THS Log 2016-02-25

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Cedric has connected.

Jason: ←rolls Everyone (spacer) TL/10 and gets 7 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 9

Jason: ←rolls Inventor TL/10 and gets 13 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 1

Jason: ←rolls Mechanism / TL10 and gets 9 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 7

Jason: ←rolls Wire Rat / TL 10 and gets 12 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 4

Jason: ←rolls Basic Self Defense TL / 10 and gets 4 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)


Tabris has connected.

Cedric: hey

Tabris: Yo

Cedric: finish updating your guy?

Tabris: Haven’t even started, lol

Tabris: Don’t even know where to start really

Cedric: oh, I just mean on paper

Tabris: Yeah like I said, haven’t even started

Cedric: heh, just check out the wildcards

Tabris: I’m looking at it right now

Tabris: Can we spend all of our points we have right now on these?

Garrion: ok, i’m back from eating


Cedric: yup

Tabris: I’m on the page dude, lol

Cedric: I spent all but 1

Garrion: it is not a big change… just get rid of your individual skill sand then use those points to buy the wildcards that fit you

Cedric: you probably want this one to start

Cedric: Everyone (Space)! IQ Skills: Area Knowledge (Home), Carousing, Computer Operation, Cooking, Current Affairs, Driving, First Aid, Free Fall, Gesture, Housekeeping, Intimidation, Knot-Tying, Observation, Scrounging, Search, Spacer, Stealth, Survival (Space), Throwing, Typing, Vacc Suit

Tabris: Yeah I was gonna get some ranks in that

Tabris: What about the special skill I’ve been working on for understanding AI Psychology?

Cedric: then this one…

Garrion: Medicine! is another obvous for you Tab

Cedric: Security! Per Skills: Body Language, Detect Lies, Observation, and Search. Make an IQ-based roll for Electronics Operation (Security / Surveillance), Expert Skill (Computer Security), Shadowing, or Tactics; Architecture to analyze security-related features of buildings; or Law in the context of a guard’s duties. Make a Will-based roll for Intimidation, or a DX-based roll for Knot-Tying or Stealth. Security! further allows DX-based rolls for one unarmed combat skill for restraining intruders and one weapon skill usual for guards in the setting, which might be the player’s choice or the GM’s campaign-wide decision. (The weapon skills are limited to Beam Weapon (Pistol), Guns (Pistol), or Melee Weapon (Tonfa/Baton).)

Tabris: Yeah I already had Medicine! and Talker!

Cedric: oh right, you the medic guy.. I always think you are security guy for some reason

Garrion: Phychologist!

Garrion: Psychologist!

Tabris: Medicine! includes Psychology though

Tabris: But human psychology

Garrion: oh then that works

Tabris: At least I assume it’s human psychology

Tabris: I don’t think it specifies

Garrion: well if it does not specify it covers all specialties

Tabris: Heh okay

Cedric: maybe this one?

Cedric: Skills: Brainwashing, Diplomacy, Expert Skill (Memetics), Fast-Talk, Interrogation, Leadership, Merchant, Politics, Propaganda, Psychology (all specialties), Sociology, and Teaching. Benefits: Every point over Attribute grants a +1 bonus to reaction or Influence rolls after

Cedric: Memetics!

Tabris: Maybe

Garrion: that one is more for Sachi… she into the Memetics

Tabris: So basically I just delete all the skills I have right now and replace them with however many Wildcards I can buy?

Garrion: yep

Tabris: And they cost less than they did before?

Cedric: could just go straight up

Cedric: Science! IQ Skills: Anthropology, Astronomy, Bioengineering, Biology, Chemistry, Engineer, Geology, Mathematics, Metallurgy, Meteorology, Naturalist, Paleontology, Physics, Physiology, Psychology, Sociology, etc.

Garrion: i need to explore GCS to see how we deal with the cost change

Tabris: I think you can tell it how much they cost, although I’m not sure

Cedric: ya, I just put the cost in right, it doesn’t do the pts right, but can do that on the mini

Cedric: with these, its not like your skills will be changing all that quickly, since a boost up cost 8 pts once you get going in them

Cedric: or often

Cedric: I got 5 wildcards now: Everyone (spacer ), Inventor, Mechanism, Wire Rat, and Basic self Defense

Garrion: ok, i got one to ask you all while here…. looking at the GCS options made me think of it…. optional rule that Will and Per are not based off of IQ?

Cedric: heh, that my best skill.. I would rather they were.. hehe

Tabris: I honestly don’t know enough about the rules to give an answer one way or the other lol

Garrion: i doubt you wold want to go that route… since it hurts you

Cedric: what else would they be based on?

Garrion: Will and Per are seperate attributes that you buy up independent of IQ

Cedric: ouch, I don’t got the pts for that

Garrion: so instead of 4 “core” attributes you have 6

Garrion: just asking since it came to mind.. is an option to turn on or off in GCS

Cedric: I don’t know if they are used enough to be base abilities…

Garrion: yeah, there seems no way to change the point value of skills… it is based on what you select off of the drop down

Tabris: Yeah

Tabris: Might be able to enter some sort of adjustment thing

Garrion: so the way we will deal with that is that you will buy them as wildcard skills and then reimburse yourself the point difference back into your point pool

Garrion: so you have 12 points and want to buy a wildcard rank that costs you 8 by the new rule… it will charge you the full 12 but then just give yourself 4 back

Garrion: that will make the total character point value be off but that is really the only way

Cedric: that sounds like a mess

Garrion: yeah, the only other way is to go back to old school and use manual calc sheets

Tabris: You could enter a Disadvantage and just assign the point difference to it as a negative

Tabris: To balance the total out

Garrion: true, good idea

Garrion: Just call it Wildcard Adjustment

Tabris: Yeah heh

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric has connected.

Garrion: so how are the new points working out… you should all be able to have skills roughly where you had them before… a wildcard at A+2, a couple around A+0 and a couple around A-2

Jason: got three at +2, one at +1, and one at +0

Jason: that’s 136 pts worth

Garrion: yeah that is a good chunk, some people only had 50 points in skills

Garrion: or somewhere between 50 and 90

Jason: heh, well my guys is mostly a skilled based char

Davian: ←rolls Everyone (Space)! and gets 12 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Davian SUCCEEDS by 2

Davian: ←rolls Basic Self Defense! and gets 11 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Davian SUCCEEDS by 3

Tabris: Think I got it figured out

Garrion: 14, that is a good skill in defense for a pacifist ;)

Tabris: Heh, well I took the version that believes in self-defense but not in being proactively violent

Garrion: ahh, i see

Tabris: Self-Defense Only: You only fight to defend yourself or those in your care, using only as much force as necessary (no pre-emptive strikes allowed!). You must do your best to discourage others from starting fights. -15 points.

Garrion: yeah, if you pursue further martial training you would probably go for more of the defensive ones as oposed to first stije.. Strike First, Strike Hard, Strike Fast… NO Mercy!

Tabris: lol yeah

Tabris: Gonna log off for now, catch you guys later

Tabris is disconnected.

Garrion: hey, T just mentioned a good point and fix for the skill point cost

Garrion: just buy them as VH skills and then clone all of the skills, they will be listed twice but with only 5 skills that should not be a big deal

Garrion: that way your skill point allocation, your total character value and everything will be correct

Garrion: since the new WC cost is VHx2

Jason: I suppose

Jason: ya, that works fine

Cedric is disconnected.

You have disconnected.

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Tabris has connected.

Sachi has connected.

Sachi: Hihi~

Tabris: Yo~

Taragnor has connected.

Sachi: Heya T~

Garrion: howdy all


Taragnor2 has connected.

Sachi: ^ I was grooving to this in the car and it makes me wanna play Delta Green

Garrion: axon connected, don;t see you all

Sachi: Ooops

Tabris: Oh, forgot about that, lol

Taragnor: i hear ya

Sachi: When the Zetas fill the skies~ It’s just our leaders in disguise~ Fully loaded sa~telli~tes~ Will conquer nothing but our minds~

Tabris: I believe the sign of Zeta

Tabris: Beyond the hard times from now

Sachi: I still think Unmarked Helicopters is the ultimate Delta Green theme song though

Sachi: I hear ya

Taragnor2: yup

Sachi: Sorry, I was rocking out before

Tabris: It’s a sign of the AI revolution, the computer is disobeying you

Sachi: meow

Tabris: Should have given Sachi a cat frame, lol

Tabris: That sounds normal for Sef

Sachi: I hope Sef’s ok ; ;

Sachi: Holy shit

Sachi: Cats aren’t in the book but CYBER-DOLPHINS are

Tabris: lol

Sachi: Yesh~ I’ve been looking at the skills on and off this afternoon, I’ve just been busy with school stuff and didn’t have time to do everything til today T_T

Sachi: I’m like, for sure gonna have Hacker and Memetics too

Sachi: Nahhhh I was activated in space ^^

Sachi: Tab told me about it, hehe

Tabris: I’m awesome like that

Tabris: Is there a Pleasurebot! wildcard?

Sachi: I actually was thinking Courtier! for her, it’s pretty close to what she’s for

Cedric has connected.

Jason: here

Sachi: There’s literally a Hacker! one too

Sachi: And Memetics!

Jason: need Space Cowboy job

Sachi: Yesh~

Sachi: kk

Tabris: Real time nerfs, G has one up on you T

Verge: lol

Verge: yeah he can also yell at ya with actual voice too

Verge: makes me want to use voice for my game so I can berate you :P

Tabris: lol

Jason: surprisingly none of mine overlap, except perhaps Inventor…

Jason: btw, any news from sef or brice?

Jason: bah, just give it some whiskey

Tabris: lol

Tabris: I didn’t have 100 yard reach

Jason: Tabris ruins stuff for all of us

Tabris: lol

Sachi: Sorry orz

Jason: that cool

Tabris: “I know kung fu”

Jason: only one that can probably do tha tis sachi’s char, hehe

Jason: ←rolls Basic Self Defense TL / 10 and gets 12 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Jason FAILS by 1

Davian: ←rolls Basic Self Defense! and gets 9 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Davian SUCCEEDS by 5

Tabris: The pacifist has a better basic self defense score

Tabris: lol I always had Brawling at 13

Jason: well I only got 10 dex

Tabris: Just because I know how to fight doesn’t mean I enjoy fighting or want to do it

Jason: ya Davian, do something…. :P

Davian: ←rolls Medicine! and gets 8 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)

Davian SUCCEEDS by 10

Tabris: I rearrange all your internal organs

Jason: so why didn’t that crit then?

Tabris: Beats me

Jason: 18, holy crap? you get some bonus or you drop 48 pts into it?

Tabris: I dropped the full points in it

Jason: wow

Sachi: Nice, well, I just gave myself all the wildcards I wanted at attribute-1 and I’m exactly 1 point off from the number of unspent points I had before

Sachi: Which was a fuckton

Jason: I would image so, what that jsut like 8 pts?

Sachi: How many unspent points I had? 47 before, 48 right now

Jason: YURI is our bard

Sachi: :3

Jason: well you were originally an entertainment system right?

Sachi: Hehe, Entertainer! was actually my second favorite after Courtier! but maybe I could use Hacker! to make digital art?

Sachi: And yeah basically, hehe

Sachi: I was a glorified RSS reader basically, or whatever they have now instead of RSS

Jason: na, you use HAcker to make people buy your art… by putting it on their system and taking their cash… hehe

Jason: anyone really pick up some skills that they really didin’t have before?

Tabris: Just the Everyone thing, lol

Sachi: Actually, Memetics! includes the Propaganda skill and I think advertising is included in that

Jason: somethings I can do now that couldn’t before: traps, lockpicking, explosives

Jason: ya, WireRat helps me with the other one

Sachi: Yeah like… Aside from hacking into stuff, the party role I have in mind is actually something like a bard/face, it’s just instead of like a smooth face-to-face talker I’m like Banksy

Tabris: lol

Jason: just don’t " Face" the military…

Jason: else find your self on firing line


Jason: heh


Sachi: (That’s the non-stolen one)

Jason: sounds good

Sachi: For skills I’ve taken Everyone! (Space), Basic Self-Defense!, Courtier!, Hacker!, Memetics!, and Encyclopedist!

Sachi: Encyclopedist seems like it’d cover the parts of my original role that Courtier! doesn’t

Jason: same first two for me, plus Mechanism, WireRat and Inventor

Davian: Did we report our findings to them?

Davian: So we ditched the ore ship?

Jason: we just let them go on their way

Davian: Ahh got it

Jason: we did snag our jump ship and stuff off there before they left

Davian: What’s the name of the passenger ship?

Jason: tis fricking huge

Davian: Cruise ship lol

Jason: had something like 250+ cabins

Davian: So does the ship have a name?

Davian: The juice is looooose

Jason: Emerald Sea

Sachi: Butthawk

Sachi: Aww

Davian: lol

Davian: I was going to suggest Aphrodite if we’re talking about objects of beauty

Sachi: Ooo that’d be good

Davian: But Emerald Sea works well

Sachi: I like Emerald Sea too~

Jason: bonus pts for Jason

Jason: hehe

Davian: Jade Falcon

Sachi: Emerald Sea flows off the tongue better

Jason: yup

Davian: Need to find the Timber Wolf mechs

Davian: lol

Jason: sounds good

Davian: Yeah that one has Verge’s name all over it

Sachi: Hmmm

Verge: noe sec brb

Sachi: Maybe I’ll save some of my points for Compartmentalized Mind if I can buy that >.>

Sachi: Like I don’t have enough

Sachi: But I’ve been thinking of saving up for it

Sachi: Hmm

Sachi: Probably something else but lemme check

Sachi: Yeah by default I just have Digital Mind and Enhanced Time Sense

Sachi: ETS is pretty uber though

Jason: need some for Condor as well

Davian: If we’re helping the US military can we get an official military commission so we can charge everything back to the government? lol

Sachi: It has the effects of Combat Reflexes plus I automatically act before anyone without ETS and I can perceive things that happen too quick for humans to notice, like I can tell if an image is e.g. a projected movie since I can see the individual frames, and I can e.g. get a Sense roll to see bullets in flight and try to react to them

Sachi: So it’s pretty awesome, really

  • Jason will get to know both ships and then inspect the armory and work on making some bot killer stuff.

Verge: Well guess well try to secretly rebuild yuri once the soldier leave our ship

  • Davian makes sure the medbay on the Emerald Sea is in good shape and gathers up supplies as necessary

Verge: and yeah getting equipped with the lates trobot busters, get some gyrocs and such.

Sachi: Like, basically something I think I oughta keep in mind more is that means I can react at “computer” speed to things

Verge: yeah gona take a suit fo military armor

Sachi: Guys, find me a body with high DX that I can invade and eat some combat skills from…

Davian: lol

Davian: Well Verge has a VII I think

Sachi: I dunno that I could take control of his body like that…

Taragnor: heh… yeah my VII ain’t sophisticated enough to run you anyway

Sachi: Unfortunately all my skills got a shit ton lower unless hm

Jason: microwave disrupter

Davian: lol damn

Taragnor: sound is a bit choppy, I’m gonna try to retsart axon, one sec brb.

Sachi: Nah

Davian: Sounds fine to me

Jason: seems ok

Davian: Could use a little more volume though

Sachi: My best skill is at IQ+1 does that seem like super low to you? Should I rearrange my stuff a little?

Davian: Depends on what your IQ score is I guess

Sachi: 13

Jason: my best are IQ +2

Jason: which is 16

Davian: I’ve got +1, +2, +3, and +5

Sachi: Actually

Sachi: I forgot that some of mine were high because I got bonuses from my templates

Jason: I have +2, +2, +2, +1, +0

Sachi: So I assume that’d add to those uses of the skill

Sachi: Well my DX is currently 13 also, lol

Sachi: Ahhh yeah I have several Talents too

Davian: Yeah I don’t have much of anything other than my skills and my augments that I paid cash for lol

Verge: yup

Jason: Jason is going to try to take the EMP Gun TL9 ( assuming it exists in the game) and super charge it and make it TL10.. maybe increasing its stats some

Verge: yep

Verge: might have been I was using a diff headset heh.

Verge: So had to disable the voice.

Jason: can also do the same with pulse carbine if someone wants to use it

Verge: I got the medium one now

Verge: But could walys upgrade to heavy heh

Jason: I have Bioplas

Sachi: Ahh that’s right, I have Talent (Memetics) 2, Talent (Computer Wizard) 2, and Talent (Memetics) 1 so that would account for some of my skills >.>;

Sachi: Still, my computer operation was 18 before lol


Verge: yeah figure once we got the ship to ourselve we can reconstruct YURI

Jason: if we are prettty much the only ones around they we can rebot her

YURI: That should be Talent (Pop Culture Maven) 1

YURI: Not Memetics a second time

Davian: Yeah heh, no need to leave her in pieces as long as we aren’t being watched

Davian: lol

YURI: :3

Davian: I’m sure YURI is a big fan

Jason: as well as our other artificial friends

YURI: Can I just add those numbers straight to Memetics!, Hacker!, and Courtier! respectively?

Jason: honestly, if the army guys come over, they can just go hide one of like 250 cabins

YURI: The benefits are pretty much the same anyway, the difference is the talent costs 2 points more and you get a reaction bonus (they’re actually kind of a not great deal now that we’re using the wildcards but I don’t wanna get into a thing right now)

Davian: So are the army guys like wanting to neutralize any AI on sight or are they just very cautious around them?

YURI: Like I don’t think the skill lists they give you are exactly the same but the costs are almost exactly the same

YURI: With our system

YURI: So it seems like a usable short-term solution

YURI: Before figuring out if we actually wanna keep talents or turn them into something else

YURI: Mmm, I see

YURI: but with the default rules I think talents were also MUCH cheaper than wildcards

YURI: With our rules they’re 2 points more

YURI: So I’m saying we can just go with that for tonight

YURI: And figure out something else later

YURI: Like for next time

YURI: Right, cash them in for wildcards, but I don’t wanna hold you guys up any longer tonight >.>

YURI: Messing with my character

Davian: Might as well put her in the dog

Jason: dog is what she wanted right?

Davian: Probably a better disguise

YURI: Actually

YURI: Yeah put me in the dog!

Davian: Do the military guys just like destroy AI on sight or what?

YURI: Also I’m just gonna change the talents on my sheet to cost 0 points and then add that much to the wildcards

Verge: yeah lets do the dog

YURI: So I can remember I had them in case I want to do something else with the idea >>;

Davian: Oh so we’re still in a state of war? lol

Davian: Hmm

YURI: Ah actually some talents were 5 points but it basically evens out hehe

YURI: Although you could totally pretend I’m just a PC that belongs to one of you…

Davian: lol

YURI: If you put me in the box for now

Davian: Well Davian would rather try to bridge the differences and get us all to live in harmony and such

YURI: What suspicious SAI? This is just my mini-tower

YURI: Yeah! That’s exactly why I wanted to be a memeticist all along hehe

YURI: I wanna get the message out

Davian: Davian is totally onboard with that

Davian: YURI can bounce ideas off him

  • Jason sticks Yuri in the dog.. can always switch her back later

YURI: “Woof!”

Davian: lol

YURI: “Am I convincing?”

  • Davian chuckles

Davian: “Yes, quite.”

  • Davian pats YURI on the head
  • Jason smiles, " let me see you beg "

Davian: Has the Excelsior indicated what it wants us to do exactly?

  • YURI sits down and lifts her paws, apparently too excited to have a mobile body to notice any raunchiness

Davian: “Well, I guess we can go out and stretch our legs a little.”

Jason: " nice.. make sure that this dog body isn’t limiting any of your other previous functions"

Jason: (btw, any extra cash we have is on a memory stick or something, or how is cash transfered?)

Davian: Credchips

Jason: they actually physical chips, or just a chip you scan that deducts cash ?

YURI: One last note: I have a racial skill level in Computer Operation that costs 8 CP, so I gave myself an entry for Computer Operation that’s 2 points higher than my Hacker! skill. Since 8 CP would get me 2 normal skill levels

Jason: ya, but all our accounts probably say we are dead

Davian: lol yeah

Davian: Account suspended due to inactivity

Jason: so we got no cash?

YURI: That gets me up to 17 so it’s actually just 1 point lower than it was before I started changing stuff around~ So I’m satisfied with how it went

Davian: Probably tons of shit we can sell on this ship

Jason: heh, guess we can loot the ship

Davian: Shouldn’t have left the ship then lol

  • Jason will scrounge around and just see what actual cash or cash similar things we can find on the ship over the past month.

Jason: ←rolls Everyone (spacer) TL/10 and gets 6 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)


  • Davian will start establishing some contacts to help fence things
  • Jason finds all the goodies…

Davian: ←rolls Talker! and gets 10 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Davian SUCCEEDS by 5

Davian: No I’m trying to establish contacts to sell stuff

Jason: no, everyone spacer has scrounging.. he wants to find fences with the talker

Davian: It says it acts as Merchant for Haggling

Jason: I find it, he sells it

Davian: And it includes Streetwise

Verge: Il slso use spare tim e going over logs snd such looking for clues

Garrion: 290

Jason: critical success

Davian: That’s the actual cash he found?

Garrion: $2900 credits for Jason

Davian: Might as well I guess

Verge: yeah heh

Jason: can I scrounge again?

Davian: ←rolls Everyone (Space)! and gets 6 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Davian SUCCEEDS by 8

Davian: Scrounging roll

Verge: ←rolls Scrounging and gets 11 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)

Verge SUCCEEDS by 1

Verge: still havent converted to wildcard yet heh

Garrion: 2880

Davian: Whoo

Garrion: $2880 for Davian

Davian: Verge finds a bent penny

YURI: ←rolls Everyone! (Space) and gets 5 vs. Skill (12 with a modifier of 0)


YURI: Purr

Jason: which is 300+ years old and worth a ton

Verge: can I at least find the liquor cabinet?

Garrion: $20 for Verge

Davian: lol

Davian: Hahaha

Verge: damn

Jason: heh, they probably have a mess hall with liquior


Davian: No, no, it’s an authentic $20 bill, it’s a priceless antique

Verge: heh

YURI: Yesh~

YURI: Valuable cultural artifacts! Paydata!

Garrion: $1890 for YURI

Jason: she looking for more memory cards… its like money forher

YURI: The Juice!*

YURI: *Sweet gossip

Jason: might as well just pool it

Davian: 7690

YURI: “Look, look! Hard-to-find vintage recordings! This one is on a vinyl record! Wow, these are a serious collector’s item!”

Jason: Verge can just keep his… hehe

Davian: lol

Verge: lol

Garrion: $7670 group pot

YURI: “…But I don’t have the hardware to play it back…”

YURI: “Why do humans get so excited about these things?”

Davian: “Nostalgic value, I suppose.”

YURI: Oh I thought it was a scrounging roll


Davian: I succeeded by 5

Davian: Yeah

Davian: Finding people to offload the goods on and getting good prices on them

Davian: lol, well Streetwise is under Talker! as well

Davian: ←rolls Talker! and gets 11 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Davian SUCCEEDS by 4

YURI: I knew a guy who would buy tires on that basis

Davian: lol

YURI: i.e. no questions asked

Garrion: Haggling 7 vs 15

YURI: daaaaang

Davian: Bah

Davian: Sounds like the guy from Pawn Stars


Verge: heh yeah well sio long as he’ll do free pick up

Davian: “There’s a wide range of useful items here, I would think you could get at least $7,000.”

Verge: aka “It’s in orbit around mars”

Verge: lol.

YURI: ^ that video = Pawn Stars basically

Davian: Any way I can get a synergy bonus from the Psychology portion of my Medicine! skill? lol

Davian: ←rolls Medicine! and gets 7 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)

Davian SUCCEEDS by 11

Jason: crit

Davian: Haha

Davian: “Come now sir, I know you can do better. I understand your business model and I appreciate the economics that you operate under, but these are quality goods and deserve a quality price. I ask for $6,500.”

Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): Statement Body : (1890+2880+2900)*.9

Garrion: $6903.0

Davian: “Very well, you have a deal.”

Cedric is disconnected.

Davian: “Likewise, sir. Your kindness is much appreciated.”

Cedric has connected.

  • Davian returns to the ship with the phat wad

YURI: (comm) “Let’s buy a pro viral marketing toolkit! My software’s way outta date!”

Davian: Oh goody, lol

Jason: doh, should have taken Verge with ya

Davian: Yeah I was gonna say, I already had one character die with all our money this week

Verge: lol

Davian: Good news everyone, I was able to get $4000 (J/k)

Verge: thad be so ironic it;d be funny even ifwe didn’tget any money

Verge: wat can we get whoring out Tien?

Davian: Oh hey that’s a good idea

Verge: military vessel… gotta be a lot of takers…

Davian: Her background was former sexaroid too IIRC

YURI: chicka uhn?

Davian: lol

YURI: And y’all make fun of me!

Davian: Actually maybe we can buy a sexbot frame for YURI and then have her earn us more money


Davian: Hehe

Davian: lol nah

YURI: If you buy me the sexaroid I’ll so do it

Davian: Haha

Jason: heh

Verge: yeah the elf kitten was expensive

Verge: Adn that was the cheapest one

Davian: We’ll have to keep that in mind for once we have enough captal

Davian: capital*

YURI: That one is hot anyway, I’d get one

YURI: They like, purr and stuff?

Verge: yeah they can’t talk

Verge: they just make cat noises

Davian: lol

YURI: meow

Davian: Sounds right up Sachi’s alley, hehe

Davian: Ouch

Davian: We got enough to meet the 10% downpayment low interest financing!

Davian: lol yeah that’s true

Jason: heh

Davian: I wouldn’t want him sending out for me

YURI: Yeah an Elf Kitten is $50,000

Davian: “Well, I was able to find a buyer for the goods we recovered. I didn’t quite get the full value but I came close.”

Davian: “We’ve got $6,900 to our collective names now.”

Jason: " that’s pretty good"

YURI: “Yay! Thank you for doing that! I may be a good communicator but I’m not a great speaker…”

Jason: ( I assume the military folks are fueling up the ship, as well as Condor… and food for us as well?)

Davian: Yeah if we’re working for the military are they paying for our shit?

Jason: we don’t need rooms, we can live on the ship

Davian: We totally need a letter of marque or something

Davian: The Spanish Crown promises 1,000 gold doubloons to the bearer of this letter

YURI: A letter of marque was like where you had permission to act as a privateer…

Davian: That works too

Davian: >.>

YURI: :3

Davian: I’m not really sure what to ask about exactly is the problem

Davian: Like hey did anybody see a cruise ship worth of passengers through here lately

Davian: Yeah I was thinking of just asking about general gossip

Davian: And going from there

Davian: I’ll do that, and then I’ll see what I can pick up about groups operating in the area

Davian: Oh, also ask if anybody picked up the SOS signal from the ship

Jason: I can go with someone as backup but Jason not really a talker

Davian: Yeah I need somebody to be my muscle lol

Jason: though Verge is probably better at that then me

Davian: Yeah, merchants, local restaurants and bars, the kinds of places people frequent

Jason: suttle

Davian: Asking about the local gossip in the area, any strange stories or unusual tales to pass along

Davian: Trying not to be too direct

YURI: Sorry, I had like an emergency

YURI: My mom was pissed at the cat

Davian: Aw

YURI: She meows all night and wakes up my mom T_T

Davian: ←rolls Talker! and gets 9 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Davian SUCCEEDS by 6

Davian: Yeah heh

  • Jason nurses a beer as he hangs out nearby Davian, not wanting to get in the way.

Garrion: 15

Verge: yeah I’ll get some drinks too

  • YURI hangs out near Davian, if they allow robot dogs

Jason: Service dog

Davian: lol

YURI: Oh yeah, I won’t then

YURI: If it’s making people nervous, hehe ^^;

YURI: Well, I just wasn’t sure where I was

Jason: probably should

Verge: yeah heh we better hide YURI

Davian: Yeah I could probably advise that YURI and Suni not go out too much since the station seems mostly anti-AI

Jason: don’t really want folks to get taking special notice of us either

YURI: I had to go off and try to deflect my mom’s wrath away from the cat

Verge: yeah if we got a safe place for em

YURI: Wonder if my creator is one of ’em…

Davian: “So they don’t want to ghost themselves? They just revere AI’s?”

YURI: I forget if I decided whether Sayuri was interested in ghosting herself

YURI: She’d definitely do it if she thought she was gonna die or something

Davian: “I’ve noticed this station isn’t quite so friendly towards AI, is that because of the war?”

YURI: But I dunno if I feel like she’d do it preemptively, as it were

YURI: She’d just try to marry an SAI or something

YURI: (A female-identified SAI)

YURI: Cause she’s ’Yuri.

Davian: “I can understand the wariness towards combat models, but ordinary entertainment and education types shouldn’t pose much a threat, right?”

YURI: Mostly I’m just thinking out loud

YURI: Slash/ suggesting that maybe my creator could be part of the enclave, but definitely she’s for AI rights; she’d be excited that I became sentient

YURI: Maybe more like the Steve Wozniack

Davian: She’s probably on Earth, yeah

Davian: Slave of her creations, lol

YURI: Ahhh yeah I wasn’t sure where the enclave was you were talking about

YURI: I’d been distracted ^^;

YURI: Ohhh

YURI: Yeah she’d likely still be on earth

YURI: Or thereabouts

YURI: Yeah, she had several infomorphs that she treated as partners, and she thinks of her products as some mix of a work of art and her children (mostly depending on how sapient they are)

YURI: Well, she made consumer products, but they were usually developed with the help of more advanced AI she created as “prototypes”

Davian: “So where is this enclave exactly? Need to make sure we don’t wander into it by accident if you think they’re dangerous at all.”

Davian: and all*

YURI: Except the “prototypes” generally end up as full partners in her work

Davian: Heh yeah I have that database software, hopefully it’s finished downloading updates by now

YURI: I’m trying to think of an analogy and “Willy Wonka, but with AI instead of Oompa-Loompas” has more colonialist undertones than what I’m trying to say but it’s pretty close

Davian: ←rolls Talker! and gets 15 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Davian SUCCEEDS by 0

Davian: lol

Davian: Oh I’m definitely interested in that rumor

YURI: Hmmmm…

YURI: I’ll have to investigate that meme…

Davian: “Really? You think an alien race would want to eliminate us instead of interact with us and learn from us?”

Davian: “That would still require expending a lot of resources, whereas peaceful overtures could lead to mutual benefit.”

Davian: “Hmm, if I remember correctly, those movies were more an expression of fear of other humans than fear of actual aliens.”

Davian: “Well, I don’t know if I’d go that far, but it would be quite fascinating to meet one! I’ve written several treatises on the matter.”

Davian: “No, no, it’s a term for an academic paper.”

Davian: “Yes, I imagine so…”

Davian: “Do you have any evidence for your theory that aliens are behind the AI revolution?”

Davian: “Have you seen or heard anything?”

YURI: Kyehe

Davian: “No, no, certainly not. I’m just searching for the truth, the same as you!”

Davian: rofl

Davian: “Really? Like what?”

Jason: (the truth is out there )

Davian: “Hm, I see, and what did you say the name of it was?”

Davian: Do I? lol

Davian: Oh right, the thing we were supposed to go grab

Davian: Ah, okay

Davian: “Hmm, I see… Certainly an interesting hypothesis…”

Davian: “I certainly will! Thank you for your time, sir.”

Davian: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 15 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Davian SUCCEEDS by 0

Davian: lol

Davian: Davian is going to thoroughly investigate this idea either way

Davian: Hmm, guess I’ll see if I can pick up on anything else

Davian: ←rolls Talker! and gets 11 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Davian SUCCEEDS by 4

Davian: I’ll try to get a little more direct, ask if anyone has picked up any strange signals lately like the distress beacon we ran across, if they know of any incidents in the local area lately

Davian: “That AI enclave place maybe?”

Taragnor2 is disconnected.

Jason: (say the name of his ship?)

Davian: “He have you deliver the food to his ship? Happen to catch a name?”

Taragnor2 has connected.

Davian: lol

Davian: “Would you mind if I spoke to your delivery boy about it?”

Jason: (his delivery guy around?)

Davian: “You wouldn’t happen to know which rig?”

Davian: “All right, thanks for your time sir.”

Davian: Heh, I’ll buy something in exchange for the info I guess, try to make it something actually useful if possible

Davian: lol

Jason: gourmet coffee ?

Davian: Yeah that’ll work I guess, lol

Jason: heh, waht the difference in price?

Davian: lol damn

Jason: anything in between?

Jason: get couple of those

Davian: Okay I’ll grab two of those

  • Davian pays the merchant and gets Jason to lug the coffee back

Verge: lol

  • Jason sticks em into a pocket.

Davian: Me and my ST 10 ain’t carrying much, lol

YURI: Heyyyy I have 10 ST too

Davian: lol you ain’t sticking 2 lb bags in your pocket

YURI: Better than the 1 ST I had as a box

Jason: (heh, only have 12… 14 with my arms )

YURI: Actually it was 0

YURI: We just rounded up to 1 so the macros wouldn’t fart out

Davian: lol

  • Davian heads back to the ship and shares what he learned with the others

YURI: “It’s so weird having to drink this liquid instead of just having a battery…”

Davian: “Batteries don’t have that roasted taste though.”

Davian: “Or do they?”

Davian: Oh that’s right, lol

YURI: “I’m not sure what batteries taste like! If you have a spare one I can try it, though. This shell has a sophisticated sense of smell and taste!”

Davian: She’s like Bender, drinking alcohol to fuel her circuits

YURI: We deposit oil into the atmosphere when we get nervous

YURI: Standard robot protocol

Davian: lol

Davian: Man, now we have to house train the AI

Verge: lol

YURI: The universe is my bathroom

Davian: Yeah just eject it all out the airlock

Jason: ( keep the same time as the military for now I guess )

  • Jason tries some of the new coffee for breakfast.

Jason: doubtful

Jason: ( I get teh good coffee.. not bonnie, she gets crap )

YURI: “Let me taste some! I’m a dog now, you know.” (This shell actually does have Discriminatory Smell and like +2 acute smell and taste)

  • Jason pours a little one the floor.

Davian: If it’s common knowledge then would probably be good to put it on the wiki

Verge: heh feed away

Jason: on the floor

YURI: Speaking of which, should I do like a short article about my creator on there? At least for like, what her public perception is like and stuff


YURI: Yeah, I had some stuff about her in my background, but I thought of some extra stuff today I’d like to put out there

YURI: Like, her reputation as of when we left and stuff

YURI: Yayifications~


YURI: Maybe I could spend my points on that instead of compartmentalized mind >.>

YURI: Verge probably isn’t gonna trust Sayuri, lol

Jason: Shuzbut ?

Davian: Scuzzlebutt?

YURI: Shazbot? Scuzzbutt?

Davian: Shebat?

YURI: Shiznat?

Verge: hehe

Garrion: Shezbeth


Garrion: 112434 SHEZBETH – “HAWKING STATION” Shezbeth is an asteroid (a former Kuiper Belt Object) that contains a primordial mini black hole in its core. First visited in 2091, it was moved from trans-Neptunian space to the Main Belt last year, and is now in synchronous orbit around Aletheia (p. 16), a few hundred miles above the larger asteroid’s surface. Shezbeth is only a fraction of its original size as a Kuiper Belt Object, much of the ice having been used as reaction mass during its move.

Jason: so moving the object also moved the black hole?

Davian: Yeah, black holes are really just super dense objects

Davian: And not literal holes

Verge: until you throw it into the sun…

Davian: lol yeah

Davian: And they said the mini black holes generated by the Large Hadron Collider were harmless………

Garrion: The station is run by Hawking Industries with assistance from Vosper- Babbage, and is under the joint protection of the British and South African governments.

Davian: Which are probably now in complete disarray since Earth was taken over by AI

Garrion: The station is divided into commercial, industrial, military, and research sectors; some of the latter are off-limits to unauthorized visitors outside of well-supervised tours. A prototype gravitic power station installed around the singularity produces plenty of energy. The highest-security area is the black hole shielding and containment area in the asteroid’s heart.

Davian: Actually no, just medicine… I was thinking about putting some points into Science though

Verge: medicine involves a lot of probing holes.

Davian: lol

YURI: Put some points in them holes

Garrion: Hawking Foundation’s Shezbeth Singularity Lab, which studies the mini black hole, is one of the most prestigious research labs in the system; physicists from across the solar system fight for the chance to work at SSL.

Jason: dog bone

Davian: Think I’m ready to call it a night

Jason: guess we can

Davian: Dentist appointment tomorrow and then I’ll probably get dragged back to work

Davian: Again

YURI: I’m pretty tired too

Verge: heh yeah me too

YURI: Blehhh


Verge: gettin tired

YURI: :(

Davian: Can’t even get these assholes to give me a day off to go get my teeth drilled

Jason: hopefully rest of the group will be able to join us before we get to hot and heavy with the next segment

YURI: I’ll work on Sayuri’s thing when I’m a little less sleepy/scatterbrained ^^;

Jason: let me know what sort of fun stuff I could have made during that month with weapons

Tabris is disconnected.

Cedric is disconnected.

Verge: k cya

Taragnor2 is disconnected.

YURI: I got my skills in at least~

YURI: Thanks!

YURI: Night everyone~

YURI: For now I gotta get to sleep hehe, work in the morning

YURI: See ya Saturday!

THS Log 2016-02-25

Transhuman Space Garrion