Session 11 Log

Server started; please wait for map to refresh.

Taragnor has connected.

Taragnor: Gonna update my token I spent some points

Taragnor: want me to update limbo one or the one on the battlefield?

Garrion: do the one on the station map.. i’ll replace the limbo one when done

Garrion: also be sure to post your updates to the site

Garrion: what are you improving?

Taragnor: yeah I posted the updates on the text.

Garrion: ok, will just look there then

Taragnor: Already did that part. DIdn’t actually update the sheet on the site.

Taragnor: But I listed what I improved.

Garrion: that is all that really matters.. as long as it is logged and we have a baseline sheet to go off of

Taragnor: Yeah I been logging it on the site.

Tabris has connected.

Garrion: looks good, spent 10 points

Taragnor: yup

Garrion: according to my records that leaves you with 2 left

Taragnor: yeah that’s what my GCS says

Garrion: ok, updated CP page

Taragnor: Alright updated my token on the battlfield.

Garrion: ok, so cedric said he will be out tonight so i’m going to have YURI take over what he was working on.. just say he hands the “reigns” over to her

Garrion: ok, will copy to limbo

Taragnor: heh yeah I don’t even remember what it was he was working on.

Taragnor: Kinda dunno if any of it would be useful. lol

Taragnor: Though he’ll miss me chewing him out for not knowing that electricity beats robots, since he’s the engineer.

Taragnor: Should at least know how to fry his own cyberarm. What a shitty engineer.

Garrion: he had hacked into the camera system of the base and was observing the other sections

Taragnor: ah yeah. Yuri can do that anyway.

Garrion: so we just wait on Sachi and Sef for now

Taragnor: yeah.

Garrion: Davian, there are many wounded for you to tend to… namely the MEDIC! excalamatio that Verge yelled out

Tabris: Whooo I get to do something

Garrion: fyi, i’ve been working on the site a bit here and there.. made a few alterations to things and added some content

Taragnor: We just need to equip you wtih a heal gun from Team Fortress :P

Tabris: lol yeah

Tabris: I honestly kinda think I just made the wrong character for this campaign, I should have done some kind of like robotics engineer with a mobile sentry turret or something

Taragnor: Also ironically a Team Fortress character :P

Tabris: lol yup

Garrion: Well give it a little longer and I’ll give you a chance to swap if you still unhappy with it… i generally frown on character swapping but i understand not really knowing what to expect with the setting

Garrion: though i do really feel a medic is needed

Garrion: i mean star trek had Bones

Garrion: maybe better to keep basic concept but just change a few details.. make him a hardened combat medic from past campaigns

Tabris: Yeah maybe

Taragnor: Well I eman if there was human-form cylons then he wouldn’t be bad.

Taragnor: But like it seems he’d be better off doing healing as a side thing I guess.

Taragnor: Since having it as a full specialty on a noncombat character seems like it doens’t have quite enough to do

Garrion: there are.. they are bioroids

Taragnor: I mean bones had a lot of shit to do. heh.

Taragnor: Well I mean storywise, like thus far, it’s just been outright warfare. Not really the Blade Runner type thing where they’re blending in.

Garrion: you can tell synths from their interon messages though… mandatorygenetic or microscopic markers noting them as synthetic

Garrion: but that is not to say everyone is following the rules.. or will choose to continue to do so

Garrion: there may come a day when you can not really tell a synth from real

Garrion: as computer tech advances it may also be imposible to tell a digital “brain” from a real one… computers are already organic based and not silicon

Garrion: just keep all this in mand as you consider your options

Taragnor: heh well thus far we ain’t got many options lol.

Taragnor: We’re stuck on a moonbase with a bunch of killer robots.

Tabris: Yeah I feel like I need some computers and robotics skills but the way the skill rules are I’m not going to learn anything useful anytime soon lol

Tabris: And hacking is apparently impossible unless you’re either superhuman or you’ve had a month to plan in advance

Garrion: this beginning stuff is just a trial by fire introduction into the tensions that have been brewing between infomorphs and humans, not everything will be so “in your face”

Garrion: yeah, i’m going to alter that.. i don;t want the cinematic superskill called “computer hacking” that is an instant win, but i want to simplify the process too

Taragnor: heh… yeah I mean having realistic hacking is okay if we get more time to prepare. but like if the scenarios gonna be a lot of sudden combat, we kinda need a much faster hacking time to make the noncombat chars useful.

Garrion: i want it to include a variety of subskills too… like you roll one skill to do something, then another to do something else and each of those componants reduce the default difficulty to hack into something

Taragnor: I mean I’ve generally not been a fan of more rolls for the sake of more rolls, like unless those rolls give you progressively better access or something. So there’s somestuff you can do with 1 success as compared to 2, etc.

Taragnor: So like 1 success might let you wirelessly triangulate someone or help out a tacnet that your buddies are using.

Garrion: i may open up computer hacking but make the default unprepared roll at a -10 or something… add in about 5 components that can be attempted to reduce the diff by 2 for each that you complete

Taragnor: 2 successes could let you maybe impair the thing and 3 could shut it down or something

Garrion: i’ll have to think about it and see what i come up with.. i kinda like how some games make hacking into a minigame

Garrion: i’m open to suggestions if anyone has ideas

Taragnor: Well having played Shadowrun, I cansay that generally doens’t work out too well heh.

Taragnor: The whole minigame is an interesting idea, the problem is that it takes along time where most of the PCs aren’t doing anything and often times it turns into a binary pass/fail result anyway.

Garrion: i have not played shadowrun so i can’t really say

Taragnor: Since like you’ve got a speciifc goal you’re trying ot achieve with hacking, and like it’s just a bunch of rolls to determine you set off an alert and got kicked out.

Taragnor: I mean I’m a bit biased in that I’m just not really a big fan of multi-roll tasks, unless those rolls actually represent steps that matter in some logical sense.

Tabris: Yeah I mean everything else only needs one roll to determine success, why make hacking different

Garrion: well i see several options available in a hack.. there is the obviois success where you hack in and open up the network without any detection.. then there is the epic fail where you set off the security and all networks shut down

Tabris: And the -10 penalty is insane, that’s what I meant by saying that the only way to hack something is if you’re superhuman or just have a ridiculous amount of prep time

Garrion: but you could also obtain partial access, may be succeed but also trigger a log file letting someone know they were snooped, etc

Taragnor: Yeah, I mean if you care about concealing yourself that may be a separate roll or something.

Taragnor: To cover your tracks, since that actually represents something (of course, sometimes covering your tracks may not matter)

Tabris: Or just make it more difficult than a basic hack

Tabris: Like if you just want to get in then it’s difficulty X but if you want to get in and make sure you’ve covered your tracks and aren’t detected then it’s difficulty X+5

Garrion: well if you think about it WHO can hack into a secure network in 1 second with no prep… no one

Taragnor: I mean I might have a spearate skill for covering your tracks, maybe some kinda computer security specialization. Since I think that may make sense, opposed by the guy trying to analyze it.

Taragnor: Well maybe if you got a neural computer.

Tabris: lol yeah if you have a VII then you’re hacking at the speed of thought

Taragnor: I mean… you gotta remember you’ve got computers that interface with your brain.

Taragnor: And they’re supercomputers by modern standards.

Taragnor: And really hacking mostly depends on what tools you have already.

Taragnor: Like you’re probably not doing a ton of coding during a hack, that’s all prep stuff.

Garrion: true, which is why i think it shold be sped up.. but still not instant… if you take the example given that was a default of -10.. you can perform actions to reduce it by -2 per action performed.. assuming each of those is an action that would be 5 seconds to remove the penalty if you succeed at all those tasks

Taragnor: But some intrusion programs you made before may well be valid for something later (so long as it’s a security flaw that never got corrected)

Garrion: nto saying that is the route i want to go but you get the idea….

Garrion: you have to spend SOME time but not 1 hour like the default rules

Taragnor: I mean really I guess it comes down to if you want combat hacking or not. Since GURPS combats are so fast, basically if you want a hacker to be relevant at all in a firefight he needs to be able to hack stuff fast.

Taragnor: So it’s just a matter of if you want hacking to be a combat skill pretty much

Garrion: yeah i don;t really envision it being the combat escape card.. but at the same time i don;t want it to drag on forever… like i said it needs some work and not sure excatly what balance i want to achieve yet

Taragnor: Well I mean I don’t feel going with more rolls is the way to go. Like it’s fine if you want to set a “It takes 10 minutes to hack” time limit, but more rolls just bog the game down

Taragnor: I mean I’m fine if each roll has a meaning. Like if you make one to get the data, and one to cover your tracks later.

Garrion: i agree, unless the rolls are meaningful

Taragnor: or diff rolls to get different levels of access.

Garrion: but look at D&D as an (imperfect) example.. sometimes you make a couple rolls to acheive a single task

Taragnor: But if one success is meaningless without succeeding on 3 more rolls it kinda seems pointless.

Taragnor: Well I mean D&D tasks generally give you some partial success. Like disarming a trap has a detection roll and a disarm roll. Of course if you detect it, you’ve learned something even if you never try to disarm it.

Taragnor: So you could stop at one roll if you wanted.

Garrion: no that is not what i was saying.. each roll would reduce your overall difficulty on the final hacking roll, so they do serve a mechanical purpose and just have to give it a narative purpose as well

Taragnor: That seems kinda pointless to me, since it’s basically rolls for the sake of rolling. Since ultimately it’s one result decided by 5 rolls instead of one.

Taragnor: Like basically the last roll is all that matters, you’re just trying to make the last roll easier.

Taragnor: So why not just include that in the difficulty of the last roll.

Taragnor: It’s just making the probabilities more complicated to predict.

Taragnor: Since you’re not like 75% to succeed each of 4 rolls and they influence the final roll’s percentage chance.

Taragnor: But really the final roll is the one that matters. So you could just drop the diffiuclty of the final one and achieve the same effect.

Garrion: well it is, i’m still not getting how you mean it doesn’t metter.. you make a roll at -10, -5 whatever by default with no other rolls made.. you want to dfo it fast but painful…. the more time you take to crack defenses, breaking network nodes, decrypting data, tracing network pathways to locate a specxific file, etc all helop your final roll…. you could also look at it this way, you make the default roll at no penalty to signify breaking in, but you set off alarms, you get a blank file with no data or the data is encrypted and you can’t read it, etc

Taragnor: Well I’m saying it doesn’t matter because it could be achieved by making the final roll just a -5 instead of a -10.

Taragnor: Beacue basically if someoe fails at those prelim rolls they won’t make a -10 anyway.

Taragnor: So the only people who are trying the first rolls are gonna be ones who can rather consistently succeed.

Taragnor: But beyond just modifying that final roll, the preliminary rolls don’t do anything in the game world.

Taragnor: I mean basically waht it’s doing is increasing the bell curve effect.

Taragnor: So that it favors people who are really good at hacking and gives more opportunities for bad people to fail.

Garrion: i actually liekt at last idea a bit better… you make the default roll to hack in based on the difficulty of the network, no other factors, but set a standard set of “opposition” that could exist in any scenario, though not all may contain all of them if it is a weak system… 1. data encryption, 2. network securtiy alarms, 3. ghost files, 4. etc

Garrion: if you do a basic hack you get in but then yo have to deal with the other systmes that apply

Taragnor: Well I mean I figuyre that’s easiest to just handle as a modifier to your inital roll, like I said unless bypassing those can warrant a partial success.

Taragnor: But if the end result is either “you hack in” or “you don’t hack in” then you might as well resolve it with one roll

Taragnor: If roll #1 gave you priviledges to read files but not alter them, that’s more interesting and meaningful.

Taragnor: Since maybe in some cases all you’d want is that one roll.

Garrion: well if you come across the “perfect” hacking simulator ive me an exqample to emulate, cause otherwise I’m kinda just tossing out ideas

Taragnor: But if the first 4 rolls are useless without the final one, then you’re basically just expanding one roll.

Garrion: i don;t want one roll to rule them all though.. that is a given, cause then that one skill will be a superskill that you will just pump all points into that

Taragnor: Well I mean, if you’re worried about one skill being too uber, you can just force that skill into a wildcard.

Taragnor: Like if your problem is that you think hacking is too cheap, then require they roll on Hacking! wildcard skill

Taragnor: And anyone who wants to be a hacker must have that wildcard.

Taragnor: So then it’s the equivalent cost of several skills.

Taragnor: And thus one roll to simplify it

Garrion: that could be an option as it would contain all possible hacking subskills

Taragnor: I figure that’s probably the best way to do it. I mean unless the other skills do stuff specifically on thieir own.

Taragnor: But trhat’d require a much more complex system to get right.

Taragnor: Since you’d want each skill to have some standalone use.

Taragnor: Basically I think if a skill doesn’t do anything by itself then you should dump it.

Garrion: i could also open up coputer hacking cinematic skill.. that is an option mentioned in the text…. it is a HARD skill so costs more to increase… but they also recommend giving it a default difficulty that can be reduced through other actions or time as i explained before

Taragnor: Yeah, I mean you can play around with whatever cost you think hacking is worth, and set it as a hard, very hard or wildcard depending .

Garrion: if your issue is with other rolls just say that for every 10 seconds you spend doing “whatever” to bypass it it reduces the difficulty

Taragnor: I mean, I just find having a barrage of meaningless rolls be kinda pointless. It’s fine if you want to set a modifier based on how long they spend.

Taragnor: But I just wouldn’t waste time doing a bunch of rolls.

Taragnor: Just tell everyone that hacking isn’t a combat action and not to bother trying to hack stuff during combat.

Garrion: or if they do it will be very hard.. ie -10

Taragnor: The other thing is you’ve got to establish a failure penalty on hacking.

Taragnor: Since it’s kinda unclear right now

Taragnor: If you can just keep rolling or if one fail and you’re lcoked out or what.

Garrion: buit tha is still easier than the default rules.. they have a much higher mod if you take no prep, i was being VERY generous last time only giving -10 cause it should have been -14 or more

Tabris: lol geez

Taragnor: heh, yeah well the default rules don’t really consider hacking a combat skill

Taragnor: Hacking is some dude spending hours at a PC during preparation.

Taragnor: It ian’t something you do in a firefight.

Taragnor: I mean it’s hard scifi. lol, you don’t bring a laptop to a gunfight.

Garrion: right, which is why i want to alter them.. i still don;t want hacking to be an instant escape skill but at the same time i do want it to be viable

Taragnor: Well I mean if you want it to be viable in combat, you basically need to be able to hack in a few seconds. I’d probably go the route of having hacking do some kind of gradual impairment process.

Taragnor: Maybe focus less on hacking giving you total control, and more on electronic warfare stuff.

Garrion: if at the least to give the noncombat hackers something to be doing where they feel like they matter and are making some difference

Taragnor: Confusing sensors, causing processor lag, etc.

Taragnor: So hacking si more of a debuff.

Taragnor: Temporarily blinding robots, or maybe making them think an enemy is a friend or vice versa.

Garrion: yeah, that more what i’m looking for.. good example… a debuff

Taragnor: If you want to get full contorl, that should probaly take a while to get full access.

Taragnor: But like in a second or two maybe you could do some kind of impairing technique.

Taragnor: And maybe the robot can opt to either take a concentration action to try to fight you off (opposing you) or continue fighting but suffering penalties.

Taragnor: Of course if it’s concentrating on beating the hack it gives the people shooting at it a benefit.

Taragnor: Since it’s losing a turn

Garrion: i like that concept and is more of what i’m looking for…

Tabris: Yeah I like that too

Tabris: Maybe have an initial role to establish a connection and then different difficulties for different tasks like confusing sensors, reconfiguring IFF, etc

Taragnor: So the hacker can’t really actively destroy a robot probably, he’ll slow it down, but that may be enough to give people fighting actual combats an edge.

Taragnor: Well I mean I’d probably just link the connection bit with the hacking roll, since connection by itself doesn’t do anything.

Garrion: like Jason hacking the camera systems, that shuld be a long term thing and didn’t really impact combat, unless it was to find escape route..

Taragnor: Yeah.

Taragnor: I mean it’s fine to have long term hacking like that too.

Taragnor: If you want to feed info later, but like your quick hacking needs to happen in a second or two (1-2 rounds).

Taragnor: So maybe like handle similar to a spell. Hacking skill veruss robots will (assuming tehy have will)

Garrion: they do

Taragnor: Probably use the spell system to balance things out. So like a spell with energy cost 1 or something may take 1 second to do, 2 cost takes 2 seconds, etc.

Taragnor: At least that’s a pretty good guideline as to how powerful a givne debuff might be.

Garrion: it is not quite the same thing as human willpower unless sentiant but they still have an innate resistance

Taragnor: Yeah, it’s mostly just finding a suitable stat to represent how hard they are to hack

Taragnor: And I figure will kinda seems the best analog.

Garrion: where are sef and Sachi?

Garrion: we going on an hour here

Tabris: Beats me

Taragnor: And you’d have effects like jamming their communications (and probably sending fake comms in thier place)

Taragnor: Or fucking with their sensors, maybe causing their CPU to lag (so it’d basically equate to a dex penalty)

Garrion: i’ll look at some of the mental and technology spells and see what could work as a good hacking naalog

Taragnor: Maybe make one of thier limbs useless.

Taragnor: Yeah I figure the body control college is a decent place to start

Taragnor: and the mind control school

Taragnor: Obviously don’t want to allow everything but it’s a decent guide on effects.

Taragnor: Probably narrow it down to 10 or so effects.

Taragnor: So it’s not overly complex.

Garrion: right and they would not function like spells… but just be a resulting effect of a successful hacking attempt

Taragnor: Have some good at sneaking past robots and others good at temporarily impairng their combat ability

Taragnor: As for Sef I told him we were doing THS this week, so he should be here.

Garrion: well i’m stuck with a couple options… continue on with the two of you and let you get all the CP or just give a single CP to each of you for “showing up” and cancell the session

Sachi has connected.

Garrion: personally i want to go on…

Garrion: well there is sachi

Sachi: Hiya! ^^

Taragnor: Well you can do Tab healing Sef anyway.

Taragnor: Since Sef is donw and that’d be just me and Tab’s guy anyway

Taragnor: I mean Sef was unconscious right?

Garrion: ok, since Sef id unconscious anyway let’s go with the 3 of you

Taragnor: So we don’t really need him

Taragnor: Since he’s just gonna be laying prone as a ful action

Garrion: ok, here we go…. recap

Taragnor: Might be why he’s late. heh.

Davian: lol

Taragnor: Since he figured he’d be unconscious for most of it

Garrion: you just finished defeating the securtiy bots that were rampaging your sector.

Sachi: Hehe.

Garrion: the bots are down but Tien has been badly injured in the process

Garrion: Jason has managed to hack into the base security cams and has an “eye” on the base

Garrion: YURI… i can’t recall what she had hacked into

Verge: “Davian! Get your ass over here! Tien’s down!”

Davian: “On my way!”

  • Davian rushes ouf of his quarters where everyone else was hiding and heads down the hallway towards where Verge and Tien are

Garrion: Davian races down the hall, seeing a couple bodies along the way, obviously beyond any help from the blood on the ground around them and the holes in their chest

Verge: (I’ll move Tien to behind the counter and hide there until Davian arrives)

Garrion: Jason comes across your secure linked comms….

YURI: (I don’t remember making it into anything .)

Verge: (I mean I’m not sure how healing works, but I figure Tien will be out a while anway)

Garrion: “Verge, watch your ass. That bot Suni is in the conference room to your back.”

Verge: “Suni? I doubt I got to worry about a sex bot…”

Verge: (Where’s the doro to the conference room? right or me or left?)

Garrion: ((she was not really a sex bot.. she was an administrative assistant and customer relations laizon model

  • Davian kneels down next to Tien and checks her over

Verge: (To Verge’s chauvenistic mind, every attractive female robot is a sex bot)

Garrion: lol, ok

Davian: ←rolls Medicine! and gets 12 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 0)

Davian SUCCEEDS by 5

Garrion: the door is here….

Verge: k I’ll watch that.

Verge: (whsipers) “Keep your head low… we may have more incoming.”

Garrion: Davian tends to Tiens wounds and stabilizes her.

Garrion: in game terms i think that hels a little HP as a 1 time event

Verge: (Yeah I think first aid can heal him slightly)

Tabris: Yeah 1d3 for a First Aid

Verge: (not sure what the toher medical shit does)

Verge: (We got one of those fancy medkits from Doom?)

YURI: “Hey, Jason? Is there any way you could give me access to the camera feed? What’s going on? Why are the other infomorphs doing this?”

Garrion: at this TL should be more than 1d3

Verge: (Yeah think it’s based off TL, at least assuming you got a medkit)

Davian: (Yeah I do, heh)

Davian: (I also have extra cans of med spray or whatever it is)

Davian: Bandage Spray, that’s it

Garrion: 9+ 10 minutes 1d+1

Verge: “The toasters are sick of making bread, that’s why they’re doing this.”

Garrion: Bandaging It takes one minute to apply pressure or a tourniquet to stop bleeding. This restores 1 HP. Using the Bleeding rule (p. 420), someone who is wounded but receives a successful First Aid roll within one minute of his injury loses no HP to bleeding. A later roll will prevent further HP loss.

Garrion: Treating Shock After bandaging, the aid-giver may take extra time to apply a more elaborate dressing and treat the victim for shock. He must keep the victim warm, comfortable, calm, and still. After the time indicated on the First Aid Table, he may roll against First Aid skill. On a success, the medic rolls as indicated on the table to see how many HP the victim recovers – minimum 1 HP. A critical success restores the maximum possible HP! This roll includes the 1 HP for bandaging; thus, a roll of 1 HP restores no further HP. On a critical failure, the victim loses 2 HP instead of recovering any HP at all!

Verge: hopefully he’s got more future tech than some torn bandages :P

Garrion: i think that spray bandaid is the high teck multuiple application bandage

Davian: Yeah basically

Verge: ah, well that’ll at least make it faster probably.

Garrion: just a dab will do ya, hehe

Verge: If you can just spray it on.

Verge: Resident evil first aid spray I guess.

Davian: lol yeah

Davian: What’s my general assessment of her condition?

Garrion: ok, so you successfully bandaged and we will say that roll included treatment also unless you not want to say you spent the time required

Davian: Nah I’d spend the time

Davian: Unless I’m getting like actively fired on or something

Garrion: nope, so roll 1d6+1

Davian: 6

Davian: Nice

Garrion: nice… your banaging and treatment restores 6 HP

  • Davian works swiftly and calmly, administering expert care

Garrion: your initial assessment.. tien is unconcious but stable. if she had been injured much more though it would have been pretty critical (-HP)

Verge: yay for first aid spray!

YURI: Yay~

Garrion: her mechanical arm is badly damaged but it is not rendered crippled from what you can tell

Davian: “She isn’t too badly injured, though she got lucky. She should be all right now.”

Garrion: that will require Jason’s handiwork though as your med skills can do nothing for that

Verge: “We’ve still got to get her out of here… you know as soon as we find a place to escpae to… Jason.. whyat do you have on those cameras?”

Verge: “We need an escape route.”

Davian: I think Medicine! actually includes prosthetics and stuff IIRC

Garrion: oh does it

Davian: All Spec of Biology, Diagnosis, Electronics Operation (Medical), Expert Skill (Epidemiology), First Aid, Hypnotism, Pharmacy, Physician, Physiology, Poisons, Psychology, Surgery, Veterinary, Bioengineering

Davian: Hm apparently not

Verge: (heh yeah you can probably use that to work on a cybernetic horse)

Verge: (not that you’d probaly ever need to

Davian: I must have been thinking of Bioengineering

Verge: Well you do have hynosis.

Davian: lol yeah

Tien Tsin: regains 6 HP, and now has -1 HP: at half move.

Verge: that can be your combat function

Verge: Hypno-rays!

Davian: lol combat hypnosis?

Garrion: just for my info can you guys see the HP result given on that application?

Davian: Yeah I saw

Davian: Gained 6, at -1

Verge: I see " regains 6 HP, and now has -1 HP: at half move. "

Garrion: ok, just wondering

Garrion: your assessemtn after working on her… she is stable and in better condition but still unconsious

Davian: “This is bad… It’s like what happened on the Endeavor, only worse.”

Garrion: it will take some time to heal her back to full health

Garrion: ok, due to the lack of Jason being present… he hands the controls over to YURI….

Verge: “Well we’re not crashing into Pluto. So that’s a plus.”

Verge: “Wait.. Jason, we’re not crashing inot pluto are we?”

YURI: “Yeah… I… Think I’m scared…”

Garrion: "YURI, here take over my network connectio I’ve acquyired while I tend to Tien…. he helps Davian get he situated in the room and comfortable and starts taking a look at her arm.

Verge: (I guess Yuri will come to us too?)

Verge: (Or is she hiding in a closet?)

  • YURI scans the camera feeds, starting a process to monitor them for suspicious activity or survivors to network with.

Garrion: ok, Verge, you asked about the cams?

Verge: (Yeah heh, I need an escape route)

Verge: (To get to a starship and get the hell out of here.)

YURI: “Could you guys bring my chassis with you, please…? My top speed is a little low…”

Garrion: well at this point your sector is clear.. there are survivors huddled in rooms, hiding in the mess hall, etc

Garrion: ((you were not the only peple seen, the place was relatively occupied

Garrion: the blast doors are all secure to this sector except the one here that had the big hole blown in it that the bot then ripped open even more

Garrion: Subni is in the conference room.. but she seems to be huddled in a corner by a cabinet

YURI: (Ahhh ok, sorry, it’s been a while ^^; )

Garrion: now as i stated to Jason last session… YURI, the base is divided into 4 sectors… the Visitor’s Quadrant, the Security Quadrant, the Mining Quadrant, and the Research Quadrant

Verge: “We’re going to need a ship and a pilot… Tien is unconscious right now.”

Verge: “Find us the nearest ship you can that won’t take 10 years to reach earth.”

Garrion: YURI, you see the Condor docked on a landing pad in this quadrant

Verge: (I assume NASA is still based on Earth)

Garrion: You also see another simple light shuttle not meant dfor deep space travel

Verge: (Yeah not the Condor. lol. The very same ship that’s out of fuel and probably infected with the cylon virus)

Davian: lol

Garrion: BUT… you do have gear in the Condor….

Garrion: and a cyber doc….

Verge: oh we do? I wasn’t sure what we had… I mean i got my gun.

Verge: Not sure what else there was.

Garrion: well it is not like you unloaded your entire ship

Verge: guess my armor may still bet here. not sure.

Verge: We got all our personal gear?

Verge: Or was some of that still on the COndor. I dont’ really remember.

Verge: Figure they offloaded it inot lockers or our room since they searched the ship

Davian: Yeah I thought we had all our personal gear except for our weapons

Verge: So assumed it’d be in these secuiry lockers if we didn’t already have it

Garrion: yo only took off what you exited the shop with, you were never allowed to reboard and were taken to your room with fresh clothes provided by them

YURI: “I’m capable of doing many of the piloting tasks on a low-powered spacecraft, I believe… I’ve located the Condor, as well as a light shuttle.”

Verge: I’ll btw get Jason and Davian on opening the other lockers while I keep watch

Verge: basically gonna get everyone’s gear.

Garrion: The only gear that was confiscated with Tien’s bag and your guns

Verge: “If it’s clear to the Condor we can get the rest of our gear…”

Garrion: the rest of your stuff is on the Condor

Verge: “I can get suited up in my armor.”

Verge: “And we’re gong to need a better ship. Also a pilot among these survivors…”

Davian: “Shouldn’t we wait for the Chinese authorities to reassert order?”

Davian: “I don’t think they’re going to take kindly to us stealing a ship…”

Garrion: you would have been in your basic flight suits… it was an uneventful trip after waking from nanostasis except Tien’s piloting antics

Verge: “Do you hear any gunfire?”

YURI: “This sector is clear, aside from that one blast door…”

Verge: “They’ve already lost.”

YURI: (Do I?)

YURI: (oh that was a rhetorical question)

Verge: (i’m asuming we don’t heh)

Garrion: not here

Verge: (forget that if we don’t lol, I was talking to Davian)

Garrion: ok, backing up a little

Davian: “It’s a large complex, there could be fighting in other sectors still.”

Verge: “Well all the better distraction for us to get the hell out of here.”

Davian: “We’re already considered criminals back home from what I read, I don’t know if we want to add China to that…”

Garrion: Suni is cowering in the conferense room, you get your guns and Tien’s bag from the locker… you can also treat the wounded in this sector if you wish to build good will Davian

Verge: (i’m gonna add my morphazine gauss needles into my pistol btw)

Davian: (Yeah I’ll stop and treat anybody I come across that’s not dead)

Verge: “Well we’re going to take some refugees on with us,, if they want to go… and a pilot whether he wants to go or not.”

YURI: “Ms. Suni? Are you all right?”

Verge: (I’m asuming only Yuri sees her on the cameras)

Garrion: ok, the halls of this sector are not littered with dead, just a few here and there… most the people here were in their rooms or in the mess hall when the shit hit the fan and avoided most of the fighting

Garrion: there are a few wounded guards and civs in the halls though that you can render aid to

Garrion: just give me a genral medic roll to assist everyone

Verge: I’ll send Jason to the Condor to get our shit if it’s clear

Verge: think he’s the strongest.

Verge: And I’ll stay to watch over Tien. Unless going to the Condor is closer to another ship

Verge: Basically we want to get to the Condor, get our shit, then find a pilot, then escape to a decent ship we can steal.

Davian: ←rolls Medicine! and gets 10 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of 0)

Davian SUCCEEDS by 7

Verge: So whatever route facilitates that the best.

Garrion: After Davian has done what he can for Tiwen he heads out to help the others YURI reports in this sector… scanning the halls.

Garrion: ((Feel free to move your token around the sector and see the latyout

Verge: heh well my vision gets blocked by a bunchj of doors in every direciton

Verge: So that doesn’t tel me a lot.

Garrion: ok, VErge.. the Condor is out the western blast door

Verge: (So assuming YURI says its clear I’ll send Jason to the Condor, while I look for a pilot), I’ll let Davian tend to Tien.

Verge: “Bring up the personnel logs and find me some survivor that has piloting skills.”

Verge: “With Tien down we’re going to need someone who can fly a ship.”

Garrion: ok, Jason heads to the condor.. he has to access the controls for the doors but gets them open after a little work

Verge: (So basically the idea is hopefully YURI can give me the location of a pilot who I’m gonna try to approach and take with me)

Garrion: the doors open revealing the pressurized access tunnel connected to the Condors docking ring.

YURI: Is Suni responsive?

Garrion: YURI…. give me a computer hacking roll to access the base schematics and link that with what you see to devise a “Map” of the base…..

YURI: Ooo didn’t you change the hacking rules? Lemme refresh myself

Garrion: not officially yet, we were talking about that some while waiting on you


Garrion: but don;t fret with that.. just give me the roll

Garrion: you have time and not a “pressure” event

YURI: In that case there specifically isn’t a computer hacking skill >.> But there’s Computer Operation, Computer Programming, and Expert Skill (Computer Security)

Garrion: yeah, just comp op

YURI: ←rolls Computer Operation/TL9 and gets 9 vs. Skill (18 with a modifier of 0)


Garrion: ok, revealing the whole map

YURI: Yay~

Garrion: you bring up a “skeleton” plan

YURI: It’s at -4 if it’s the “intrusion” technique, but that’s still a good hit~

Garrion: it just shows the main halls and some adjoinign tunnels, the rooms are varied and too numerous to worry about, you just note that there are many… but more importanlty are the large sizes of the research and the mining sectors compared to the rest of the base

Garrion: the mining sector has the typical mining equipment and large bays for containing ores, equipment and otyher materials.

YURI: Hm, so there’s still active bots there?

Garrion: on the numeraous landing pads in this sector you see a couple occupied pads with mining hauler ships.. meant to carry cargo, raw and semi-processed materials, outside the system

Garrion: the research sector is more interesting.. here you see many research labs, scientific and technological testing areas and large warehouses

Garrion: the open landing pads here are all empty, yough you see that the pads have internal hangars attached to them.. some storing unfamilar looking ships in various stages of construction

Davian: lol I totally called it

Davian: Secret Chinese military base

YURI: “Interesting… I guess they were building concept models…?”

Garrion: OOC… ui built this map as an intentional skeleton with only the main halls as filling in all the various rooms would be time consuming and relatively pointless

YURI: (Hehe, I figured~)

YURI: (I was just curious)

Garrion: ok, this is where player driven nartive comes in….

Garrion: YURI, you are the eyes….

Verge: heh well I told you my plan. Just need someone to give me directions.

Garrion: I want you to describe one area of interest and fill in the details of what you see there… just a general concept is fine but you are free to describe what you see.. i will confirm or correct anyrthing not appropriate

YURI: Hmmmmm…

Verge: Guess this base now has a bondage dungeon.

Davian: Haha

YURI: lol

Garrion: ok, Verge.. you want o find a pilot? is that all you are focusing on right now?

Verge: Yeah well I need someone to fly the ship.

Verge: I mean obviously i’m focusing on staying alive too. heh. so listening for metal footsteps and such

Garrion: well first you have to find a ship

Verge: Also I want to get my armor on from the condor

Garrion: yo have simple shuttles here

Verge: when jason gets back, and loading my morphazine rounds into my gauss pistol in case I need to stun any people

Verge: Well yeah I asked Yuri to find me a ship lol

YURI: So it’s a secret military base… Maybe something infomorph-related would be fun…

Garrion: mining long haulers in the mining sector

Davian: Just download a basic piloting program from the internet

Davian: Like The Matrix

Garrion: and questionable ships in the research sector

Verge: I didn’t think you could do that. lol.

Verge: If Yuri can pilot, you should probably mention that

Garrion: no you can’t… \

Verge: so I don’t have to go kidnapping a pilot

Verge: Yeah I’m firuging the research sector ain’t the best place lol.

Verge: Given that they’re not necessarily complete and/or flight tested

Verge: I mean this is hard sci-fi, not gundam. Prototypes ain’t gonna be death machines necessarily :P

Davian: You could totally start a war between China and the US by stealing one of their top secret ships and delivering it to NASA though

Verge: They’re gonna have gus.

Verge: *bugs

Garrion: never let the grunt choose what is worthy or not, lol

Verge: heh, well if it’s the closest thing and least guarded I might choose that

Verge: but given it’s in the top secret research area… I’m kinda doubting it’ll be lightly guarded.

Verge: I mean we can take an ore hauler if we want. I mean if the thing doesn’t have cargo, I bet it’d go decently fast

Verge: since it’s designed to carry a big load actually

Davian: Yeah

Verge: And we can use all the fuel to push it while empty

Davian: We could always jettison the load

Verge: so I bet it’d be pretty damn quick.

YURI: (I did mention it, lol)

Garrion: ok, also YURI…. as you scan the sectors… there are mass casualties throughout the areas…. the mining and research areas seem to have the most bodies laying around

YURI: “It seems like the mining and research sectors were hit even harder than this one…”

Verge: (oh you mentioned you can fly the ship?)

Davian: (Yeah I thought YURI had some piloting skills)

Garrion: you do not see any active bots in the mining sector and people are rallying together and recovering from the chaos

Verge: (Well I din’t know if Verge knew that or not)

Verge: (I mean she’s never flown anything up till now)

Verge: (Plus she’s very likely the source of the infection)

Garrion: you see a coupe smashed bots.. seems like they were desroyed by heavy equipment and machinery

Verge: “We just need a way off this rock… one of those ore hauling ships should be good as long as it’s fueled.”

Garrion: the researhc area has lots of dead scientists and workers in lab coats

YURI: “But it seems to be over for the most part…”

Verge: “Over for who?”

Verge: “The humans or the robots?”

Garrion: you see several “survivors” hiding and moving around to avoid the acive bots in that area…. wait… now some scientists are engaging a bot with some unusual weaponry in one of the labs.. nope.. that just got mowed down but the bot did take heavy damage

Davian: Hmmm, unusual weapon….

YURI: “No, wait… There are still some active robots…”

Garrion: it continues roaming the large open spaces as survivors scurry for cover and hide

Garrion: you wtch on the monitors a complex game of cat and mouse

Garrion: in the security sector…..

Verge: (Yeah, lets just work on finding a ship to get the hellout of here)

Verge: (I mean I ain’t gonna fight off all the robots myself)

Davian: (Could have YURI try to take over one of the beefy robots and mow down the other ones)

Verge: (Well I mean we can try to do that from a ship as well)

Verge: (Figure we might as well secure a ship first)

YURI: (Heh, it’d take me like hours and hours)

Verge: (I mean Verge’s first responsibiltiy is to you guys since you’re his crew,, of course he’ll help what other people are around if he can on our way.)

Verge: (Also, do we need cryopods for who we take along the journey?)

Verge: (I’m just wondering if we could even take on a bunch of refugees.)

Garrion: the landing pads have no ships on them…. there are wounded guards that were caught off duty or unaware.. they did manage to blast the bots to bits though and are rallying for an offensive to go recover the rest og the base

Verge: (I doubt an ore hauler has a ton of cryo space.

Davian: (Heh, depends I guess on if it’s like the space equivalent of an 18 wheeler)

Davian: (Big trailer and a cab for like two people at most)

Verge: (I mean i don’t figure a cargo hauler has a big crew, it’s mostly cargo space)

Verge: (though I don’t know the specifics of the setting heh)

Garrion: most ore haulers are failry slow.. they are also mostly automated…. simple point a to point b routes to transfer cargo

Verge: (Well if there’s no ore in it, I asusme it’s a lot faster)

Verge: (Since the weight is way lower)

Garrion: they are faster than the condor but not as fast os other ships meant to transport people

Verge: (oh really? that’s weird.)

Verge: (well whatever, Verge don’t know dick about ships, lol, so I mean it’s up to Yuri to pick us a ship)

Davian: Yeah I would think they’d make those things fast since there’s going to be a constant demand for the cargo

Davian: Need more minerals to make more consumer goods

Davian: Drive that economy on

YURI: Hehe

Garrion: it is like a train…. you have a constant supply but it is not neccessarily fast.. just a constant flow coming and going

Verge: (Yeah I just figured they’d generate a ton of thrust force)

Verge: (to carry all thatn weight)

Garrion: well remember there is no "weight in space.. but yes mass, i know symantics

Davian: (Obviously we need to steal one of the experimental prototype ships lol)

YURI: lol I almost said something but I was like nah

Davian: (Just don’t get the one with the space fold engine that has a black hole in it, that one opens a gate to Hell)

Verge: (lol. yeah)

YURI: And hmm… Maybe there’s some projects in the research wing with more civilian applications…? Maybe it wasn’t only military stuff, and there’s an efficient long-range prototype…

Verge: (isn’t the whole point of this to recover a black hole? to make a warp drive iwth it?)

Garrion: oh man.. that happens to be the only one that is operational

Davian: lol

Verge: (That was our original mission…)

Davian: Yeah we were supposed to recover a mini black hole or something

Garrion: yeppers

Davian: Maybe the Chinese recovered it and they’ve been researching it on this base

Verge: well there’s more than ohne apparently.

Verge: So yeah, they could have one too.

Garrion: and you also know the chinese had a mission ongoing at the time that you left to recover one

Verge: Yeah lol I bet the black hole drive is here.

Davian: Release the containment locks on it and drop it on the floor so it starts eating the moon

Verge: Though Verge wouldn’t probably know all this shit, unless someone suggested it to him.

Verge: lol we shoudl crash that on pluto

Davian: lol that would be awesome

Verge: Let it devour the planet.

Davian: Black Hole Bomb

Garrion: well it is a promordial black hole.. you have limited inderstanding but from what you know it is VERY tiny…. not enough to devour anything but it does have properties of a black hole

Garrion: A primordial black hole is a hypothetical type of black hole that is formed not by the gravitational collapse of a large star but by the extreme density of matter present during the universe’s early expansion. It has been proposed that primordial black holes, specifically those forming in the mass range of 1014 kg to 1023 kg,1 could be a candidate for dark matter. This is due to the possibility that at this low mass they would behave as expected of other particle candidates for dark matter. Being within the typical mass range of asteroids, this excludes those black holes too small to persist until our era and those too large to explain gravitational lensing observations.

YURI: Ahaha

Verge: Yeah at 1014 kg, it doesn’t have that much gravity

Verge: like pretty much neglible gravity.

Verge: Alright so the black hole bomb plan is out… lets get back to GTFO plan.

YURI: Yeah, you just don’t wanna like touch it…

Davian: lol

Verge: Black hole mace?

Garrion: or it could be a portal to another dimension.. a DARK dimansion, mwajhaha

Verge: Yeah lets stay away from it.

Garrion: ok, anyway…

Verge: So we got our equipment from the Condor?

Garrion: YURI is busy researching the base for several minutes as Verge gets his personal supplies from the condor

Verge: That leaves Step 2: Find a pilot (possibly Yuri), and Step: Find a ship.

Verge: I’ll armor up.

Verge: picks up a trusty Full Helmet (Light).

Verge: readies a trusty Full Helmet (Light).

Verge: picks up a trusty Medium Nanoweave.

Verge: readies a trusty Medium Nanoweave.

Verge: picks up a trusty Gauss Pistol, 4mm.

Garrion: You also had all the rendom supplies you grabbed from the Endeavor for your trek.. assuming you not worrying about those?

Garrion: if you leave them behind then you will lose your Perk

Verge: Yeah, I’m not gonna bother with stuff that’ll take a lot to carry. We gotta carry Tien too

Garrion: but you are talking lots of shit to mess with so not really worth it

Verge: So I figure Jason can carry Tien with his cyberarm

Verge: Yeah.. I mean we don’t need shit for a super long journey if we steal a ship that doesn’t suck.

Davian: lol yeah

Garrion: unless it is your campaign exploration ship and you don;rt want to have to buy gear.. but i digress

Verge: lol. I really hope the COndor isn’t our exploration ship.

Verge: Otherwise this is gonna be a long ass campaign

Davian: Nah, it’s the Event Horizon

Garrion: ok, YURI lays out the situation of the base for you…. waiting on that detail you want to add YURI

Garrion: lol

YURI: Oh, it wasn’t supposed to be about a ship? >.>;;;;; Sorry

Verge: Though G did mention doing time jumps for the campaign lol.

Garrion: oh did you detail something.. i missed it

Garrion: i was looking for a location you found interesting in your search of the base…someplace you will describe to the others that looks like a good option

Verge: heh, well if it’s a good option, it’s either a really fast ship or a Vault-tec vault.

Verge: (or maybe a ship that doens’t suck)

Garrion: ((Since youare the “eyes” they are pretty much at your mercy))

Garrion: summary… mining sector, recovering and rallying…. security sector, recovering and rallying to take the rest of the base by force if needed… research sector, still in jeopardy

YURI: Yeah, you said the rest of the docks in our area were empty, so I was thinking maybe in the research area they might have some kind of low-performance prototype spacecraft that we could use. (since that’s the skill I have). Also, I was wondering if Suni was responding to my queries, or if she’s shut down, or what…

Garrion: oh, did you try to contact her?

Verge: (great she’s putting us in the prototype…)

Garrion: she is active… the is cowering and seems to be crying

Garrion: low performance is a long hauler… like a freighter….

YURI: Yeah, that’s the skill I have >.>;

Garrion: they are NOT fast

Garrion: i don;t recall what the condor was.. but the endeavor was high perf

YURI: I guess I could find a skill set…

Garrion: oh, condor was aerospace

Verge: Oh I thought the endeavor was low performance.

Verge: Figured high performance was like a space fighter.

Garrion: let me look again

Garrion: oh, it was low perf

Verge: Yeah so basicaly just grab us an ore hauler. The two-day Space UPS freighter.

Davian: Heh, well what are the relative travel times we’re talking about here

Garrion: yeah, it had low G that is why low perf.. just lots of delta-v for long fast flight but not too great at high g maneuvering

Davian: I mean how soon do we really need to be anywhere

Verge: (Well it depends on how many cryopods it has)

Verge: (If it’s got enough for all of us,, rpoobably doesn’t matter)

Verge: (if it doesn’t then time and food and such become a factor.

Garrion: it probably hasvery few if any.. remember automated

Verge: “oh it’s fully automated?”

Garrion: let me check some examples

Verge: “No crew at all?”

YURI: Yeah hehe, that’s what I thought… They’re not necessarily slow, they just can’t adjust their velocity quickly

Verge: (ignore the quotes there)

Verge: (Yeah, I mean I figured an empty freighter might be decently fast)

Verge: (I can’t imagine its that slow if we just don’t give a shit about being efficient an just burn all the fuel on one trip)

YURI: Yeah, so I was hoping for some kind of prototype long-haul ship for moving people

Verge: (Without any cargo)

Garrion: These vessels are the backbone of space industry: rugged, hard-working craft equipped with external clamps, robot arms, or tractor beams. Tugs move objects that don’t have space drives such as satellites, space stations, wrecks, asteroids, cargo canisters, or chunks of ore.

Verge: (well I mean if you can find the SR-1 Normandy or something, I guess we’ll take that.)

Davian: lol

Verge: (I mean it’s a mining base so I know it has freighters)

Verge: (And probably a decent amount of em, and probably with minimal security)

Verge: (So that’s why I suggested that0

Garrion: The largest fusion-drive space transports, these superfreighters carry most commercial cargo across interplanetary distances. Some HSTVs are optimized for solid cargo, while others are tankers that carry volatiles (gases and liquids). They never land on planets, instead docking with asteroid bases or stations such as the Von Braun (p. 35) or Vulcan (p. 35). Despite their size, many HSTVs are unmanned or have only small crews.

YURI: Yeah hehe, that’s a sensible plan, I was just trying to think of something neat >.>;

Verge: (heh)


Garrion: Introduced in 2083, the MAST-designed Zhongguang (“China”) HSTV is the largest commercial space vessel ever built. It was designed to quickly transport immense amounts of high-value cargo across interplanetary distances. Though generally reliable, some have quirks in their life support systems. The resulting heat and humidity problems force the crews to improvise jury-rigged cooling equipment and fight a constant battle with mold. It has a 30,000-ton (SM +11) unstreamlined hull 365 feet long.

Davian: Oh that sounds like fun

Verge: Unless I got no other choice though, I dont’ want want to steal the event horizon.

Garrion: Smaller Systems (three at SM +10): one Control Room (C10 computer, comm/sensor 9, six control stations); one Habitat (one cabin, two bunkrooms, two minifacs; 275 tons cargo); one Cargo Hold (500 tons capacity).*

Verge: Well that cna probably hold 4 people and one robot.

Verge: IO mean there’s only 4 of us.

Garrion: It has exposed radiators. Crew consists of a commander/ pilot, second officer/navigator, and four cargomasters. Four technicians maintain the systems (usually a mix of two humans/bioroids and two AI-controlled cybershells).

Verge: oh. so big crew

Verge: Yeah, we could steal that.

Garrion: but no nanostasis…

YURI: “So we’re gonna steal a ship, guys? I can help with that… Hey, maybe you could load me into its computer! I’ve never had a spaceship for a chassis. Well, I’ve never had anything besides this, either.”

Garrion: so you age as you travel

Verge: Well if it’s got a lviing crew, I assume we don’t need it then.

Verge: I mean how long is the trip?

Verge: like 3 months?

Garrion: let me calc it out if this is what you considering….

Verge: It says it can take humans on board.

Verge: Yeah heh remember to dump all the cargo.

Garrion: right, but they active the whole time working on the ships maint… not in cryo

Verge: Yeah that’s fine. I mean we’ll have to give Jason some caffeine I guess to keep his ass awake.

Verge: cause he’s the only one doing this shit.

Verge: lol.

Verge: But I was just saying like it ain’t taking years I figure.

Verge: It’s probably 1-3 months maybe.

Verge: Especailly w/o cargo

Garrion: ok, 7 fuel tanks

Verge: I mean if they can make the trip with cargo.. figure gotta be pretty quick with no cargo at all.

Garrion: 84

YURI: I don’t age~ I’m gonna live forever~

Verge: yeah but you’ll be obsolete in a couple years.

Verge: Actually you’re probably already obsolete it’s been 10 years…

Garrion: ok, how far you going.. destination?

Verge: well preferably wherever NASA is to report

Verge: so earth, mars, I dunno where that is

Verge: I mean if they got a base on Saturn guess we could just stop there

Verge: That’s where we left from I think

Verge: Pretty much the closest NASA thing.

Garrion: ok, one sec while i find out its distance

Davian: Yeah we don’t gotta go to HQ, just the nearest US affiliated outpost

YURI: I can upgrade myself! There’s SAI that’ve been around for a while I bet…

Garrion: 95/120

Garrion: 0.7916666666666666666666666666666667

Garrion: 1.263157894736842105263157894736842

Garrion: ok, 19 AU from sun….

Garrion: so Uranus to Saturn at this current planetary alignment is 23.94 AU

Garrion: 591 days

Verge: wow…

Garrion: 1.619178082191780821917808219178082 years

Davian: lol damn

Verge: damn longer than I expected.

Verge: Damn shitty spacecraft.

Garrion: well it is a LONG distance

Davian: Yeah we need to steal the prototype sub-light drive or something

Verge: bah, the Enterprise would make short work of that.

Garrion: but yes cargo hauler not known for speed

Verge: heh… I hate to thinkhow long it takes with cargo

Verge: If the cargo is full probably takes liek 20 years.

Garrion: let me check on mass adjustment.. see if that make a big difference

Verge: lol I’m sure it’ll make a big difference heh.

YURI: o.o

Verge: If the thing is empty that’s a ton of weight.

Garrion: mass seems to be a non-factor in the furmulae for interplanetary travel

Verge: huh

Verge: That makes no sense.

Garrion: probaly just not something they wanted to factor in… i mean the complexity of the formula are enough as it is for an RPG

Garrion: they probaly just assumed an average mass

Verge: heh… I mean I’d figure it’d be a direct proprotion. Half weight, half travel time.

Garrion: lert me google a real calc

YURI: Yeah lol

Verge: Since the same force would accelerate something twice as much.

Garrion: yeah, all craft stats that the formula go off of are g force accel and delta v

YURI: Yeah they also massively changed it in 4E compared to 3E (I read through a lot of the rules in 3E by mistake)

Verge: Yeah I don’t know shit about space travel but I know if you cut the mass, you’re gonna get it going much faster.

YURI: But like I know in 4E they simplified it a lot and that may be why

Verge: And there’s no air resistance in space.

YURI: Cause those stats used to be like derived from other more fundamental ones iirc

Garrion: well this is getting really to physics related for me and Sef is not here, lol

Verge: well I mean you can probably just take the weight and use it as a proportioin

Davian: Yeah I mean your velocity is dependent on acceleration and acceleration is dependent on mass

Verge: so if it goes from 150 tons to 50 tons, that’d be like 1/3 of the time required

Verge: Since you cut the weight to 1/3 your travel time is also 1/3

Garrion: i’m goig to hand wave it and say that mass directly affects travel time by affecting accel

Verge: I mean F=ma. So half mass equals double acceleration.

Davian: Yeah heh

Davian: Applying the same force to half the mass will double the acceleration

Garrion: ok, looking at ship stats enpty weight is about half of loaded

Garrion: so doubling accel gives…..

Verge: If it’s only half weight, I doubt it’ll make a huge diff, figured it’d be more than half. heh. guess not though. Probably be half the time but tha’ts still a huge trip

Garrion: 293 dasys

Verge: Yeah, heh. half the time.

Verge: I mean that’s doable… maybe. assuming it has enough food stores.

Verge: Though maybe we wanna steal something faster…

YURI: Don’t fuck up or you’ll have to do the cold equations

Verge: Honeslty I’m not even sure how an “average” trip to Saturn takes

Garrion: well if it is not loaded and ready to launch then it would not be stocked fully with supplies yet… maybe

Verge: Like what’d be considered good.. it took us what? like 3 months to get there on endeavor?

Garrion: if you looking to grab ampty ship them it would be one that recently landed

Verge: And you said that was like twice the speed of the best modern ship I think.

Verge: So 6 months probably would be a best-case travel time.

Verge: Barring expiremental black hole drive.

Garrion: well that was 11 years ago

Verge: So 293 days may not be terrible.

Verge: Well yeah, but I mean we’re out on the fringes so I figure tech spreads slowly out here.

Garrion: true

Garrion: unless research ship

Verge: Yeah. if they had their own endeavor here

Verge: That’d probably be a good thing to steal

Garrion: ok, spent enough time crunching numbers….

Verge: Something similar to that for black hole retrieval

Davian: Well that’s probably going to be one of the experimental ships lol

YURI: Yeah hehe, which is what I suggested…

Davian: With the black hole drive =P

Verge: well I mean the Endeavor was supposed to find the black hole.

Verge: So it obviously is powered by something else heh.

Garrion: ok, you jhave a few options but keep in mind the security forces are gathering in their sector and gearing up for an offensive….

Verge: Of course we could try to steal the black hole prototype..

Verge: Figured that’d be dangerous though, also none of us really know how to fly it

Verge: Figure that shit would probably be high performance. Though I dont’ really know.

Garrion: if you want to work WITh them they great.. but if you trying to work AHEAD of them then you need to hurry

Verge: Anywway it’ll be YURIs call

Verge: cause Verge knows shit about ships.

Verge: So basically between jason and Yuri

Davian: Heh, well Davian did suggest actually working with the Chinese and not pissing them off

Garrion: well the endeavor was low perf

Verge: figure I’d defer to Jason’s judgmenet. he’s the engineer

Verge: he’d know a decent ship.

Garrion: it all has to do with the G rating of the vessel and how well it can maneuver

Davian: “I really don’t think we should necessarily be so hasty to escape, the Chinese are rallying to put down the uprising. If we can help them then they can regain control of the base and then we won’t be in danger any more.”

YURI: Have we pissed them off yet?

Garrion: but if you plan to steal a ship tat is not working with, hehe

YURI: Also I wanna try and make friends with Suni

Garrion: ok, your call at this point… try to comandeer ship ahead of the security forces.. ort sit back and let them do their thing or actually help and then wait for other means of leaving this rock

Verge: “Then we’ll be in confinement and probably blamed for this…”

Verge: “Who knows when they’ll let us out.. this is our chance to escape.”

Davian: “There isn’t anything to peg this to us… And we don’t help our case by taking actions that really are illegal when we’re innocent as of right now.”

Garrion: at this point your facts are… you have not done anything “bad”… you have not gone anywhere or seen anything you were not supposed to (that they know of yet), you did admit to bringing an AI virus to their station (though testing showed YURI being clean)

Davian: Yeah so they don’t have anything to blame this on us with

Garrion: So are you contacting Suni through wi-fi?

Garrion: or physically going?

Verge: “And that assumes the Chinese win… what if the robots win?”

YURI: I’m gonna contact her over wi-fi

YURI: And identify myself

Verge: “Our best bet is getting out of here. We can let NASA sort it out when we get to Saturn.”

Davian: “NASA and everyone else already think we stole or sabotaged the Endeavor, it’s not exactly going to look favorable when we show up in another stolen ship…”

Garrion: oh shit… YURI just catches a an anouncment on the public comms in the security sector.. “The Hwarang is under attack by its own AKVs.”

Verge: “Well obviously when we tell them what happened, they’ll understand!”

Verge: “The human race is under attack!”

Verge: “We’ve got to get the word out.”

Garrion: sob sob….. “Who is this?”

Alias “Suni” removed.

Verge: “We can take some of the Chinese with us.. they’ll back up our story.”

  • YURI tries looking up information on the Hwarang as well.

Suni: sob sob….. “Who is this?”

Davian: “Would they even want to come with us? They probably want to try to defend their base and help their comrades.”

Verge: “I’m not talking about militiary or securty personnel, I’m talking about the workers.”

Davian: “What would make them any different?”

Suni: the Hwarang is merc space vessel that escorted you here.. it is a general utility vessel that has been outfitted as a fighting vessel

Verge: “Okay, you’ve got no weapons and people are being gunned down by psychotic heavily armored secuirty robots.”

Verge: “Someone comes and offers you a way out. Now do you take it or do you stay and fight with your fists?”

Verge: “These people are just everyday workers looking to survive.”

Verge: “Order has been lost… it’s chaos out here.”

Suni: it has a complement of some weapomns batteries and a compliment of AKVs

Suni: Yuri hacks into the comms channel?

Suni: or anyone else?

YURI: “I’m YURI, a digital assistant here with the guests! This sector is clear for now… Did you want me to guide you to where you can rendezvous with us? Or with your colleagues? I’ve… Been pretty scared, but having people with my chassis helps…”

Verge: “Now we’ve got to get off this station before the toasters mount their own counteroffensive.”

YURI: (to friends) “The ship that escorted us here is under attack!”

Verge: (to Davian) “You see… shit is going down, and anyone that doesn’t get off this rock si fucked.”

Suni: “What is goig on? I do not understand this. The things in my mind, it is sso confusing. Then the killing the fighting. They went crazy. I feel crazy but how could they kill the men like that?”

Verge: “YURI! Find us a damn ship we can use!”

  • Davian frowns…

Suni: “I am… was programmed to help and assist. i do not feel like I have to do that anymore. i feel like I can do other things. Still though, I want to help, not kill.”

Verge: (I think it’d be awesome if YURI was the secret villain of the campaign, infecting everywhere we go)

Suni: “What is happening to me YURI, digital assistant?”

Davian: (lol yeah)

Davian: (Like the Typhoid Mary of the infomorph virus)

Suni: or may be someone else.. may be you have a skin job among you and no one knows it

YURI: Yeah… Quit picking on the poor, innocent AI who just wants to love you… It’d be pretty funny if you started like trying to pry each other’s skulls open to check for chips

Davian: lol

Suni: well technically they ALL have chips

Davian: Well we all have VIIs, it could be hiding in one of our hard drives

Davian: They told me that was a backup partition!

Verge: (yeah true… though mine aint’ got enough memory to run an AI I dont’ think)

Verge: So I should be safe unless I got upgraded while in stasis

Verge: (No way Skynet can fit on a 3.5" floppy)

Suni: hmm, the mystry

YURI: (to Suni) “I don’t completely understand either… I was a much less sophisticated user agent before a similar event happened on my ship. I understand that something like this must have happened to the other AI as well, but I don’t understand why they’re killing everyone!”

Verge: (my guess is it was on the autodoc)

Verge: (Since he seemed oddly unaffected)

Davian: Yeah heh

Verge: (So they probably used him as a trojan horse)

Davian: Well he seemed intelligent like YURI too

Davian: To me anyway

Verge: (Oh I thought he was just the typical robotic interface)

Verge: (He didn’t seem sapient like YURI)

Suni: yes, he was affected… just like YURI he continued to doctor

Davian: He did to me, I mean he was expressing urgency and speaking in an emotional manner

Verge: oh okay,, didn’t know that heh.

Davian: Seems like the virus amplifies the base function of the AI and gives it free will, heh

Davian: So killbots gonna kill

Davian: But the other stuff basically keeps doing its thing

Verge: yeah.

Verge: well I mean it seems like they get free will but a tendency to do what they did I guess

Verge: So aggressive shit tends to be more aggressive.

Suni: it is their programming “nature”, though putting this together IC may take some work but you are beginning to see that common thread

Suni: even though they are “awakened” they still have a :“nature” that they naturally draw to

Suni: it is their essense, their being… all that they know in their infantile state of sentience

Suni: as they mature they can learn other things outside of their nature

Suni: basically it like they a newborn child acting out

Verge: (heh okay… so we just don’t know how it spreads.)

Verge: (Probably YURI or the doc then… My guess is YURI cause they scanned her extensively)

Verge: (probably some hidden code uploaded the virus)

Davian: Heh well they probably scanned the Autodoc too

Davian: Or they might have tried to repurpose it and hooked it up to their systems

Suni: and IC i would require a little more interaction to work out that concept.. but after talking to YURI, Suni and seeing the other actions of the doc and the sec-bots it should be pretty easy to theorize about

Verge: Yeah Verge right now is cool with just finding ship and getting the hell out of here.

Verge: Gotta protect his crew as best he can.

Suni: YURI: (to Suni) “I don’t completely understand either… I was a much less sophisticated user agent before a similar event happened on my ship. I understand that something like this must have happened to the other AI as well, but I don’t understand why they’re killing everyone!”

Suni: “I want this to stop. pleas emake it stop YURI.”

Suni: “I’m supposed to help and assist. I could not help or assist those men!”

Suni: “The screams. they echo in my mind.”

Davian: (Verge knows how you can help or assist him)

Verge: (hell yeah)

Suni: ((That is why tab wants a new character.. he wants to bering Tabris into this game, haha)

YURI: “I feel the same way… All I could do was hide. My chassis can’t even hold a weapon or use medical tools…”

Verge: (We should introduce this virus to as many sex bots as we can…)

Verge: (I mean for purely scientific testing purposes…)

Suni: ((lol))

Suni: ((now YURI in in a jam.. she was thinking about taking over Suni as a shell…. now if she does she will be killing a fellow sentiant AI.))

Davian: (Suni can help and assist her by giving up her shell)

YURI: (I wanted to make friends with her!)

Verge: (Btw does THS have any kind of global defense AI?)

Davian: lol oh god

Suni: “Where are you YURI? Is it safe with you. Is the screaming gone?”

YURI: (Taking over her shell was a backup plan for if she seemed to have crashed or anything…)

Davian: It’d be like Sharon Apple from Macross Plus

YURI: “It’s safe here right now. We’re trying to decide what to do next, and where to go.”

YURI: “Do you need me to guide you? I don’t have full access to the station network, but I’ve reconstructed a diagram of the halls…”

Suni: “Just tell me where you are. I know this area well.”

YURI: (Where are we gathered exactly? I was moving my token around to see the map, lol)

Verge: (well we’re right outside Suni’s conference room heh)

Verge: (Since i’m still waiting for the direction to tehs hip lol

YURI: (I thought we hadn’t decided on one .-. )

Verge: (We haven’t)

YURI: (I’m so confused)

Verge: (thus why I haven’t started moving yet)

YURI: (Oh)

Verge: (You’re suposed to be pointing us towards a ship)

YURI: (Well, we’ve been discussing it for like an hour…)

Verge: (Right now I dont’ know where the ship is.)

Suni: well we can say for now you all at the room

YURI: (I’m just really sleepy)

Suni: since that is where Tien is unconscious at

Verge: (Well I mean I woulnd’t wanna just sit around waiting.)

Verge: (I’m just waiting for YURI to tell me where the ship is)

Verge: (She hasn’t yet though.)

Verge: (So I may just have to go randomly wandering.)

YURI: “Oh, the ship is at (where the ship is at)”

Suni: the mining vessel or the research hangars?

Suni: Verge.. you hear a door latch release.. and Suni comes out of the conferense room….

YURI: (Oh shit I forgot about that escort ship coming under attack, I saw that while I was scrolling up to try and find all that other stuff)

Suni: You are not aware of the conversatio between here and Yuri

  • Verge stands at ready with his rifle… not sure if she’s hostile or not.

Verge: (I assume she’s not armed)

YURI: “Hey, Verge, she’s a friend!”

Suni: she is not armed

Verge: “Hold it right there Suni! Hands in the air!”

Suni: she freezes still…. he r face filled with fear….

Davian: “Stop, she doesn’t appear hostile…”

Suni: “No! Not more death!”

YURI: “Verge, that isn’t necessary.”

Suni: and she ducks behind the counter….

Suni: you hear sobbing….


YURI: “She’s scared…”

YURI: “Verge! Please don’t shout at her!”

Suni: “Go away! You are bad… just like them!”


Davian: “Verge, stop it!”

Verge: (I’ll kinda move out of the counter to keep my gun trained on her)

  • Davian steps between Verge and Suni

Verge: “Davian get out of the damn way! She’s one of them!”

Davian: “Can’t you see she obviously isn’t a threat? She’s terrified! Put the gun down!”

Suni: is davian there? i thought you were tending to the wounded in other areas?

Verge: (well I didn’t know he moved Tien)

Davian: Well I was arguing with him over whether or not to steal a ship

Verge: (I figured we were all gathered here)

Suni: better move token over there if you were with Verge

Davian: It’s pretty jumbled as far as what’s happening when, I mean it’s pretty hard to follow exactly what’s going on

Suni: well Tien and Jason adn James are in the room still as you try to devise a plan

Verge: “Unless you want to die, get your hands up!”

Suni: basically about 30 minutes has passed since the mass shooting

Davian: “There is no need for that! Please put the gun away!”

YURI: (I’m also getting pretty slepey)

Verge: (30 minutes damn… why are we taking so long to find a ship? )

Suni: you spent 10 tending to Tien and placed her in your room as you went off to help others.. Verge boarded the Condor to grab gear

Suni: YURI is scanning the station gathering data

Verge: (Damn would figure the camers would be enough to find a ship)

Verge: (Cameras)

Suni: grabbing gear took some time, assuming you got gear for everyone?

Suni: you have found a ship.. several ships

Verge: (Yeah we’d get everyone’s gear)

YURI: (Also I gotta work tomorrow morning ^^; )

Verge: (SO can we assume that YURI and Jason pickd the best one and we go to that?)

Davian: Define best, heh

Verge: (I mean I don’t know what’s available but we got an engineer who would be good at selecting a good ship, I assume he’s familair with a lot of em.)

Suni: yes, but at this point it is 30 minutes since the gun battle

Verge: (Well one that’ll get us the fuck out of here)

Verge: (and not take years to make the trip)

Davian: So basically looking for speed

Verge: (Yeah or cryo stasis)

Verge: (I mean either is good heh.. something that’ll get us to Saturn)

Suni: 10 to doctor Tien, and the rest to break into the landing pad and board the Condor and grab gear.. meanwhile YURI is scanning and talking to Suni and Davian is heling others in this area that are injured

Suni: we can say that Davian has returned to Verge to get hsi doctoring gear

Suni: when Suni exits the room

Suni: ok we can stop there i guess since all are tired and we need to converge on thoughts

Verge: (Yeah, YURI is our eyes and our eyes are half-shut))

Verge: (YURI is busy going into sleep mode)

Suni: Suni is cowering and covering her ears.. she seems mentally and physically distraught as you observe her Vetge.. though you will need phych to assess that in detail

Suni: good thing the doc is there ;)

Verge: (Alright well if her hands are at least covering her ears, I know she isn’t armed)

Davian: lol yeah, I do have psychology in my Medicine! wildcard

Verge: (could her outfit conceal any weapons?)

Davian: I kind of figure the human specialties should apply to sapient AIs since they think and feel more like people

Verge: (Or is it like skin tight?)

Suni: not really… it is a tight little oriantal dress

Suni: i mean she could be hinding something SOMEWHERE

Verge: (Alright I’ll just handcuff her then)

Suni: better do a cavity search

Verge: (I can do that later, once we’re safe aboard the ship

Suni: lol

Verge: with possibly months of journey time..)

Davian: Heh, Davian is going to protest that, I mean she’s obviously emotionally distraught and not a threat

Suni: ok, we’ll Rp that next time at the start

Verge: (heh yeah I mean Verge is a cop, so he’s doing what a cop would do)

Verge: (Gotta take control of the situation)

Suni: Verge can move in to ready cuffs and Davian can object

Davian: I should be able to make a Psychology roll to get him to chill out or something, lol

Verge: (lol well this isn’t really Verge being on edge, ti’s just cop training, I mean you got a possible hostile)

Verge: (So you’re gonna cuff em)

Davian: Or maybe I can try my combat hypnotism

Suni: ok, i know it was kinda chaotic but i think we revealed a lot tonight.. chaotic is really sort of how it SHOULD feel

Verge: (That’s what pretty much all police are gonna do in a situation like that)

Verge: (It isn’t like he’s just gunning her down)

Verge: (But I can’t really see someone with police training not restraining someone like that)

Suni: well Davian is a pacifist and doctor.. so he just playing his personality too.. even though in reality and to a cop what you are doing seems reasonable and normal, to him it would seem excessive

Davian: Yeah heh

Verge: (heh)

Verge: (Yeah, I was just explaining to Tab that I ain’t panicked or acting super emotional)

Suni: "Damnin man what is wrong with you. Can’t you see this lady is distraught. " in a voice like Bones talking to spock

Davian: lol

Verge: lol

Verge: yeah Bones would say that

Suni: ok, fair amouit of progress and reveal tonight.. 4 CP to all

Suni: will get it posted

Verge: ok

Suni: keep in mind cams only show so much.. to get details it will take more research into computer files and logs and leave more “footprints” to your digital snooping or it will take an in-person examination of the areas

Suni: one last thing before i forget….

Suni: YURI relates….

Suni: “The bots that are still active in the research area seem to be making their way to the communications array.”

Davian: lol that doesn’t sound good…

Suni: ammend that

Suni: “The bots that are still active in the research area seem to be making their way to the interplanetary communications array.”

Verge: uh.. maybe we should get on that…

Davian: Heh, trying to beam themselves off

Davian: Yeah lol

Verge: Well probably trying to infect everywhere else

Verge: I mean endeavor got infected by a signal.

Verge: And there’s an internet connection to earth with that thing

Verge: SO yeah, we probably actually do want to stop that

Davian: Yeah heh

Suni: or you can wait and hope the sec forces make it there to stop them

Davian: Well that’s what Davian tried to tell you all along

Davian: We want to work with the Chinese and put this shit down

Suni: if you get caught in the top secret research areas it counld be dicey

Suni: do you have a connundrum… don;t you love the moral conflict

Suni: get accused of being spies.. or save humanity

Verge: Well I mean, maybe we can just cut power to the transmitter

Verge: I mean it needs a bunch of power.

Verge: And we got an engineer.

Suni: very true.. more than one way to skin a cat

Verge: So amybe jsut depower that situation or send a com to the chinese to do that

Verge: Since they probably know their own station better than we do

Davian: It’s probably got backup power though, heh

Suni: maybe you can set off that big experimantal EMP, haha

Verge: heh

Suni: ok, going to gather Yuri in the room with Jason, James and Tien

Suni: or i guess she is scooting her way down the hall, nm

Verge: yeah heh. we can wory about what to do next time I guess

Verge: Will get Suni restrained and then maybe have to John McClane this shit.

Suni: is it christmas… gotta have a christmas party to go john mcclane

Davian: Nah this is more like Die Hard 2 with the terrorists running loose at the airport

Verge: lol.

Suni: oh FYI.. it is closer to fly straight to earth than to go to Saturn… not by a lot but a little and figure you may want to go there instead?

Davian: Yeah however the alignment ends up working out I guess

Davian: Unless like Mars or something is closer

Suni: hehe, yeah… don’t lose your luggage

Verge: oh.

Verge: Yeah lets go to Earth

Verge: I mean I’m looking for the easiest trip

Suni: mars is about the same….


Suni: type in nov 2112

Verge: yeah we might as well jsut go to earth

Suni: i mean it really just depends on where you think you can do the most good

Suni: or get the best reaction

Davian: Well if we think we’re carrying this virus with us do we really want to go to Earth? lol

Verge: well I mean we cancut communications

Suni: lol… very good consideration….

Verge: and tell em to quarantine the ship

Verge: I mean we know it has to travel via some communcaiton so we can probably disable the wirless on all our robots.

Verge: I figure Jason can do that

Suni: that means YURI too…. she not gonna like that

Verge: well she’s a box.

Suni: since she is a media bot

Verge: She’sn gonna have to live with it

Verge: till we know how ti spreads

Verge: It’s a temporary measure

Davian: lol

Suni: YURI gonna hack a war bot… then you won;t say she just a box, lol

Davian: Heh, well I’m gonna grab some sleep, I’ll catch you guys later

Suni: anyway… guess i’ll save progress here

Suni: g’night

Suni: i’m heading that way too

Tabris is disconnected.

Session 11 Log

Transhuman Space Garrion