THS Log 2016-05-05

Server started; please wait for map to refresh.

Brice has connected.

Taragnor has connected.

Garrion: getting settled in, give me a sec

Brice: roger

Taragnor: hey

Sachi has connected.

Brice: Hi Taragnor, Hola Sachi

Brice: long time!

Sachi: Hihi! How ya doing! :D

Brice: not to bad, Children are a lot of work, especially those first 3 months

Brice: like a full time job

Brice: for 2

Sachi: Ooo yeah, congratulations though!~

Taragnor: heh yeah, I can’t imagine taking care of a baby. The lack of sleep would kill me.

Brice: it’s true, and thanks

Brice: Getting the laughs and smiles are great but I have to say that the lack of sleep is amazenly shitty

Garrion: trying to get sound to work

Brice: getting better now though. Poor girl would scream all night for the first 2 months because of stomach issues. she gets up around 3 to 4 times a night to eat now but goes back down so that’s considered good. It’s the day after day that gets you…

Cedric has connected.

Taragnor: Yeah.

Taragnor: I mean the lost sleep adds up.

Sachi: Awww, yeah ; ;

Brice: yeah for sure. the wife and I are taking turns so it’s normally only every other night now which is much better

Garrion: i’m going to close my axon for a moment… see if it is a glitch… no sound or voice

Brice: i can hear you

Jason: yup, hear you and the kid

Brice: and a little one=)

Brice: so we chat here or axion?

Sachi: Hm I haven’t been hearing anything but I also just realized I have to move out of the zone >>;;

Brice: oh, that’s strange (this is a new tool for me)

Sachi: Aha~

Brice: roger

Sachi: Nothin’

Sachi: You started talking after I said that~

Brice: loving the voice idea

James: did we ever get any more information about what was going on with the AI that crashed near pluto or pretty much just avoiding that?

Sachi: CAP

James: We did send some warning off did anyone seem to care? James: i read them all but would love the recap

Taragnor: oh lemme connect to Axion.

Taragnor: And no,, we realy didn’t find much about it

Taragnor: all we learned is that apparently the robots tookj over earth while we were in stasis

Taragnor: And humanity is in chaos.

Taragnor: Pretty much the Cylons won while we were asleep.

James: good move on the video footage (whomever thought of that) James: not sure, i’m trying to remember how to bring my character sheet up again. I’m back in “noob” status it’s been so long James: thought it was ctrl f2 (which is probably the beep you heard) James: got it thanks James: exactly zip James: ok, so EVERYTHING is wildcards then? James: ok James: i can work on that

Sachi: Yeah we collectively got sick of having to deal with all the different skills


James: thanks

Sachi: I’d make a joke about C++ but I think only T would get it

James: cool, reading up now

Cedric is disconnected.

Sachi: More like emerald city am I right

James: wait, earth has been taken over by Ai’s? James: wow James: can I change my name to NEO?

YURI: ps I’m not one of the— I mean I’m not even an AI, I’m just a regular mechanical dog that talks because of pixie dust and the love of orphans

James: (james still thinks there are good Ai’s out there)

Cedric has connected.

YURI: Pixie dog*

YURI: Yeah we had to do a hardware transplant iirc

James: cyber dog = metal or like a realistic looking dog?

YURI: Kinda halfway both? Like I’m obviously mechanical but I’m made to be cuddly?

YURI: Or synthetic*

James: great for allergies James: do we know that she’s sentient at this point or no?

YURI: Pretty much, I mean I haven’t gone out of my way to admit it

Jason: ya

James: cool James: ok, question on wildcard skills before we get started. I have no clue how many points I have to spend on wildcard. This probably had something to do with starting character points but I spent them on other things… so, do I just use my points I spent on skills to spend on wildcard or another way to figure? James: is that point total on my sheet? James: ok, so if I delete them off my sheet it will auto calculate how many I have right? James: cool

Jason: you been giving him some pts, else he will be way back

YURI: I ain’t mind that idea

Taragnor: yeah you may wanna adapt my catch-up XP system that I use for Pathfiner.

YURI: Quite the opposite

Taragnor: So he can eventually catch up to us.

James: i would probably have been working on something AI related James: i’m on the site now, which area is the points?


James: where can I see my total on my sheet (in map tools) James: ok, so I’ll have to recaculate using gurps character sheet then. No worries. I can work on that, I don’t want to hold anyone up. James: will do James: during the “off” time can I assume I have built something?

Taragnor: yeah. not sure whre he’s at

Taragnor: havne’t talkede to him in a while

James: I was thinking something like an AI floating orb that is basically a scanner that detects things like air quality, can record audio and video etc

YURI: Yeah I’m not sure either, he might be asleep or something

YURI: I might be projecting though

Jason: I buzzed him

James: like a futuristic mechanical wizard eye

YURI: I was up really late last night and I still got to grade people’s homework tomorrow morning x.x I might check out early again

Jason: you get a free weapon from the armory also, James

James: ok no worries James: ok

Taragnor: Well as far as I remember we were interrogating the guys we brought in. Verge was possibly gonna take a bribe from that guy too to let him go.

Taragnor: Basically we can just let him out on the next space station we go to.

James: going to get my ipad, brb

Taragnor: Well I was gonnag et all the stuff we recovered from the mercs as “evidence” for their trial and what not.

Taragnor: ANd we could let YURI and Jason go over that

Taragnor: while Verge can question the merc and potentially get his bribe.

Taragnor: I forget what we learned from them…

Taragnor: We know they were at some other space station right?

Taragnor: Okay, so we don’t have exact coordinates.

Taragnor: We just know a general area?

Taragnor: And what kinda resistance are we talking about there? Like how big is their operation?

James: back

Taragnor: Yeah, I’ll get those names from him.

YURI: Purr.

Taragnor: heh, where is his locker?

Taragnor: Those are captains of mercenary ships?

Taragnor: Or just the leaders of this operation specifically?


Taragnor: ok

YURI: ^ literally me irl

Taragnor: okay.

Taragnor: He have any idea what their end goal was for kidnapping the people?

YURI: ; ;

Jason: ( these political people pro AI ?)

Taragnor: Yeah we can do a bit of research into their stances towards the AI.

Taragnor: At least for the politicians that shouldb e more or less public knowlege.

Jason: ( yuri can probably do a quick search )

James: are there any humans that have been known to take th Ai’s side?

Jason: ( James your guy still gonna be primarily a programmer guy or what?)

YURI: My creator’s always been pro-AI, but as far as I know she was on earth when it got taken over… So she might be dead, or people might think she’s a quisling…

Taragnor: yeah I’d hope so heh. I mean they did take over earth.

Taragnor: At lesat the people on Earth mgiht have a lto fo AI sympathizers since they got conquered, and are basically under martial AI law.

James: hmmm that was one of my characters backstory points … might be going agaist the campain now

Taragnor: So probably some are at least pretending to be loyal.

James: ok, I’ll play it out like “I know there are good ones out there” James: I just wont be vocal about it

YURI: I’m an empathizer!

Taragnor: yeah lol, I probably won’t be too vocal about it. I mean they did murder millions (maybe billions) heh.

Taragnor: They’re the greatest enemy in the history of humanity. heh, slaying women and children with reckless abandon.

Jason: ( well we don’t actually know that do we ?)

Taragnor: Well they conquered earth in a giant war.

James: not beyond the basic comments I have made which have not been many James: cool, i’ll roll with it

Taragnor: And like we saw what happened when they first gained stentience they just attacked shit randomly basically.

Taragnor: Later on they got smarter though.

Taragnor: But initially it’s just a big murder spree for the war bots.

Taragnor: So tons and tons of people died.

Taragnor: I assume the polcie bots went crazy too heh.

Taragnor: Not sure how the military drones worked. heh.

Taragnor: They probably just blew the shit out of everything.

YURI: Maybe if you ingratiate yourselves to me I can get the other robots to like you

Taragnor: humanity first man.

YURI: Like by giving me money

Jason: ( I stuck you in a dog, that should do it for me.. hehe)

YURI: Hell yea

James: have the ai’s tried to make any kind of diplomatic contact, such as declaring they own earch and the humans can keep mars, or are they pretty much saying we are going to wipe out humans?

Taragnor: It’s only a matter of time before they try to wipe out the rest of humanity.

James: so I take it that humans are pretty much taking Ai out of their technology in the fear it will take over?

Jason: Turning it off, ya

James: I do a search to see if there are opposing sides within the Ai community or if they are like a “hive” mind

YURI: I was gonna say Dune

Jason: this is awesome


YURI: With Sting?

Verge: yeah I know in Dune there was some prohibition against AI, not exactly sure why.

YURI: Hell yea

YURI: IIRC the AI thing in Dune was cause there was a robot war in the backstory

YURI: i.e. exactly the thing that just happened

Verge: Ah okay, yeah i knew the AI was banned in Dune wasn’t sure why. I knew they had those genetically altered humans that acted as like human calculators or soemthing.

James: what wildcard would include AI? I am looking under profession and it seems very specialized

Verge: yeah, I mean like humans they’re gonna have propaganda to make em seem less evil.

James: checking James: it does not mention AI specifically James: my whold concept was based around AI programing (software and interaction with hardware as well) James: ok

YURI: I’ve got Hacker! and Memetics! and Courtier!

Verge: yeah… I mean given I’m the only combat char… and we don’t have a stelath ship…

Verge: Guess we better get the military to help.

Verge: I mean if this was more cinematic I’d probably try to John McClane this shit. but I figure being a realistic tone I’d probably want to get some help.

James: ok, so i’m looking at hacker and mechanism for my main

Cedric is disconnected.

Verge: okay. guess we have to do that, don’t really know any other options at this point. Also can use that time to possibly work out a bribe offer from that other guy.

Cedric has connected.

Verge: oh right… I forgot about that thing.

Verge: Hmm… actually…. we should probably try to follow them and take them out so they don’t warn the others.

Verge: Would I asuspect they’d be able to get a signal out to thier home base?

Verge: or would that be out of comms range?

Verge: Well we had a general idea of where it was right?

Verge: Yeah, I mean I assume in the interrogation I’d get what we could from him.

Verge: Right. but I mean Jason could take an educated guess.

Verge: So we’ll compile that info and see if Jason thinks it’s still within comms range

Verge: Like should we chase the other ship down and blow em up so they dont’ warn the others or…

Verge: Since if they warn em I figure they’ll move the prisoners

Verge: Yeah I’ll have YURI do that. and we’ll try to track em down.

Verge: I mena figure we should take em down first, unless anyone has objections.

YURI: Yesh~

Verge: Yeah I mean I’d ask him whatever questions Jason thinks are relevant.

Verge: Since he’s got all the tech knowledge and such

Jason: ←rolls Mechanism! (IQ) / TL10 and gets 12 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 4

Verge: right so we should probably intercept em and take em out… assuming our ship can take theirs in combat (asuming it can based on the earlier engagement)

Verge: Alright lets silence em.

Verge: yeah however Jason thinks we should best pursue em. I mean he’s the pilot with the tech knowledge.

Verge: I mean whatever the statnadard tehcnique for pursuit is heh.

Verge: I mean depends on how long Jason thinks there will be untl they get into comms range

Jason: moderate probabl

James: do a computer roll to see the odds of success

Verge: like obviously if they’re barely out of range, we’ll go fast.

Verge: If we got time, go more moderate.

YURI: I think I gotta get to sleep soon ^^; I’m sorry guys, lol, I’m just real sleepy cause of the end of the term got me busy x.x

James: bad dog James: have a good night Sachi

Jason: sure

Verge: So do we have to burn another 4 to slow down?

Verge: So we then have 1 to do anything else?

James: we could just become space pirates =)

Verge: lol I duno man we aint’ got the fuel to be pirates.

Verge: Seems like we’re always on empty.

James: first theft would be fuel

Verge: lol yeah,, we need to run off a fuel tanker or something

James: remember “castlegate”… the torch is going out James: row row row your boat

Verge: Yeah these nuclear pellets are expesnive as hell

Verge: Maybe we can use biotech to create some kind of genetically modified owl that shits out nuclear pellets.

Verge: lol yes it would.

James: that would be amazing…. but don’t let it out of the cage. it would create a mess

Verge: I assume you’d hav eto keep it in a shielded cage so people don’t get radiation poisoning.

Jason: ←rolls Mechanism! (IQ) / TL10 and gets 15 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 1

Verge: Maybe it can turn solar radiation into nuclear pellets.

Jason: ya

Jason: (actually should have been Wire Rat, but is same stats )

Jason: " I’ve got it, sending you the coordinates pilot "

Verge: Their ship have any weapons?

Verge: Well I was planning on demanding a surrender first.

Jason: (get to it )

Verge: I mean they didn’t actualyl kill anyone we know of. so I’ll give em a shot to surrender.

Verge: Unless they’re heavily armed and we need the sruprise attack

James: would something like robotics fall under wire rate or mechanism more?

Verge: oh okay, we can get a surrender then.

James: we probably need their fuel…

Jason: (Mechanism includes all the engineering stuff )

Verge: Yeah heh.

James: cool

Verge: okay, I’ll hail them.

Jason: ( target thier weapons?)

Verge: “This is Captain Verge Brink of the starship Emerald Sea. You are heavily damaged and our weapons are locked onto you. You are hereby ordered to shut down your craft and prepare to be boarded.”

Jason: ( who’s our gunner?)

Verge: (We kinda don’t have a great gunner I don’t think)

Verge: (hence why I don’t really want to start b yshooting and missing)

James: can we use the computer to assist in targeting?

Jason: (ya, guess we won’t do that then )

Verge: think YURI is the best gunner maybe

Jason: no computer lock?

Verge: well Im gonna hail them when we get within weapons range.

Jason: we will have Yuri targeting their weapons the entire time Verge is talking

Verge: yeah think you can only aim for 3 seconds or soemhing

Verge: Before it maxes out

Jason: well no, I mean she just gets the lock and keeps it ready to fire

James: depends on what you are aiming with (I think) James: prepare to ram! James: (just kidding)

Verge: yeah we want to be ready for comnbat.

Verge: in case they don’t surrender.

Verge: heh well I was the one who talked here.

Jason: active standy by, still making adjustments as the ships near each other

Verge: so I guess I am right now. heh.

Verge: I sent ya what I said above.

Jason: yup

Verge: (yeah Jason will be on sensors))

James: i would think so, makes sense

Jason: Yuri

Verge: (YURI aiming, Jason on sensors)

Jason: ←rolls Wire Rat! (IQ) / TL 10 and gets 12 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 4

Jason: " their weapon systems are coming on line"

James: “take out their weapons Yuri!” James: (realizing he is talking to a dog…)

Jason: she got a hell of a bite

Verge: “If you want to do it the hard way… YURI ATTACK!”

Jason: roll for her G, cause she ain’t here

Jason: -8 range? +5 aim ?

Jason: weapons

Verge: just fire at anything. heh.

Verge: At this range just try to do some damage.

Verge: They ain’t surrendering so fuck em.

Jason: fire at teh ship then, with aiming

Jason: aim small, miss small

Verge: Yeah, I mean Verge is using typical police training, ifthey’re shooting back at you, then lethal force is in.

Verge: heh unfortuantely that isn’t how it works in GURPS Jason.

Jason: is not space

Verge: shit I thought she could shoot ship weapons.

YURI: I used to have it but I don’t anymore >.>

Verge: default to osmething maybe?

James: computers would not do it?

YURI: I overheard ya coming back in

YURI: lol

Jason: I have artillery skill

Jason: that’s gun adjacent

Verge: well I mean I’d put whoever was good at guns on the guns. I thought YURI could shoot guns heh.

YURI: ←rolls IQ and gets 11 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of -4)


Jason: heh, mabye I should do then… I"m probablyh smarter then yhou

Verge: damn it YURI. bad dog.

YURI: With the aiming modifiers…


Jason: rub her nose in it

James: (“don’t blame me, blame the damn template point requirement!”)

Verge: yeah let Jason or James take the controls.

Jason: got 16 IQ

YURI: Sure ^^;;

James: I don’t have gunner but I have a 16 iq

Verge: yeah 16 IQ you’re up man. heh.

YURI: I’m still sleepy anyway, I was just brushin my teeth and such

James: what isgunner under?

Jason: don’t know

Verge: probably astronaut? I don’t really know.

James: probably some kind of combat so no

Jason: probably some military type skill

Verge: I know I ain’t got it. since al I got is police academy

James: i can try with a default 16…

Verge: don’t think they teach high yield laser cannons at the academy.

James: well, 12

Jason: go for it

Jason: you can do since Jason is on sensors

Verge: lol.

James: roll12

Verge: wow we’re a bunch of untrained misfits in space.

James: that is without any mods though James: correct James: yikes James: missed by one hit something else?

Jason: barely, thought missing by 1 does someting?

James: and I did not take into account aiming (but you may have figured that)

Garrion: 14

Jason: come on " hand "

Jason: that’s good too

Verge: “Don’t be stupid… we will blow you out of space. I’m an offer of the law if you surrender you will be granted rights afforded to prisoners under interstellar law.”

Jason: probably alot

Verge: I assume there’s some kinda interstellar law code that peopel abide by?

James: roll14 James: “shit”

Garrion: 7

Verge: (they’re that bad at shooting? Well that’s good)

James: “nice manuevering” James: “fire again captian?”

Jason: " hit them again"

James: “aye” James: (aiming)

Verge: “Don’t be stupid…. I know you don’t want to die here in the vacuum.”

James: roll10 James: boo

Jason: that a hit

James: default

Jason: you barely missed rolling a 14 before?

James: so i’m at a 12 James: -4 right? James: for default James: so 12 James: ok cool, i’ll take it

Jason: actually you rolled 12 before, the 14 was the damage

Garrion: 10

James: got ya

Verge: Damn 16 dodge? wow..

Verge: isn’t vehicle dodge like 3 + 1/2 vehicle skill I thought.

Verge: I thought it was using vehicle skill but I don’t know.

James: roll19

Jason: better damage

James: was aiming for the weapons (I thought) James: captian? James: your call

Verge: just shoot em anywhere

Verge: he.h

Jason: na, we just firing to fire

Verge: I mean you aint’ trained in weapons skill

James: ok, I did not call it so roll for random

Verge: so lets not get fancy.

James: roll11 James: (maybe I should take gunner)

Jason: feel free to take some skill in it though, hehe

James: lol James: one way to do it

Verge: (going to have em shut down their weapons systems and such too)

Verge: “Shut down all systems other than life support and prepare to be boarded.”

Jason: " Yuri, move us into a parallel course and match speed"

Verge: “When we come through the airlock make sure to have your hands up. No need for any casualties here.”

Verge: (okay I’ll go to board em, not sure how boarding works in this setting)

James: so all the “gunner” stuff requies dx… you may want to either house rule that for space ships or use computer operation or something

Verge: (Do I have to put on a space suit? Or is it like just some pressurized tube?)

  • Jason will go grab his shotgun and follow Verge.

Verge: (alright lets use our shuttle)

Verge: (I mean need a shuttle to get prisoners back)

Verge: (Do they have one?)

James: “can we tow that ship for salvage?” James: yup James: to Verge probably James: or just in general

Jason: " ya, we can bring it back"

Verge: (Alright will take the shuttle and dock with em)

Verge: (Yeah)

Verge: (okay then we’ll seal with an airlock or whatever)

Jason: clamp on

Verge: yup coming in guns drawn and telling em to put their hands in the air.

Verge: I got my sunglasses that see in darkness

  • Jason lets Verge go first, but has his shotgun ready.

Verge: So I’ll be fine there.

Verge: “Come out and put your hands up. I know theres’ only two of you. Lets not be stupid.”

Verge: “i wouldn’t have boarded your craft if I didnt want to take prisoners.”

Verge: “If you do not comply I will assume your intent is hostile.”

James: “I’ll stay here and keep a lock on their ship”

Jason: my bionic eye has night vision 2

Verge: “I won’t hestiate to shoot your asses down.”

Verge: (I got night vision 9 on my glasses, as well as thermal)

Jason: stay together

Verge: (to James by comm) “Have Davian standing by, I’m guessing there’s going to be some injured.”

  • Jason will follow Verge, keeping an eye on their 6 as they go.

Verge: (yeah we’ll stick together I’ll see what I can hear)

Jason: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 14 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 0

Verge: A Per check sent to GM.


←rolls Per and gets 14 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

Verge FAILS by 1

Verge: Well they’d expect us to head towards the bridge

Verge: so I’m guessing try heading the toher way.

Verge: In case they plan on hijacking the shuttle

Jason: " bridge?"

James: can I try to montior their ship from where I am so I can help find the guys? James: I am and probably Yuri

Verge: “They’ll expect us that way… so lets try the toher direction.. incase they’re trying to hijack our shuttle.”

Verge: (oh do sensors detect life signs?)

Jason: ( can I lock the shuttle?)

Verge: (I didn’t know it was like star trek or something where we could get exact life sign locations)

James: ok, I have not decided if “hacker” or “computers” would be better for me but they have overlap James: any suggestions? (i’ll email you after we are off too)

Verge: (actually wait… I got a sensor thing)

James: roll5 James: well, I have a 15 so that should be pretty good

Verge: I’ll pull out my minisearch radar

Verge: That’s basically for scanning people out like this.

James: (broadcasting on a secure channel) “hey guys, i’m dececting life signs in the forward of the ship, i’ll keep monitoring and let you know if anything changes”

Verge: That in everyman I assume?

Jason: else give to me

Verge: yeah heh, I mean it’s just a persnal radar thing, figured I should at least be able to use everman or police academy of rthat probably.

Verge: Since it’s mostly for detecting people.

Jason: heh, just let me do it… I got skillz

Verge: heh, yeah I mean… I just figured a perosnally scanner should be some police wildcard heh.

Verge: I mean figured the point of the wildcard was more to divide stuff by profession and what not. So you have skilsl your archetpye should have.

Jason: heh, you pulling out some swat shit for your gumshoe skill

Verge: ←rolls Detective! (IQ) and gets 13 vs. Skill (14 with a modifier of 0)

Verge SUCCEEDS by 1

Verge: okay guess w’ell head up there.

Verge: Will continue scanning to see if I can get a fix on em and general direction

Verge: will have scanner in one hand, pistol in the toher

Verge: morphazine rounds in the pistol

James: I want to announce to the other crew James: “We have you on our scanners on the bridge, do not do anything stupid”

Verge: (noise like talking?)

James: “we want this to go peacfully”

Verge: (Are the life signs moving?)

James: (damn, they are damaging our salvage..)

Verge: (or they seem to be standing still?)

Verge: (but they’re not unconscious clearly)

Verge: (okay I’m bursting in)

  • Jason will follow along.


Jason: " cover them, I will look to see what they are doing"

Verge: (Alright I’ll cuff em if they’re surrendered)

  • Jason moves to see if he can recover anything of use.

Jason: ←rolls Wire Rat! (IQ) / TL 10 and gets 12 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 4

Verge: “Smart… keeping your information to yourselves for use in negotiations I see.”

Jason: " just means we have to torture them now "

Verge: “Nah, there’s no need for that.”

Verge: “I can see one of them wants to talk already.”

  • Jason will scrounge about for anything useful.

Sachi is disconnected.

Verge: (heh nah I don’t quite have that, but I mean I got two of em, and the wohle prisoners dillema thing wil work in my favor here)

Verge: (first one that talks gets the deal other one gets screwed)

Verge: (eventually one of em is gonna talk heh)

Verge: (Yeah just psyching em out for now, really gonna interrogate them alone basically)

Verge: (Yeah I’m gonna cuff them.)

Cedric is disconnected.

Verge: (I want to separate them anyway)

Verge: (I’ll cuff them and bring them bafck to the shuttle, will elt Jason do that stuff.

Cedric has connected.

Verge: ←rolls Police Academy! (DX) and gets 13 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Verge SUCCEEDS by 2

  • Jason will scrounge about for anything useful.

Verge: (Well I’ll have Jason cover the other one while I cuff the first one)

Jason: (ok, will do that first)

Jason: ( we take those )

Verge: (okay, I’ll take the guy’s piustol and cuff him first. Verge is pretty sexist, so he’d determine the guy is the bigger threat)

Verge: (so I’ll hahndcuff the guy, take his pistol and search him for weapons before moving onto the girl)

Verge: (Jason will be covering the toher one with his shotgun)

Verge: (in case she gets any ideas)

Verge: ←rolls Police Academy! (DX) and gets 13 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Verge SUCCEEDS by 2

Verge: heh yeah I’d hope so.

Verge: heh yeah I’m not gonna be gentle with em.

Jason: ←rolls Everyone (Space)! (Per) and gets 8 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 8

Jason: that for my scrounging

James: (I want to tow the ship)

Jason: any data they missed

Verge: Yeah we can apply tow cables afterwards or whatever. And yeah, he can get what data he can.

Jason: and then any advanced tech, or anything useful

Jason: ya

Verge: Well I’ll leave him there to scrouge while I take the two back to our ship in custody.

Verge: I mean once they’re both cuffed I’ll bring the two in, going to do a thorough search for hidden weapons too.

Jason: I can stay here and rig the ship up to be towed back, and scrounge about as well

Jason: (heh, that James’s job )

  • Jason will check it out and save it to his personnal computer interface.

Jason: ←rolls Wire Rat! (IQ) / TL 10 and gets 14 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 2

Verge: yeah let James do the computer stuff.

Jason: (yup, I’m a hardware guy, not a software guy )

Jason: ←rolls Wire Rat! (IQ) / TL 10 and gets 13 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 3

James: can I try to retrive data remotly with a hack? maybe places they visited (checking their browsing history…) James: cool James: oh, not cool James: i’m more intersted in selling the ship =) James: and taking the fuel
  • Jason looks around for anything useful they might have in general, any advanced tech or AI infused tech they might have.
  • Jason also gets the ship ready to be towed. ( will probably have to head out in EVA and connect cables to it)
  • Jason will set up the computer for remote access and control, so Yuri can drive this ship too.
James: *researching how to tow a ship for salavage

Jason: how much fuel they got let?

Verge: (well figure we can use the rest of their fuel too to help us accelerate)

Jason: btw, this a pretty nice ship or not really?

Verge: (I mean might as well)

Jason: ( ok, will just use their engines to slot the ship done once we get back… we will tow it and use our engines to get to speeed)

James: so, please give a quick recap. Where these people from the mines that tried to escape?

Jason: slow

James: (maybe we could ransom them) James: what is the easier roll? =)

Verge: Well if we can get to a place to trade it

Verge: Lets go there.

Jason: ( we have any reason to go back to the mining town?)

Verge: I mean… whatever place we’d have a better shot of selling it basically

Verge: I mean we can go to the place we want to meet the military

Verge: just sell the ship first.

Verge: Well figure we can just sell the whole thing

Jason: sell it for some gas at least

Verge: I mean it’s badly damaged and we ain’t got the cash to fix it

Verge: so might as well trade it in for something

James: if we are just selling it for scrap can jason and myself start taking some choice bits off for future projects?

Jason: thier mass can’t be too much more then our mass ?

Verge: Well we got a week… so yeah, lets let James and Jason strip down some stuff they want.

Jason: not sure we are in a huge hurry

Verge: Well the miltiary will pay for our fuel right?

Verge: soi I mean time is of the essence in case they realize Tommy boy got away.

Verge: So might as well just burn it all to get there right?

James: “jason, let’s gather our own materials for some future projects before we sell this puppy for scrap”

Verge: Ah okay.

Verge: So would this be considered a good reason to burn more fuel?

Jason: " already started "

Verge: Also will question the two we captured

Verge: Yeah i’l interrogate em.

Verge: Gonna basically separate em and say that the one who talks first gets the deal.

Verge: Typical prisoners dillema stuff.

Verge: (I’ll question the guy first)

Jason: ( you and the doc can question him.. might scare ema bit that you need to have a doctor nearby …)

Verge: "How sure are you she’s not going to take the deal? "

Verge: (What’d be the normal penalty for this sort of crime?)

Verge: (Like 20 years in prison?)

Jason: 20 years per

Verge: “Well you and your partners kidnapped some very important people… honestly, you’re probably looking at life in prison.”

Jason: 20 years per person, so like 400 years

Verge: “And as for parole… well you’ve made a lot of powerful enemies in politics, I wouldn’t count on that either.”

James: (if they let you do it in hyperstasis it would not be so bad)

Verge: “Look, Tommy boy already talked, as did some of your other friends. We know what you were doing.”

Verge: “Now the only question is… where your base is, and that’s the peice of information that’s going to make eithe ryou or your partner Cassie a chance to avoid spending your life in a cell.”

Verge: “As for the other one… well, they’re just shit out of luck.”

Verge: “So it’s really a question as to which of you will take intiiative and save their own ass.”

  • Verge smirks.

Verge: “Iv’e been at this a long time… and once in a while we get a dumb one who doesn’t want to talk, they’re the ones who usually end up as the chumps serving the full sentence.”

Verge: (Yeah will do that too)

Verge: “The real funny thing is… even if she stays silent, you’re still screwed.”

Jason: (back in 5 )

James: *checking for bounties on our prisioners

Verge: “I get it.. you want to protect the girl. She talks, she gets the lighter sentence and you get to be the white knight, is that it?”

Verge: “Right so that’s why you were destroying evidence before we got there.”

Verge: “You really think the judge and jury are going to buy that?”

Verge: "Look man, we’ve already got Tommy Boy, he told us the whole thing.

Verge: “Remember that guy you came here to kidnap?”

Verge: “Oh really.. and where did you ship come from?”

Verge: “Fine you can play it that way.”

Verge: (alrght gonna go talk to Cassie)

Verge: (yeah heh, that’s why I’m going to Cassie)

Verge: (let him stew it over for a while)

James: (if you don’t care about being legal you can just dry him out for a couple days… withhold his water)

Verge: (I mena Verge would play it straight intiially we got some time)

Verge: (if they both hold out, then might have to get a bit more extrmee)

James: based on what I know i’m surprised he has not pistol whipped anyone yet

Verge: (Well he might take a bribe here and there, salvage a ship now and then….)

Verge: (but he still cares somehwat for his job)

James: did I find any bounty ont he prisoners?
  • Jason gets James to help him with the computer stuff.
James: ok

Jason: all james tehre

James: I have hacking..

Verge: (James I assume or YURI)

James: -1 so 15 net skill

Jason: I can assist, but its not really my thing

James: roll14 James: so, I failed unless I can get an assist of some kind

Jason: computer operation?

Jason: Yuri should then, she got Hacking

James: roll10 James: ok, day 2

Verge: x,y,z coordinates?

James: ok, dcryption time James: or coordinates… James: lets see what they lead to

Verge: can we assign that to a starmap?

Verge: (Yeah where do they come up?)

James: ok, I will try to hack it James: roll10

Verge: (coordinates match up with any established station in the belt?)

James: not to shabby James: net 5

Verge: (Or odes it look like some secret facility rpobably?)

James: roll8 James: 8 MOS James: yup James: future or past? James: “looks like we have some randevue dates”

Verge: How far future?

Verge: oh okay.

Jason: " interesting"

Jason: " how far away?"

James: *checking their logs to see if they sent out any message about them being bordered. If not, then we could get the element of surprise. James: ahh.. makes sense

Verge: yeah.

James: calculating what will be there during this time

Verge: well I mean once you know waht object it was, you can track it.

Verge: Figure the date is just part of defining the asteroid.

James: “hmm… probably another ship”

Verge: No asteroid at all?

Verge: Or no establsihed station?

James: “no asteroid showing up” James: “or, maybe a secret base or something”

Verge: (Ah okay, so they haven’t tracked every asteroid?)

Verge: (So it could be a secret base then..)

Verge: (Well do the coordinates match with Steve Rogers story?)

James: (or another ship)

Verge: (like assuming that’s their base, wuld it be consistent that’s where he came from?)

Verge: (Based off burn times, travel time, etc)

James: have to head to be in about 15 min

Verge: (Yeah i just meant in terms of distance)

James: “one way to find out… but I would like some bigger weapons” (and maybe some gunner training..)

Verge: (right yeah

Verge: (I mean accounting for its prior position)

Verge: (yeah we’ll do all the calculations and such and see if it’s consistent)

Verge: (hmm… well still plausible… I mean it’s a good bet that’s where it is)

James: how long would it take to get to the locations? (burn points)? James: “let’s take what we want from this ship, sell the rest for scrap and figure out what to do with our captives”

Verge: (hmm so there’s no master chart of all the rocks and how fast they’re moving?)

James: yeah

Verge: can we just launch a probe and have it pass by there and relay info?

Verge: in case it’s the space station we can get its speed?

Verge: Damn.

Verge: Hmm.. well we could not salvage this ship and send it here in autopilot

Verge: and usei t as a probe.

Verge: basically just transmit back to our ship what it found.

James: *james is making a list of things he needs to work on his future projects including some AI bots, some armor and some tools.

Verge: so we don’t really have the time to do that?

Verge: So what are our odds of finding this thing if we don’t go there?

Verge: heh…

Verge: yeah so basically unless we go there we don’t know anything useful.

James: isn’t there an app for that?

Verge: yeah I mean that’s hat I meant heh.. like doing the math on an unknown object.

Verge: Well I ean the military would.

Verge: Since our chocie is to go back to them with our info or try to go to the coordinates on limited fuel heh.

James: “we still have our captive, he knows something”

Jason: ( Perhaps James can take on some of Tien’s stuff… be the group professor )

Verge: “If we take the time to quesiton them we’ll miss the window… so we have to decide which one we want to do.”

James: “but to be honest, I could care less. Let’s cash in our our salvage, I have some projects I want to work on” James: “not sure what to do with the two prisoners though”

Verge: “it’s going to be dangerous going there… but there are women and children taken as hostage there that are counting on us.”

James: (wait, were are there hostages? I thought they were freed from the mine)

Verge: (Well all the people that were on the Emerald Sea were kidanpped)

James: one ship could tow the other, then we could switch (if fuel can’t be transfered)

Jason: ( how hard would it be to take their gun off the ship and put it on ours?)

Verge: (like our ship used to be a passenger ship)

Verge: (And these guys basically took a ton of prisoners)

James: (oh, so there are former hostages on our ship we are on now correct)?

Verge: (valuable political prisoners and stuff)

Verge: (nah we don’t have any hostages on our ship, well other than Tommy Boy)

James: ok

Verge: (But Tommy Boy is kinda… half prisoner, half accomplice with their group)

James: could I make a probe with materials at hand?

Verge: (more like a rock and an empty void)

Jason: " we should radio the militarty and tell them about these coordinates"

James: probably need gadgetter for that James: (big typo)

Verge: (Now is it likely Cassie, the pilot, would know the details about the asteroid? Or is that shit all in the computer?)

Verge: (like would this stuff be something a pilot would memorize or is it more just numbers the computer rmemembers?)

James: to Verge “seems like these two did not like their captian, why not make a deal with them?” James: “maybe we could bring them onto our crew”

Verge: (which two you talking about?)

James: (our prisoners) James: (not sure what other options they have)

Verge: (Well we’ve got a bunch of em now. you eman Cassie and Mike or Steve Rogers and Tommy Boy?)

James: (granted, I missed a lot)

Verge: (we got 4 prisoners now))

James: ok, to sum up what exactly did cassie and mike and steve do? James: kidnapping? James: political figures? James: what do we know right now

Verge: Yeah maybe ya should give Brice a little more recap heh.

James: so, I say we talk to Steve and convence him into a deal and let him join our crew

Verge: well Steve already talked pretty much.

Verge: I mean we know what he knows.

Verge: But problem is that he didn’t have coordinates to their base.

James: what can he tell us about cassie and the other guy (not tommy)

Verge: (We haven’t asked him about them, but guess we could ask him what he knows about em)

James: yup James: mike

Verge: (Since he worked with them for a bit)

James: “verge, lets offer them a deal, pin everything on the captian, salavage the ship and find out what the pilot knows”

Verge: “That’s what I’ve been trying to do.”

James: Hell, Steve can stay on but I don’t trust the other two enough"

Verge: “Mike thus far has bene rather resistant… I was going to work on Cassie.”

James: I’ll try to talk to Mike" James: (using “negotiatior!”) James: basically, I want to tell mike that this can go two ways, he gets lumped in with the captian or he shows up as the victim" James: sure thing James: "Mike, I talked to Steve and he said you guys were new to the captians crew so you have a good chance of walking away from this. James: “or, the police may try to pin you as a scapegoat…. seeing how the captian is dead and all”

Verge: (yeah I’ll talk to Cassie too)

James: “there are a LOT of important people here…. with a lot of pull” (steve said “slightly longer”) James: (so going off what he said) James: I will say “have not been with him that long” and leave it generic James: “I belive you but can you honestly say the legal system is fair?” James: “it’s about public perception and who you know” James: “i’m not trying to pin anything on you at all” James: “my goal is not to get you in trouble, my goal is to find out some more info and end this peacfully” James: "yeah, he’s an asshold with a badge. I’m a technition like you James: "and I could see myself in your position getting fucked for being at the wrong place at the wrong time and that’s not cool James: “i’m just following orders like you” James: “but, we did not have a bunch of kidnapped polititions on board and I think that is the difference” James: "your captian was an ass… but mine is an ass with a badge James: “that is the differnece between the law being on someones side or not… sadley enough” James: (am I getting that backstory wrong?0

Verge: (Well thanks to Rogers and Tommy, we know his captain was working for the guys that did it)

James: “from what I heard they have your captian linked to the kidnappings, so you have a chance of getting pulled into that mess” James: “Mike, you either have a good chance at going to jail or maybe you have a chance to get a new job with a captian not on the wanted list” James: “seriously? You are a computer tech and don’t think they are searching his files right now?”

Verge: Yeah he’s evil-jason.

James: ok “Mike, i’m not sure how much you know about computers but nothing is private or ever destroyed, it just takes a little longer to dig up. For your sake, I hope you are telling the truth” James: lol, evil Jason James: “ok, no problem. I’ll see what I can do about getting you freed” James: *James leaves the room and finds Verge James: “waterboard that motherfucker”
  • Verge smiles.

Verge: “I see you didn’t get much farther than I did.”

James: “hence the waterboarding”

Verge: “Well I’ll see what I can do to Cassie first…”

James: I have to head to bed guys. glade to be back. I’ll leave the chat up and catch up on reading in the morning. Shawn, I emailed you some comments/questions for your feedback.

Jason: ya, need to call it as well

Verge: (Yeah maybe we could do the Cassie interrogation next time heh)

Verge: (since half the group is gone now)

Cedric is disconnected.

Verge: heh okay.

Verge: yup.

James: sounds good, have a good night guys!

Verge: Yeah I mean I’d quesiton Cassie and Mike quickly.

Verge: I ain’t gonna wait for them to crack it

Verge: like… I’d have a coupel days to do that

Verge: Yeah. or just sick YURI on em. K-9 Ballcrusher police dog.

Verge: heh.

Verge: Guess next time we can figure out our options

Taragnor: okay.

Taragnor: I would assume so.

Taragnor: Think thatw as a one time thing.

Taragnor: but you can ask Sachi on IM.

James: please email me any scheudle changes. logging off now

Taragnor: okay. I can ask

Taragnor: ok

Taragnor: heh

Taragnor: yeah lol.

Taragnor: I like to just use a phone book that alwways helps

Taragnor: When I do more modern settings

Taragnor: just grab the white pages or whatever and flip at random

Taragnor: heh

Taragnor: Yeah heh. that too

Taragnor: yeah well THS is pretty easy cause it’s any modern name

Taragnor: Especially if you don’t really care about nationality so much

Taragnor: lol.

Taragnor: yuyp. okay.

Taragnor: yup heh.

Taragnor: cya then

Taragnor is disconnected.

THS Log 2016-05-05

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