Transhuman Space

Welcome to Miranda

The crew is greeted and escorted to a room after docking.


Aug. 16, 2111

Short Synopsis

The Condor docks on a secluded landing pad at Tianwangzing Base and the crew is greeted by a lady and escorted inside the base. Once inside the armed members are relieved of their weapons when searched. They are then escorted to a plain room with only a long table and chairs. They are seated and the lady offers to bring them some refreshments while they wait.

Character Summary

Characters Notes/Conditions Bonus Points Awarded
Davian Greaves 1
James Grayson 1
Jason Longstreet 1
Tien Tsin Amnesia 1
Verge Brink 1
Y.U.R.I. 1

Salvage Summary

Item # Location Found Description Value ($, ea.) Carried by

NPC Summary

Name Race Profession Notes/Conditions Attitude
Suni Infomorph Public Relations Laison Friendly

Session Log

Session 6



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