Plot Cards

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Plot Cards Earned

Using a plot card to create a meaningful story event that challenges yourself or the party will grant a new card upon resolution of that challenge. Using a card to provide aid during an existing challenge uses up that card until such time that new cards are issued by the GM from normal plot progression. This should motivate players to use the cards to craft interesting story events more often rather than simply using them to get out of a bind.

Character Card Options
Davian Greaves Epiphany It all adds up.
A plan comes together.
Someone has a change of heart.
You see it in an all new light.
Erratic Behavior Someone behaves unpredictably.
A fluke causes a bewildering effect.
Someone seems to intentionally fail.
A sure thing has an unexpected result.
James Grayson Point of No Return Something goes to far.
No one has ever traveled here before.
Something damaged cannot be repaired.
You notice something after you jump.
Have a Nice Trip Someone goes on an unexpected trip.
Somebody stumbles.
A weapon flies out of your hand.
A long journey becomes necessary.
Jason Longstreet Archenemy A dreaded face returns.
A copycat crime is committed.
You employ a deadly technique.
You refuse to show mercy again.
Lacuna An embarrassment is forgotten.
No one recognized you.
Vital information goes missing.
How’d he forget that.
Tien Tsin Rebellious Youth No cell can hold you.
You have a few rough contacts.
You know how things really work.
You remember the lingo.
Sanity Check An opponent does something surprising.
Voices in your head suggest horrible deeds.
The room shifts surreally.
Where’d that tentacle come from?
Verge Brink Pride You underestimate a foe.
You waste your money on fancy clothes.
You insist on doing a job right.
Overconfidence proves your undoing.
Beloved Tale It’s like something out of a story.
Your tales inspire courage.
You discover a thing of legend.
A folktale reveals its wisdom.
Y.U.R.I. Lucky Day Something benefits you greatly.
A will from a long lost relative appears.
You find an object lying in the street.
You randomly guess a lock’s combination.
Warm Fuzzy A gift brightens your day.
A sacrifice proves your devotion.
Good omens shine on a venture.
A gesture has great meaning.

Plot Cards

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