Transhuman Space

A Smashing Fun Time

A large riot droid makes an entrance.


Aug. 17, 2111

Short Synopsis

The group evacuates the rec area as Verge distracts the malfunctioning bot. Verge makes a run for it once everyone is clear, but the bot stays on his heels as it looses ground slowly. Verge meets back up with the group and Tien joins him as they race down the hall and the others take shelter in their suite. Verge guides them to the reception area they passed through as they came off the Condor and their gear was secured. They are stuck between a rock and a hard place as they enter the area and find another malfunctioning droid. Tien tosses a flashbang grenade at it as she and Verge dive for cover behind some nearby counters. The bot fires at Tien but strikes the cover as she makes her dive. A couple seconds pass as they gather their wits and the flashbang detonates.

Character Summary

Characters Notes/Conditions Bonus Points Awarded
Davian Greaves 3
James Grayson 0
Jason Longstreet 3
Tien Tsin Amnesia 3
Verge Brink 3
Y.U.R.I. 3

Salvage Summary

Item # Location Found Description Value ($, ea.) Carried by
Rifle 1 Dead Guard Assault Carbine, 7mmCL (no ammo) $1600 Verge
Ammo Magazine 1 Dead Guard 7mm APHC, 50 rounds ? Verge
Flashbang 2 Dead Guard 1 used ? Verge

NPC Summary

Name Race Profession Notes/Conditions Attitude

Session Log

Session 9



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