Transhuman Space

Getting Acquainted

The group is questioned and prepared for an extended stay.


Aug. 16, 2111

Short Synopsis

The group waits in the conference room for a while. Minister Chang enters and speaks with them for some time, inquiring about the events leading up to their arrival. James announces that YURI could be contaminated and she is taken away and quarantined while the sector is placed on network shutdown. The group is escorted to a sleeping chamber and waits for further communication.

Character Summary

Characters Notes/Conditions Bonus Points Awarded
Davian Greaves 2
James Grayson 2
Jason Longstreet 2
Tien Tsin Amnesia 2
Verge Brink 2
Y.U.R.I. 2

Salvage Summary

Item # Location Found Description Value ($, ea.) Carried by

NPC Summary

Name Race Profession Notes/Conditions Attitude
Minister Chang Human Administrator of Tianwangzing Base Indifferent

Session Log

Session 7



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