Zhongguang-Class HSTV


The MAST-designed Zhongguang (“China”)-class HSTV is the largest space vessel ever built, designed to transport immense amounts of high-value cargo (such as robofacs or pods of colonists in nanostasis) across interplanetary distances. The vessel was introduced in 2083, but early examples were plagued with design problems, including defects in the life-support and fire-suppression systems that led to several deaths. These have since been fixed, and the vessel is now the standard by which all other fusion-driven HSTVs are measured.
The vessels retain certain quirks, however. Perhaps the most vexing is that the engine and neck sections have underpowered temperature and humidity control systems. Parts of the engine room often feel like a sauna, while fungal growths in isolated areas of the vessel are fairly common due to condensation. Some crews install their own workarounds, which can give Zhongguang interiors the appearance of mechanical jungles filled with tubes, pipes, and homebuilt air conditioners.
The Zhongguang has a 30,000-ton (SM +11) unstreamlined hull 365 feet long composed of a three-part combination hull design. The front portion is the crew quarters, consisting of a 25’-diameter sphere connected to a box 40’ long by 10’ wide by 10’ high that houses the main access hatches and workshops. Attached to the rear of this is a much larger box hull measuring 200’ long by 80’ wide by 50’ high that serves as the cargo hold. Immediately behind that area is the drive and fuel module: a massive cylinder 110’ wide and 100’ long.

Front Hull System
1 Metallic Laminate Armor (dDR 30).
2 Smaller Systems (three at SM +10): two Cargo Holds (total 1,000 tons); one Hangar Bay (300 tons capacity).*
3-6 Cargo Holds (total 12,000 tons capacity).
core Smaller Systems (three at SM +10): one Control Room (C10 computer, comm/sensor 9, six control stations); one Habitat (one cabin, two bunkrooms, two minifacs; 275 tons cargo); one Cargo Hold (500 tons capacity).*
Central Hull System
1 Metallic Laminate Armor (dDR 30).
2-5 Cargo Holds (total 12,000 tons capacity).
6, core Fuel Tanks (1,500 tons nuclear pellets providing 12 mps delta-V each).
Rear Hull System
1-5 Fuel Tanks (1,500 tons nuclear pellets providing 12 mps delta-V each).
6 Fusion Pulse Drive (0.05G acceleration).†

*One workspace each for Hangar Bay, Control, or Habitat system.
†Three workspaces per system.

It has exposed radiators. Crew consists of a commander/ pilot, second officer/navigator, and four cargomasters. Four technicians maintain the systems (usually a mix of two humans/bioroids and two AI-controlled cybershells).


TL Spacecraft dST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ dDR Range Cost
10 Zhongguang-class 200 -5/4 13 0.05G/84 mps 30,000 14,076 +11 10ASV 30/30/0 0 $461.8M

Zhongguang-Class HSTV

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