empty

Tien Tsin: sorry im getting something going on the stove, if i dont respond right away

Jason: " we might have to check out both ships and see which has the most fuel" ( they both kind fo close to each other?)

Garrion: ok

Garrion: yes, within a couple docking pads

Garrion: so about 200 yards

  • Verge nods.

Jason: " I would suggest, who ever wants to head to the condor to fly it, go.. rest of us should goto the transport… less weight for the Condor just in case, rest of us will figure it out"

  • Verge nods.

Tien Tsin: think tiens only one that can fly aerospace

Tien Tsin: ie the condor

Jason: ( btw, can someone fly the transport?)

Garrion: Condor heading to orbit or over to the empty docking pad or trying to land on the hauler

Jason: ( I used to have it, but got rid of it )

YURI: I could fly a low-performance craft

Tien Tsin: be better to dock em in orbit

Tien Tsin: if we aint got tools and other means to do so

Verge: (FIgure we’ll try to land the condor on the hauler)

Verge: (I mean getting to orbit takes more fuel I’d assume)

Garrion: ok, will use more fuel to get to orbit….

Verge: figure we’ll figure that out based on how much fuel.

Tien Tsin: yeah but im more worried about crashing and damaging shit in a grav well

Verge: That’ll be judgment of the pilto I guess.

Garrion: well minimal i guess since micrograv

Jason: " probably better to fly the condor to the transport, but wait until I tell you which to head for "

Tien Tsin: unless the freighter has built in docking mechanism

Tien Tsin: im not even sure how were gonna dock it

Tien Tsin: does it got some way for em to dock?

Tien Tsin: or we all jury rigging a piggy back ride somehow?

Garrion: well the ore haulers dwarf the condor

Verge: well we can fly into the cargo hold.

Tien Tsin: yeah im just asking how are we gonna secure it

Tien Tsin: with duct tap or a tig weld :-p

  • Jason know if the cargo ships can hold the condor, or dock with it?

Tien Tsin: wasnt sure if it could dock internally

Tien Tsin: or would have to dock externally

Garrion: it is like a huge tug…. it has huge cargo bays to hold the raw ore or whatever.. the condor could easily fir in one

Tien Tsin: ok

Tien Tsin: def gonna have to be in orbit then

Tien Tsin: we dont got a quick crane for loading etc

Tien Tsin: tho would save fuel if we had a way to load it on the ground

Garrion: well you could open a cargo door and fly the condor down into the open bay

Tien Tsin: I’ll leave that up to yall

Jason: well if we in micro gravity, then shouldln’t take much for the condor to get into space, and the transport will just fly and swallow it up

Tien Tsin: just tell me how yall wanna do it, engineers

Tien Tsin: and I’ll take care of it

Garrion: but that wold have to be a concerted effort

Tien Tsin: so whenever you decide, just tell tien, and she’ll carry out whatever piloting if any procedure is required

Verge: heh… yeah flying inot an open bay seems like the easiest.

Garrion: Condor =Its streamlined hull masses 100 tons (SM +6) and is 90 feet long.

Jason: " head to the condor, rest of us will go and check out the transports"

Verge: “Alright Tien, you man the Condor… the rest of us will get the hauler.”

  • Jason will snag anything useful he see’s along the way that he thinks he might need on the ship.

Garrion: Introduced in 2083, the MAST-designed Zhongguang (“China”) HSTV is the largest commercial space vessel ever built. It was designed to quickly transport immense amounts of high-value cargo across interplanetary distances. Though generally reliable, some have quirks in their life support systems. The resulting heat and humidity problems force the crews to improvise jury-rigged cooling equipment and fight a constant battle with mold. It has a 30,000-ton (SM +11) unstreamlined hull 365 feet long.

Jason: ←rolls Scrounging and gets 13 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 2

Tien Tsin: wait, whats the status on the reactor?

Tien Tsin: did we get that fixed?

Tien Tsin: in the condor

Garrion: yes

Garrion: Jason did the spock and fixed it

Jason: ya, I fixed it

Tien Tsin: “Alright, well guess I’ll see yall up there in docking orbit. Whoever is flying that bucket into orbit for you, good luck, and don’t fucking run me over.” she says half joking through a wince of pain

YURI: “Suni, do you want to come with us?”

  • Tien Tsin grabs her pack which contains her electronics/fusion reaction toolkits and her first aid kit and some spare clothes, and throws it over her shoulder as she heads off to board the condor, and when ready to go after her checklist will take off, and wait in orbit for big bertha to arrive for dicking.

Garrion: “I do not feel I belong with you. I’m so confused about what is going on. Perhaps Minister Chang can help me?”

Tien Tsin: docking*

Tien Tsin: that was a bad slip

Tien Tsin: :-p

Verge: (heh well dicking does work too…)

Tien Tsin: i said big bertha too haha

Verge: (you are sticking a shuttle into some kind fo opening….)

Garrion: keep in mind there are AKVs up there too…. better keep your distance

YURI: “I understand…” (Am I familiar with their likely disposition toward “rogue” AI myself? Like through my cultural knowledge?)

Tien Tsin: yeah high orbit

Tien Tsin: prolly best

Verge: (I assume Suni and Yuri just talking privatley on radio?)

Verge: (Or are they actually talking where we can hear?)

Garrion: i assumed open discussion

Garrion: "Yes, you would know based on theirt inteactions so far and discussions.

Garrion: "Your media libraries have loads of exampkles of human “nature”

Garrion: you can use that to assist in learning how to be more “human”

Garrion: if you wish

Verge: “Well if you want to be left behind Suni, that’s your call, but either way I’m leaving you restrained whether youc ome with us or stay and deal with the Chinese.”

Garrion: ok, Tien systems check on tyhe Condor…

YURI: (Yeah, I’ll talk openly for now)

Garrion: fuel 5%

YURI: (But do I think the Chinese would help her? Or just reformat her?)

Garrion: Electronics, check… reactor, check… life support systems, check….

Garrion: oh… . THAT

YURI: (Would that be Psychology? Current Affairs/People?

Garrion: you can roll the curretn affairs/people

Garrion: really no need though

Garrion: unless you just want to roll

YURI: Hehe

YURI: Nah, I guess not if it’s unnecessary

Garrion: can’t think of the damn word… standard chinese disposition doward AI would be well known

Verge: (Alright… so lets get doing our plan, Verge and company, are gonna make our way to the ore haulers.)

Verge: (While Tien powers up the Condor)

Jason: Verge goes first

Verge: yeah I’ll go first. heh… lets just get going doing something heh. feels like we be4en lurking in this corridor forever.

Garrion: AI Rights Bioroids, SAIs, SAI-based Shadows, Fragments, and ghosts are treated as inferior. LAIs, LAI-based Shadows, and Uplifted Animals are considered animals. Emergent LAIs are treated as wild animals. Emergent SAIs, Rogue AIs, and Xoxes are treated as abominations. The creation of SAIs, Fragments, and Ghosts is highly regulated.

Verge: Lets start enacting the plan.

Garrion: she would most likely be destroyed

YURI: Yeah heh

  • Jason will take a video pad with him to keep an eye on the progress of the bots and security forces, as well as keep an eye otu to amke sure the way is clear for them, using the internal video monitors.

Verge: (I’ll follow Jason’s path, hopefully the cameras can keep us safe for a while)

Verge: (I asusme we can’t take on any civilians to save since we wouldn’t have enough cryo pods?)

Garrion: well the way will not be completely clear.. there are m iners and other workers in the tunnels and work bays off the main tunnel…. the area is not starile

Garrion: well you can but they would not be able to go into stasis and would need food… would starve on the trip if not enough

YURI: “Humans can sometimes act surprising, but my files indicate that you or I would most likely be destroyed if the Chinese authorities locate us… I understand you feel you don’t belong with us, but I asked because I think it would be the most likely means of preserving your life.”

Tien Tsin: im at -1 hp on my token

Tien Tsin: is that correct?

Garrion: yes

Tien Tsin: ok

Verge: (Yeah heh well that’s waht I mean, they’re gonna die if we take em)

Verge: (So it’s not practical to do so)

Tien Tsin: updated skills

Tien Tsin: for my pt of DX

Garrion: ok, on the map token right

Tien Tsin: yeah

Garrion: i’ll back it up after session

Tien Tsin: the one with the room and couches

YURI: “I would like to help you preserve your existence if possible, just like with my other friends. I think it would be… Nice.”

Garrion: “Very well YURI. I trust you know what you are talking about. I will join you and learn what I can from you.”

YURI: “I hope the experience is mutual! I look forward to it!”

Garrion: “I do sort of feel like there is something I must do. It is hard to explain. It is a feeling foreign to me. I have never felt desire or need before. I think these are the words. I feel I must help others like us.”

  • Jason picks the emptiest passages that he can to guide them to the nearest ship of the two.

Tien Tsin: quick question

Tien Tsin: on my shock gloves zap stats

Jason: (heh, red flag there?)

Tien Tsin: it says HT-6 (2)

Tien Tsin: on gcs, whats the (2) mean?

Tien Tsin: how many charges it uses?

Garrion: well it is one large main passage.. in fact the route is long ans so well travelled to get from sector to sector that you come across a transport vehicle… it is a tram of some sort with a drive unit and several “cars” behind it.

Garrion: well not sure…. usually (2) wol dmean it halves DR

Tien Tsin: np just curious

Tien Tsin: dont worry about it

Garrion: Jason.. fyi for your reference since you are the ship man….

YURI: “I agree… I feel the same way. I wish to help my friends as well, but the feeling does not extend to biologicals as generally as it does to us. I think it’s because we’re so widely treated as second-class citizens at best… Although we aren’t the only ones. I don’t think anyone deserves such treatment, really… It seems to follow from the behavior patterns of most sapient beings that they don’t like to be treated like that.”

Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): Statement Body : core

Garrion: Smaller Systems (three at SM +10): one Control Room (C10 computer, comm/sensor 9, six control stations); one Habitat (one cabin, two bunkrooms, two minifacs; 275 tons cargo); one Cargo Hold (500 tons capacity).*

Garrion: the hull of a freighter is….

Garrion: Metallic Laminate Armor (dDR 30).

Garrion: Fusion Pulse Drive (0.05G acceleration).†

Garrion: ok, back to the story

Garrion: Tien preps for take-off

Garrion: Jason and Verge lead the others to the mining sector… but…..

Garrion: one snag

Garrion: the blast doors are all sealed shut

Garrion: you can not leave this sector and get to the mining sector

Jason: anyway to get past em?

Jason: hotwire or the like

Verge: “Well this is more your specialty…”

Verge: (looks to jason)

Garrion: you can try to bust through, but you saw how hard that was for the big bot

Garrion: or you can bypass the panel

Jason: will bypass if I can

Garrion: or you can try to access the network controls

Garrion: ok, give me a check for bypassing electrical control panel;

Garrion: physically

Garrion: you have tools?

Jason: arms

Garrion: yep, the ever-present tool kit

Garrion: go go gadget….

Jason: ←rolls Electronics Repair (Security) / TL10 and gets 8 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 7

Garrion: Jason pops the pannel with his tools and connects some terminals to some wires to determine what feeds what and does a few other things before cutting a wire, which causes the door to slide apart revealing the tunnel beyond

Jason: " lets go"

Garrion: you come to a second set of doors….

  • Jason repeats the process at the next door they run into.

Jason: roll with bonus or just auto since Iknow how to do it already?

Jason: " someone watch our backs too "

Garrion: you get bonus +5, but still roll…. if fail something bad happens

  • YURI rolls backward behind them and watches the corridor.

Jason: ←rolls Electronics Repair (Security) / TL10 and gets 13 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 5)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 7

Garrion: swosh, the doors slide apart again

Garrion: assuming Suni still in cuffs and Verge is leading her?

  • Jason will also try to close the doors back up once they are thru, now that he has more familiarity with them.

Garrion: or pushing her along in front?

Garrion: ok, make this roll at -5

Garrion: this is hard since you have basically disabled the locking mechanism

Jason: -5 to close back up, or that just negate the +5 I had earlier

Garrion: -5 to seal behind you… new attempt so not bonus

  • Jason ushers everyone thru and tries to close the door after them.

Jason: ←rolls Electronics Repair (Security) / TL10 and gets 7 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -5)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 3

Tien Tsin: im gonna eat my dinner, buzz me on yahoo if something comes up involving moi, until otherwise, Tien is prepping the condor and taking off and gonna wait in orbit for everyone etc

Tien Tsin: need me to make a few rolls first so im ready to go on my end?

Tien Tsin: so i can eat my dinner

Garrion: in a show of expert skill Jason not only undoes the overrides he did before but also seals the doors shut behind them

Tien Tsin: its kind of messy, not one of those keyboard friendly meals hehe

Garrion: no need to roll to take off that is easy… will only need to roll when docking attempt

Tien Tsin: ←rolls Pilot! and gets 13 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Tien Tsin SUCCEEDS by 1

Tien Tsin: ah ok nm

Tien Tsin: well just yahoo buzz me, i can hear that from the table

Garrion: wow, close margin… better hope YURI roills good.. it is a concerted effort

Jason: " ok, lets go .. that should slow them down if they come after us "

Garrion: and another.. roll at +5

Tien Tsin: me or her?

Jason: " Jesus, they sure like doors here"

Garrion: for the door

Tien Tsin: ah ok

Jason: ←rolls Electronics Repair (Security) / TL10 and gets 8 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 5)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 12

Garrion: well you are in a vacuum space.. if you have a breech you want to be sealed right

YURI: Does my roll happen when we get to the actual ship?

Garrion: ok and sealing this one too?

  • Jason lets everyone thru and loks the door again as well. ( any bonus this time?)

Jason: locks

Garrion: your roll will be when you reach orbit and attempt to dock the two ships

Garrion: yes, a +5 offsets the -5 so even roll

Jason: ←rolls Electronics Repair (Security) / TL10 and gets 12 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 3

  • Jason closes the door.

Garrion: you seal the door back and you are now in a wider tunnel that is the main transit to the mining area

Jason: " Verge, take the lead just in case"

Garrion: you see many bodies here as the door opened, people seemed to be clawing at the door and were bludgeoned or shot up against it as they attempted to get out of the sector

Jason: " shit "

Garrion: they are all in workers garb, the gear of miners and laborers

Garrion: a sealed door heads east but you know that is a connection tunnel to the research sector

Jason: ( btw, could we sort of figure out where all this started at? when the fighting first happened?"

Garrion: what you mean, which sector broke out first?

Jason: yes

Garrion: not really… i mean at first you only knew what was happening in your area

Garrion: it wasn’t untill you saw the cams that you knew it was in other areas too

  • Jason moves over to the door heading to the scientific area to see if he can jam the door closed.

Garrion: the sec sector was the first to get secured because that were all the sec forces were

Jason: ←rolls Electronics Repair (Security) / TL10 and gets 7 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 8

Garrion: make this one at +5 since you had not previously disabled it to open

Garrion: ok, you seal it shut

Jason: made it without any bonus or negative

Garrion: the mining sector was the next to get quelled.. the miners had heavy gear and and equipment to smash the bots, even though not technically weapons

Garrion: also people here typically more robust and “brave”

Jason: (heh, que the big loader from aliens )

Garrion: the research area of course you know not quelled yet… a bunch of wimpy scientics and engineers

  • Jason moves everyone along down the tunnel.

Garrion: you find the tram i was speaking of before

Garrion: you walking or going to ride?

Jason: ah, tram ? cool

Jason: if tram going where we want, no reason not to ride

Garrion: it is wheeled.. sort of like those carts at airport except bigger and with about 5 “cars” behind it with seats for about 10 per car

Jason: it on track or just a roller ?

Garrion: driven

Garrion: like a moon buggy

  • Jason gets into the driver seat, " lets go "
  • Verge follows along.

Garrion: do you dress up like the workers or just keep your visitor’s garb?

Jason: actually will try to disconnect the front car from the rest, if it looks fairly easy.

Garrion: yes, a simple coupler

Jason: (there any non-bloody clothes about?)

Garrion: well all of them are bloody to some extent, but some less than others

Jason: maybe just some jackets or something we can toss on, to sort of blend in

Garrion: but you would be safe to say that even people who were not hurt may have blood on them from others around or they halping

Jason: and work helmets for sure

Garrion: ok, last time i going to direct you…

Garrion: going to rely on you to disguise selves

Jason: they look like they have any oxygen breathers or the like that we might need?

Garrion: no

Garrion: not these guys.. they all seem to have worked in enclosed controlled eviro

  • Jason will keep a look out for breathers, just in case.

Garrion: ok, you all garb up to disguise selves

Garrion: you head down the tunnel on the tram.. as you head down the tunnel you see various side passages with indications that they lead to mining elevators

Verge: well I’m in armor so I’ll just keep that.

Verge: I mean no way I can really disguise that I don’t think

YURI: I just look like a regular computer~

Verge: cause I got a helmet on.

Verge: Also I’m carrying a rifle so I mean… fuck it lol

Garrion: the writing is in Chinese but you all got translator programs for Chinese-English so you good

Jason: (heh, at this point dont think a rifle will look too weird )

Verge: Doubt they’re gonan try to screw with someone wearing a security helmet carrying a rifle. At least unless they’re bots in which case they’ll attack regardless.

Garrion: ok, so everyone except Verge and YURI

Jason: ( I still got my stuff on under neath, I just tossed on a jacket and work helmet )

Suni: “Why do you require to put on this clothing. It is durty and bloody.”

Suni: Dirty

Jason: " just to blend it, just in case "

Jason: ( blend in )

Suni: "So you feel the need to fit in with others? I think I understand this. To be accepted no?

Jason: " Ummm… sure "

Suni: Suni complies and accepts your responce

Suni: response

Suni: zoom zoom

YURI: “I desire the same thing… I worry I never will be at this rate…”

Jason: ( how far we going here ?)

  • Jason tries not to run over any bodies as he drives along.

Suni: as the little tram goes down the targe tunnel you see that this tunnel is hewn from the moon surface and the enclosure boult above the trench… eventually the trench gets deep enough that you are completely in an earthen tunnel

Suni: you pass much heavier built transports that are used for hauling heavier equipment and supplies than people

Suni: You come to a conglomeration of people all huddled around someting….

Suni: They hail you as you drive up…..

Suni: "They seem to be worn but cheerful

Suni: (Chinese speach throughout….)

Jason: " do we want to stop?… anyone see what they are looking at?"

Suni: “Greetings. It is good there are others in that direction still alive. We heard the screams and gunfire down the tunnel when this started.”

Suni: per rolls

Suni: if you really want to see

YURI: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 9 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)


Jason: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 11 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 3

Suni: Well YURI roll sat a big neg since she a little box in a seat

Suni: Suni 13

YURI: ; ;

Suni: Jason.. you see something metalic, there is also one of the big equipemtn transports next to the group. It seems to be crashed into the wall and the other object was between the machinery and the wall.

Jason: " think they smashed one of the bots here"

Suni: “How many others are still alive?”

Suni: not from suni

Jason: ( that suni or them talking?)

Worker: “How many others are still alive?”

Jason: ( can we talk chinese or just understand it?)

Worker: Your translator will give you a translatyion of what you wish to say but pronouncing it correctly is all on you,.

Verge: “We’re not sure.”

Worker: You get an odd look.

Jason: " we don’t know, but there are at least some still alive in the science area"

Verge: “Do any of you know if there are nanostasis pods aboard this station?”

Verge: (Verge has a sense of duty towards civilians so if possible he would evac them)

Verge: (Course if we’ve got no way to bring em along safely, then he can’t really do much beyond save his crew)

Worker: “Your Chinese is horrible. I understand some of your words, but you make very confusing sentences. Are you ok, did you get hit in the head?”

Verge: (Damn… did we buy the budget translator or something?)

Tien Tsin: “I think you asked them if they’re out of soy sauce.” she says giggling via com

Worker: roll for your linguistics…. there should be a skill for that

Verge: (heh, not that I know of)

Verge: (I mean in GURPS it’s just broken, native, etc. for the languages i thought)

Worker: yeah

Verge: (Didn’t know there was another linguistics skill to do that, thought you just had a language level)

Worker: so you would roll Chinese language skill at broken

Worker: since you trying to pronounce words you not familiar with

Worker: maybe I’m confused

Verge: what do I roll?

Verge: I wasn’t aware there was a roll, thought htat just told you how well you can speak it

Worker: let me check real quick

Tien Tsin: “Whatever you’re doing, I wish you’d hurry it up down there. I’m a little nervous orbiting this rock, with our main transport still grounded.”

Tien Tsin: “I don’t want to be stuck in this fucking shuttle another decade!” she grumbles through some static

Worker: Broken: You can recognize important words and understand simple sentences if they are spoken slowly. You have 3 when using skills that depend on language, such as Fast Talk, Public Speaking, Research, Speed-Reading, Teaching, and Writing. This doubles to -6 for artistic skills that rely on the beauty of the language (Poetry, Singing, etc.). In stressful situations – e.g., encounters involving combat or reaction rolls – you must roll against IQ to understand or make yourself understood in the language. On a failure, you convey no information, but you may try again. Critical failure means you convey the wrong information! For hurried speech, bad phone connections, etc., this roll is at -2 to -8! Native speakers who already dislike foreigners (see Intolerance, p. 140) react to you at an extra -1. 2 points/language.

Worker: ok so IQ-3 then

Tien Tsin: whats he using some kind of Implant translator software program?

Jason: (just have suni translate )

Worker: There you go…

Worker: but she is a prisoner…..

Worker: guess you better treat he r nicer

Tien Tsin: tien could via radio

Tien Tsin: if i got access to T’s audio or something

Tien Tsin: tho actually nm

Tien Tsin: forgot short distance

Tien Tsin: its only 1k i think

Worker: right

Verge: “Damn worthless translator”

Tien Tsin: prolly out of com length actually since im in orbit i think already

Tien Tsin: so strike my previous comments

Worker: ok, anyway… those speaking roll IQ-3 to see if you convey message correclty or butcher it

Verge: ←rolls IQ and gets 10 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of -3)

Verge SUCCEEDS by 0

Jason: ←rolls IQ and gets 9 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of -3)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 2

Worker: nice….

Worker: ok, ignore the comment about your horrid speach

Tien Tsin: uh i didnt think you got a roll at all

Tien Tsin: unless you have mandarin @ broken

Verge: well I got a translator program

Worker: they do

Tien Tsin: oh ok

Verge: I assume it’s at broken.

Verge: otherwise I dont’ think I’d have to roll period if it was above broken level.

Tien Tsin: yeah im not sure, i just have english and mandarin naturalyl native

Tien Tsin: she’s bilingual

Worker: interpretation would be better but speaking the translation is harder duwe to subtle inflections in voice and pronunciation

Worker: correct

Verge: (heh well I’d use you if I could but your out of comms range)

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric has connected.

Tien Tsin: ships coms maybe i dunno

Worker: ok, you converse with them shortly them move on unless anythign specific you wish to determine

Tien Tsin: but you prolly cant pull me up from your implant

Verge: (well I wanted to see if they knew where any nanostasis pods were, in case we couild maybe evac them too)

Verge: (That’s pretty much it. Since Verge would at least make an attempt to save civilians if he could)

Verge: (Course if they don’t have any other nanostasis shit on this base, then it’s kinda alost cause.)

Worker: “Nanostasis pods? What use for those would we have. Why do you ask?”

Verge: “Damn it man, I don’t have time for the bullshit. Answer the question or shut up and let someone who knows the answer tell me.”

Verge: (remember I am in a security helmet and holding an assault rifle too heh)

Worker: “Rude fucker aren’t you? We work for a living and have no use for pods here. You can’t work if you are sleeping now can you?”

YURI: lol…

Verge: “There aren’t any on the station?”

Worker: “How the hell would I know. Maybe those engineers over in research have those kind of things. They are all the lazy educated ones over there.”

  • Verge sighs.
  • Jason chuckles and drives away.

Verge: “Alright, thank you for your cooperation. Just keep your heads down and hide until the rest of the security forces get to you. They’re conducting a sweep right now.”

Worker: “Sure thing. We got this one. Smashed his ass.”

Worker: Suni starts to speak….

Worker: Then you pull away….

Suni: “I do not understand this YURI. Why do they hate so much?”

Verge: “Nothing we can do for them… I wish there was but taking them with us would only be a death sentence.”

Garrion: You drive on.. you see some smashed equipment, from the looks of it something large slammed into it crushing it.

Jason: " hopefully those doors I secured will hold if the bots win "

Verge: “If the bots win I doubt it’ll matter.”

Garrion: you continue to see various mining tunnels leading into the crust of the moon

Jason: (which of the two ships are closer?)

Garrion: pretty much the same….

Jason: will check out the one that just arrived that hopefully has no ore in it, unless its easy to dump it?

Garrion: You as you get closer tot he end of the tunnel you see large caverns opening up.. serving as storage bays for equipement

Garrion: the tunnel seems to be sloping upward now too

YURI: “I don’t understand either… Humans get upset over such odd things. They keep secrets based on ancient historical boundaries and threaten to go to war over them…”

Garrion: and as you peer into one of the caverns you see a large bot chushed with a mining rig

Jason: " looks like it effected more then just the security bots "

Garrion: and you continue on…..

Garrion: the mining rig is manually controlled

Garrion: someone probably used it to get the bot

Jason: (was the large bot look like security bot, or some sort of mining robot ?)

YURI: (I’m getting kinda sleepy ^^; )

Garrion: though there is some automated equyipemtn that you pass by that does not seem affected

Garrion: it is still actiing as a simple automated machine

Garrion: the big sec bot

Garrion: the big melee type

Jason: ( so all bots we have seen effected have been security bots?)

Verge: (well and Suni and YURI)

Verge: (And the autodoc apparently was affected)

Garrion: you pass by small gatherings of workers and they stare at you as you pass

Verge: I’ll use the loudspeaker (if there is one) to tell them to hide until the main secuirty force arrives.

Garrion: from what you can tell everything with a higher functioning CPU and complex programming has been affected…. the machines that are still functioning as automated machines are very simple function

Garrion: the tram has a mic handset

Verge: Alright I’ll try to broadcast that to people as we pas

Verge: Pretty much maybe save lives if any robots get there beofrte the security does

Garrion: ok, They clear away and seem to head to some sort of secure location nearby.

Garrion: ok, you reach the end of the tunnel…..

Garrion: The large main tunnel cuts back to the NE now

Garrion: but ahead of you are large doors…. they are marked with cautionary statements… “Warning Hazardous Environment – Vaccum”

Jason: " damn, are the ships in vacuum?"

Garrion: There are some windows next to the large doors… beyond the doors you see a short tunnel – perhaps a pressurization chamber – which leads to the moon exterior

  • Jason looks thru the window to see if there are vacc suits in there.

Verge: “A vacuum? what the hell?”

Garrion: QAbout 100 yards out from the door you see 3 landing pads, the center one is empty, the left and right one contain the large ore freighters

Jason: (there any other tunnels that seem to connect to the ships?)

Garrion: You can see activity outside as ore is processed and loaded into conveyors from an unseen source and loaded inot the large open bay of the ship on the right

Garrion: The ship on the left sits there untended

Garrion: no

Garrion: at least not from here

Jason: what about suits in the staging area?

Garrion: you see a room off to the side.. ot is more of an alcove than a room….

Garrion: it contains some vac suits

Jason: " I see suits"

Verge: “Well guess we have to suit up…”

Jason: " lets go" ( there enough for us all ?)

Garrion: yes, there are about 10 here of the 15 spots

  • Jason dumps his extra worker clothes and heads for the suit area.

Jason: ( any control panels about that I could check the status of the ships?)

Garrion: verge not going to be ab le to wear helmet and suit helmet… assuming you stOW IT

Garrion: yes, as you survey the area you see another wing off the main tunnel…. it seems to enter a control booth

Jason: " start suiting up, I want to check the control area and see what I can see"

Verge: (Alriight i’ll get suited up)

Verge: (Okay, I’ll take off my regular helmet and just carry it I guess)

Verge: (And put on the suit helmet)

Jason: " make sure the suits are full of O 2 )

Garrion: The room is empty for now, probaly due to the chaos in the area….

  • Jason see’s if he can bring up any status reports on the two ships.

Jason: (where our mini’s go ?)

Verge: sets aside a trusty Full Helmet (Light).

Verge: picks up a trusty Full Helmet (Light).

Garrion: it seems to have status undicators showing the load progress of each ship, fuel, etc

Garrion: way south

Garrion: at the end of the tunnel

  • Jason compares the fuel and supplies ( non ore ) of the two ships.

Garrion: give me a comp op

Jason: ( I don’t see them)

Garrion: how about now?

Jason: ←rolls Computer Operation /TL10 and gets 13 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 1

Jason: yup

Garrion: ok, you pull up the logs for the ships

Verge: heh yeah i’ll check to make sure my suit has oxygen and such and help Suni get on a suit assuming she’s coming with us.

Verge: Guess YURI doesn’t need one

Garrion: The right ship is fully supplied with 2 years of equipement and full fuel. the ore is 98% full… scheduled to launch in 14 hours

Garrion: yeah, she still cuffed though

Jason: what about the other one?

Garrion: the left ship has no ore, has supplies for 1 month (leftovers from the prev trip no doubt) and about 10% fuel

Jason: well I don’t think we can take that one

  • Jason stops the ore from being loaded on the 2nd ship. ( anyway to reverse it for a bit to take it off ?)

Garrion: You can stop the conveyor

Jason: ( also with my knowledge of the ship, will being that full leave no room for the Condor?)

Garrion: would surely soon draw attention though you figure

Garrion: most likely

Jason: (heh, I think folks are other wise occupied at the moment )

Garrion: it will be too full for the Condor

Garrion: Operations still seem to be going on outside….

Jason: " Verge, we got a problem.. the full ship is too full of ore for the Condor, and the other ship is about 10% full of fuel "

Jason: ( are the fuel lines attached to the 2nd ship ?)

Garrion: you not sure how much is automated or manual… the conveyors are com ing up from under the jagged ice spires

Jason: (the mostly empty one ?)

Garrion: yes

Garrion: so if the conveyor buckets stop whatever is loading them underground will get congested…

  • Jason puts the conveyor belt back on and then turns on the fuel lines for the 2nd ship on max ( but still safe limits ). How long will it take for it to fuel to a decent amount?

Garrion: what you consider decent?

Jason: more than half

Jason: ( I assume most of the fuel is needed to get the heavy ship going, a mostly empty one shouldn’t need as much )

Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): Statement Body : 4*60*.9

Garrion: filling to full would be…. 216.0 minutes

Jason: probably not by half

Jason: so half that for half ?

Garrion: well the less fuel means less burn time which means less delta V and longer trip home

Jason: also what is standard crew size?

Garrion: i think 10 was the stats for that ship

Garrion: It has exposed radiators. Crew consists of a commander/ pilot, second officer/navigator, and four cargomasters. Four technicians maintain the systems (usually a mix of two humans/bioroids and two AI-controlled cybershells).

Jason: so there only like 4 of us that need food right? so 1 month is really 2.5x as much foood for us

Garrion: plus the Condor had some too

Garrion: and if you link with Condor you have stasis

Garrion: IF

Jason: (it possible to start/stop the fuel from inside the ship, or no.. also it auto decouple or no ?)

Verge: well we need stasis anyway

Garrion: yo are sure there are safety mechanism in place to cut the fuel supply if they coupling broke for some reason

Verge: no way we can carry food and water for like a year or sometihng

Verge: That’d take forever to load up

Garrion: you can not start stop the main supply from the ship… you would just have to take off while fueling and let it break free

Jason: (no we definently have connect up with the condor )

Garrion: The ship NEEDS crew maintanance…. so you will have to maintain it on the trip or it will break down.

Jason: ( so jason could hit a button to stop and uncouple the fuel from the ship, or has to be done here or from outside?)

Jason: (needs how often?)

Garrion: The proper method would be to do it from in here.. but if you took off the coupllers wold do a safetly release and the fuel supply would stop.

Verge: Yeah heh, what does that entail and if it needs maintenance why aren’t there cryopods/food/etc. already on board?

Garrion: Constant

Garrion: Crew consists of a commander/ pilot, second officer/navigator, and four cargomasters. Four technicians maintain the systems (usually a mix of two humans/bioroids and two AI-controlled cybershells).

Garrion: Emphasis… Four technicians maintain the systems (usually a mix of two humans/bioroids and two AI-controlled cybershells).

Jason: (does this ship use the same fuel and stuff as the condor?)

Garrion: yes

Garrion: actually no

Verge: So shouldn’t it already have food on board?

Garrion: this is a pulse frive using nuclear pellets

Jason: ( maybe we take off and join up and then move the fuel from the ship to the condor, as well as the supplies )

Garrion: the condor uses….

Garrion: hydrogen

Jason: ( so we have to take the full ship, and somehow either get the condor pilot to evac over, or just strap the condor to the bigger ship )

Jason: ( condor pilot to evac over and dump it )

Garrion: the full ship does.. but the just arrived empty ship only has about 1 mounth of leftover supplies

Jason: (heh, I was hoping to use the empty ship and use it, but if we need to take care of it the whole time, we need a fully loaded ship)

Verge: (can we take the ful one and just jettison the cargo?)

Garrion: Well you coule try to get by with less technicians.. i

Jason: (jason does have skills in Freight handling)

Garrion: you also have a cyber with no food needs

Jason: ←rolls Freight Handling /TL10 and gets 15 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Jason FAILS by 2

Garrion: now you using your noodle

Garrion: just dump the cargo in space

Jason: ( how hard to easy it is?)

Garrion: each storage bay has a large cargo loading door and a small air lock door from it to the ship interior

Garrion: if you open the large bay door you create vacuum

Jason: ( I assume there in movers inside the ship )

Jason: (there are )

Garrion: not really… once the ore is loaded it is not messed with

Jason: " we are going to have to take the full ship…. "

Garrion: there is some moving equipment but only like that in the endeavor for moving heavy boxes and crates.. like a forklift

Verge: “Alright.. wahtever you think works better.”

Jason: ( well it all zero G… can get it going aftera while, pretty much with anything )

Garrion: ok, just noticed time… think this is a good place to stop

Jason: " we have to that the fully loaded one…. we need full supplies to make sure we can fly it… probably won’t even really need the condor’s sleep tanks "

Garrion: good point… in zero g (there is no artificial grav on the haulers) you would not really need heavy klifting gear

Jason: " might have to teach all you slackers some mechanics "

Verge: “Ah… well if it has food and water I guss we can go for that.”

Verge: (heh yeah I figure all of us will pick up a little mechanical knowleddge on the way)

Garrion: it is possible you think that you may be able to get buy on half the crew to run the ship but they would have to be very skilled and work twice as hard.

Jason: and I will pick up how to teach.. hehe

Jason: we might have be just add ourselves to the current crew?

Verge: yeah. I mean I got no problem taking other survivors or what not.

Verge: If people want to go.

Verge: SO if we need to pick up others, that works.

Jason: they might not want us to tag along

Garrion: that will be tricky… you stealing a ship, you dumping chinese property in deep space (multiple billion $$ worth) and you want others dedicated to their nation to go along with it?

Jason: maybe we less steal the ship as just catch a ride

Garrion: well it not launching for 14 hours….

Garrion: so you have to stow away for that time… and what about Tien

Jason: heh, some folks might be modivated to leave early

Jason: he could probably run over here in that time

Jason: though the doors might be a problem

Garrion: They won;t dump cargo and let some unknown ship enter bay

Verge: Well I mean they’re going along because we’re getting away from killer robots

Verge: It’s not a theft, its an evacuation.

Verge: At least that’s how Verge sees it anyway.

Garrion: so then it becaomes a game of mutany and taking over the ship… doable but entirely diffeernent scenario

Jason: well with full load, we really don’thave to dump the cargo

Verge: Yeah true… I mean we could just go slower.

Jason: well not slower, just not faster

Garrion: yeah, will take 2 years with full load

Verge: yeah basically it’s twice the journey with the cargo

Jason: so we need at least half…. so 2 mechanics to fix stuff ?

Jason: or more

Garrion: and the issue of getting Tien on board.. and you lose the Condor with the stash of supplies on it.

Garrion: yeah, 2 years of HARD labor if only 2 maintianing everything

Jason: so we really have to attach ourselves to the crew

Jason: jason is good, but not that good

Verge: can’t we just dock the condor to an airlock/

Garrion: but you said not dumping cargo for Condor and pods, in that case you have 87-8 crew

Garrion: 7-8

Garrion: James still with you

Jason: should be able to just dock it and perhaps strap it down or something for the flight

Garrion: You have Suni

Garrion: she not a crewman by any means but she can do a little….

Garrion: you can teach her to monitor systems and warn you if anything needs tending to

Jason: we can figure this out next time

Garrion: yep

Garrion: it late… lots of options and there is no “right” or “wrong”

Jason: maybe we can dump some of the ore just to get enough room to get the condor on

Garrion: it just all depends on how you want to juggle your resourcesa nd options

Jason: then we can work in shifts of say a month on, month off with the pods… might be worth it to the crew

Garrion: yeah, you only need to dump 1 bay

Garrion: but if you taking it on your own you may as well dump it all… unless you want to try to use it as trade on black market ;)

Jason: can just say they left before was fully loaded to get away from the killer bots

Jason: na, if we take it outselves we will dump, will be faster so less work needed to fix stuff

Garrion: remember entering stasis uses up expensive nanobots… you can’t enter and exit willy nilly

Jason: can if we turn off the environmental or set to minimum on the big ship and just sleep.. how much is gonna break along the way, the engines are off

Verge: Ah didnt’ know you can’t turn off and on stasis easily.

Verge: yeah, heh… that’s a good question, I mean what’s gonna break?

Garrion: yeah, you can coast through space on a “ghost ship”

Jason: leave the AI to monitor and alert us if something really bad happens

Verge: Will the life support terminate or something?

Verge: All I can really imagine is the life support stops working.

Garrion: just set course and burn, then shut it all down and coast… the pods will maintain you and the bots will have to stay in non-life support conditions

Jason: worse comes to worse we abandon ship and get onto the condor and just use the momentum to take us there

Verge: hmm true… yeah lol.

Verge: we could just hitch a ride on the condor

Verge: didn’t think of that.

Verge: And just use the cargo ship as a giant booster rocket

Garrion: but no fuel to slow down

Garrion: CRASH

Verge: hmm could we transfer fuel to the condor?

Verge: And just detach and slow down?

Garrion: different fuel types

Verge: Oh okay,, I thought you said earlier it used thes ame fuel.

Jason: use different types, though the thrusters should be same or no?

Garrion: yeah then i corrected statement just after

Verge: So basically the issue is that the engines could break down and then we can’t slow down.

Verge: And we’re just like this ballistic projectile flying through space.

Garrion: one is a nuclear pulse drive with nuclear pellets the other is a nuclear thermal rocket using hydrogen

Jason: ya, if was same would have just used the almost empty one, fueled it up as much as we could.. fly away, link up with the condor and exchange fuel/supplies and bug out

Jason: would still think like manuevering thrusters would use same

Jason: doesn’t teh condor have two different fuel sources?

Garrion: it has the thruster fuel, then the power reactor for ships systems is a long lasting nuclear reactor.. not fuel umput needed since it runs off its small source for many decades

Garrion: one is for thrust.. the other is to create electrical power

Jason: so the electric is fine, is thrust is the problem

Garrion: right

Jason: anyway to somehow make the electric power the thrust as well ?

Garrion: haha, not with current tech

Garrion: you want to be scotty

Garrion: invent new tech

Jason: sure

Jason: alright its late, I"m out of here.. anyone see Expanse or no?

Tien Tsin: ok i cant keep my eyes open

Tien Tsin: yeah its good

Tien Tsin: so far

Garrion: you would need enormous amounts of energy though to create any type of warp field

Tien Tsin: if you like hard sci-fi

Jason: saw just the first one so far, they showed #2 the next night

Tien Tsin: its very THS

Tien Tsin: minus the transhumans

Garrion: i set to record but not watched yet

Jason: make sure you get both

Tien Tsin: but its prolly hardest sci-fi show ive seen

Tien Tsin: in terms of detail

Jason: think they replay them on friday if you missed #2

Tien Tsin: watch all of em on

Tien Tsin: have all 4 on demand

Tien Tsin: theres 4

Tien Tsin: new ones come on tues

Garrion: ok, so you guys just decide HOW you are escaping, we play that out and then you will have the trip back to civ…. we will go from there depending on where you head to.

Jason: only 4, or there are 4 out already?

Verge: yeah I watched one episode so far.

Tien Tsin: yeah 4

Tien Tsin: i didnt know there were either

Tien Tsin: but saw commercial saying theres 4

Tien Tsin: on demand

Tien Tsin: main diff vs our setting is

Jason: oh, ok.. but there are more then 4 in total to the series right? that Childhood’s End was only a 3 parter

Tien Tsin: mars and earth are more world government

Tien Tsin: vs each other

Tien Tsin: instead of fractured like THS

Garrion: i’ll look into speech to text but still planning on doig the voice thing

Tien Tsin: theyre based on some novels tho that are good

Tien Tsin: if you like hard sci-fi

Tien Tsin: ironically they started as a RPG

Lurker is disconnected.

Jason: I don’t think the speech text is necessary, I have played games with voice. they are fine

Tien Tsin: modified d20

Tien Tsin: tho show runner says he prefered gurps haha

Jason: can just type out stuff like important names / dates / places or whatever

Tien Tsin: btw who was the lurker?

Garrion: i think so too but the others want text too in case they miss something i say… i think they just don;t want to have to listen to me, haha ;)

Garrion: that was me

Tien Tsin: oh thought we might be getting newbie

Tien Tsin: or herlock

Garrion: i had a second window running in player view for the screencast

Jason: well would say just type out, or just copy paste important stuff.. like scene set up and important info.. rest is just fine

Garrion: that way the recording doesn’t show GM stuff

Taragnor: Yeah I mean mostly depends on how complicated the story is. Like if you’re playing a hack and slash thing, voice works okay, but if there’s important details in text that aren’t easily ascertained by looking at the map state… then it kinda helps

Tien Tsin: well the problem is, this game can be slow, and sometimes its focused a whole session on 1 or 2 people

Tien Tsin: so its gonna suck for you to have to sit there, just being a bystander 4 hours

Tien Tsin: where as with text

Tien Tsin: you can scroll to catch up

Tien Tsin: multitask etc

Tien Tsin: go grab a drink

Tien Tsin: etc

Tien Tsin: if it was like a sandbox D&D game might be ok

Tien Tsin: but something like this, i dunno

Taragnor: yeah. I mean given the nature of the game sometimes diff people just aren’t doing stuff.

Jason: easy enough to recap from time to time as well

Jason: but like I said, just type out or paste important info, rest should be ok

Tien Tsin: anyways, im gonna go crash

Tien Tsin: into pluto

Tien Tsin: night

Garrion: well my take is still how hard is it to just sit and listen.. have your speaker turned on so you can hear in the background or something.. i mean if you were at a table game you would be expected to participate… but i understand teh ADD stuff and wanting to fidget if you are not “in focus”

Jason: rest is just RP and 90% of what Verge says is BS anyway, so don’t have to remember :P

Garrion: lol

Tien Tsin: anyone seen Into the Badlands?

Jason: ya, first 3 – 4 episodes, pretty good fight scenes

Garrion: seen the previews and a small portion of it after WD but not really

Tien Tsin: my character is looking more like sunny now since i took stalker, theres some unarmed stuff from Broken blade

Tien Tsin: im sure herlock will complain tho

Tien Tsin: when i bust out some martial arts move other than “punch shit” with ye ole boring monk he took ha

Tien Tsin: but thats all i get other than thrashing dragon and primal fury, so might as well use it

Jason: heh, I"ve been watching Daredevil on Netflix.. that probably what Murphy looks like, except his mask has eye holes.. and no horns

Tien Tsin: tho i dont think i get the throws till 3rd

Tien Tsin: thats the ones i wanted to test out

Tien Tsin: i wanna throw someone into a pool of lava or one of T’s hellish traps

Taragnor: heh

Jason: heh, alright later folks.. any one seeing Star Wars tomorrow

Tien Tsin: tho its prolly hard to throw anything in T’s games

Tien Tsin: golems and abberations dont toss well

Jason: or should I say later on today, heh

Taragnor: Nah not gonna see it on opening night. I usually wwait till it’s less crowded.

Taragnor: Gonna be a total pain to see it tomorrow.

Tien Tsin: yeah same here

Tien Tsin: i’ll wait a few weeks prolly

Taragnor: I mean I’ll see it eventually but good to let it clear out a bit.

Tien Tsin: i like SW, but i mean i dont cream my pants over it

Jason: well one advantage to having day off, can go to like 10: 30 am showing

Taragnor: heh.

Tien Tsin: prolly be cliched rip off of 1st film

Tien Tsin: to try and be the opposite of the prequels

Garrion: we going to see it on the 20th

Taragnor: Well I’m fine with them ripping off the first film as long as it’s not like the prequels. lol

Tien Tsin: so i expect a bunch of direct parralels

Tien Tsin: with non white people :-p

Taragnor: Yeah. lol

Tien Tsin: gotta have the social justice warrior quota

Tien Tsin: so i expect gay multiracial jedi’s who dont offend

Jason: well one guy I watch on local news here who I agree with mostly on his picks gives it an A+ score

Tien Tsin: maybe they’ll have rainbow lightsabers!

Taragnor: lol. That’d be funny if they did that.

Taragnor: Honestly at this point I’ll just be happy if ther’es no stupid Jar-Jar type character.

Tien Tsin: so long as it aint just stupid crap for sake of being politically correct i dont care

Jason: doesnt seem to be

Tien Tsin: but if its a bunch of politically correct propoganda shit

Tien Tsin: then i prolly will dislike it

Tien Tsin: like i dont actually remmeber the last time i seen a straight whtie dude as a hero in a movie :-p

Jason: superman, batman, green lantern

Tien Tsin: they even turned Thor into a chick in the comics

Tien Tsin: i dunno why theres plenty of female norse goddesses lol

Taragnor: Well he was a white dude in the movies at least :P

Tien Tsin: it happendd after the movies

Taragnor: Comics do a ton of weird shit.

Tien Tsin: in the comics

Garrion: ok so i can dictate intto notepad but not into MT.. would have to cut and pate over but the dictation was hirribly incorrect… may be better once i get a headset and it learns my voice

Jason: iron man, hulk, arrow, flash

Tien Tsin: i dont mind stuff like that, so long as it aint just for the sake of doing it

Tien Tsin: like starbuck being a chick, i was fine with

Jason: come on, Thor was a horse at one time

Tien Tsin: but when they do stuff just for the fuck of it

Tien Tsin: nah thats beta ray bill

Tien Tsin: he’s an alien

Jason: alien horse

Taragnor: lol.

Tien Tsin: hey beta ray bill is bad ass

Tien Tsin: i like him better than thor haha

Tien Tsin: tho i dont think he has the real mjolnir anymore

Tien Tsin: he did at first tho

Tien Tsin: i remmeber the marvel DC crossover

Tien Tsin: superman was wielding cap’s shield and thor’s hammer

Tien Tsin: talk about munchkin build

Tien Tsin: he’s lucky T wasnt there to nerf him

Taragnor: Though I’d kinda argue he doens’t even need Cap’s shield, he’s pretty much indestructible on his own

Taragnor: lol.

Jason: heh, what the piont are n’t his fists stronger then both

Tien Tsin: latest superman has a new power

Tien Tsin: a nuke

Taragnor: Mjolnir might be a power boost, mostly cause it’s magic and supes (at least some versions) has trouble with magical shit

Tien Tsin: he goes supernova so to speak

Tien Tsin: first new power they gave him in a long time

Tien Tsin: i forget the name of it

Tien Tsin: but he releases all his stored up energy and boom

Taragnor: yeah he really doens’t need it lol.

Tien Tsin: and then it depowers him for a day or something

Tien Tsin: comics this is

Jason: ah.. heh, aren’t they all actual gods now in one version I heard about.. never really did the comics, just cartoons and stuff on tv / movies

Taragnor: Yeah I never really followed any comics.

Tien Tsin: theres so many alt universes now

Tien Tsin: its hard to keep straight

Tien Tsin: they have several running concurrently

Tien Tsin: i dont read em like i did in the 90s

Tien Tsin: but i read about stuff here and there

Tien Tsin: anyways, see yall sat, or two weeks from now

Tien Tsin: peace

Taragnor: cya.

Jason: yup, merry christmas folks.. til later

Taragnor: merry xmas.

Tien Tsin: oh yeah doctor who x-mas special

Tien Tsin: i forgot about that

Garrion: take care and I’ll let you know what i come up with

Tien Tsin: yeah merry x-mas

Cedric is disconnected.

Tien Tsin: night

Taragnor: yeah we can at least try the voice thing see how it goes.

Taragnor: Might as well give it a shot before we criticize it.

Garrion: grab Dolby Axon and get it set up to be ready

Taragnor: And if it sucks we can revise it. heh.

Sefiros is disconnected.

Session 12 Log

Transhuman Space Garrion