Transhuman Space

Session 17

The crew waits to contact "Tommy Boy".


July 18-26, 2112

Short Synopsis

The crew discusses plans with the captain of the Excelsior. It is decided that the military craft will move to another facility to look for clues while the crew of the Emerald Sea stays here and looks further into what they uncovered. They spend another day at the depot while waiting to make contact with the delivery person who left to work on the mining rig. The following day they are informed that the individual does not wish to speak to anyone so they are forced to make the trip to the facility to encounter him face to face.

Character Summary

Characters Notes/Conditions Bonus Points Awarded
Davian Greaves 3
Jason Longstreet 3
Verge Brink 3
Y.U.R.I. 3

Salvage Summary

Item # Location Found Description Value ($, ea.) Carried by
EMP Grenade 8
Limpet Mine 8

NPC Summary

Name Race Profession Notes/Conditions Attitude

Session Log

THS Live Stream 2016-02-25



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