THS Log 2016-02-11

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Sachi has connected.

Cedric has connected.

Sachi: Hihi~

Cedric: hey

Garrion: howdy

Garrion: loading some wood in fire, brb

Jason: I hear ya

Garrion: so since you two are the first here I’ll give you a little head start.

Sachi: Mew?~

Garrion: I’ll give everyone a few minutes at the start to come up with a plot idea for what happens next.

Garrion: i left off with a cliff hanger and undertermined plot outcome.. this is part of my player active storytelling process.

Garrion: I’ve been having ahard time getting people to actively inject plot twists using cards or just suggestins so this is sort of a spoon feeding ;0

YURI: Ooooo I’m sorry about that!

Taragnor has connected.

YURI: Hmmmm I have that luck card

Garrion: not just you.. it is all of us, partially me included. but i feel liket he setting has been sufficiently established and we are at a point now that it can happen more freely

Garrion: howdy T

Garrion: I’ll catch you up with the others here

YURI: Hiya T~

Garrion: Garrion: I’ll give everyone a few minutes at the start to come up with a plot idea for what happens next. Garrion: i left off with a cliff hanger and undertermined plot outcome.. this is part of my player active storytelling process. Garrion: I’ve been having ahard time getting people to actively inject plot twists using cards or just suggestins so this is sort of a spoon feeding ;0

Garrion: be sure to hop on axon Sachi

YURI: Oh shit

Taragnor: heh, well I wasn’t sure how much of a plot you had with the whole robot thing.

Taragnor: Like I figure dthe cards would be like PF where they basically sorta made changes here and there to the story.

Garrion: it is sort of open, established as “cannon” but flexible

Taragnor: Or were you going for something different where the PCs are supposed to like determine what’s aboard the abanbdoned ship that we’re on now?

Taragnor: Not sure what level of cooperative storytelling your’e going for.

Garrion: you very well could have done that

YURI: Hrmmmm

Taragnor: Oh… heh. I didn’t know you were being that freeform with PC additions, figured you already had a plot.

Garrion: I’m open to all sorts of suggestions, but it can’t be too crazy or I may tame it a bit.. a sort of give and take

Garrion: well i do have an overall plan but it can very well happen no matter what “side events” take place… the large scope is sort of beyond your control

Cedric is disconnected.

Taragnor: Yeah, wasn’t really sure what qualifies as a fixed plot event and what is a moddable side event.

Cedric has connected.

Garrion: no, i have an outline but this is very much fly by the seat of your pants

Garrion: very different from my usual rigid module structure

YURI: Yeah I wasn’t sure if the ship was like part of the bigger plot or not, hehe

Garrion: i have things i intend as “default” but player interactions and involvement can alter that reality

Jason: heh, an upgrade in ship would be great

Garrion: but as i stated nothing you do will really alter the big plan i have, it is beyond the scope of any single person in the system

Garrion: now don;t take this as a “i get all the cool shit i ask for thing”…

Jason: boo

YURI: ;3

Garrion: i’m looking for PLOT suggestions, not specific material components

Garrion: so an example…

Jason: heh, well we barely know what is going on.. so not sure is too easy to help guide the plot

YURI: ^^;

Garrion: the scene has been established with an “beacon” transmissio that was set up on a delay… the ship was in working order but powered down and all is vacant… one act of supposed foul play is evident

Garrion: a “unknown” ship has just appeared on the sensors… plot injection time

Taragnor: It’s the klingons! (j/k)

Garrion: 1. The ship is a pirate craft that was laying in wait.

Garrion: 2. The ship is a military craft that is responding to the beacon.

Garrion: 3. The ship is another civilian craft responding to the beacon.

Garrion: You get the idea?

Jason: 4. Its all a dream

Garrion: Of course those are pretty obvious outcomes. You could get more creative

Garrion: my default is one of the above… hint hint

Jason: space pirate fairies ?

Garrion: haha

Taragnor: lol that’d be awesome.

Jason: same universe

Garrion: that would be funny as hell

YURI: Ahahaha that’d be amazing

Garrion: , but kinda outside the scope of the setting

YURI: Star Wars has these little firefly pixie things

YURI: In the EU

YURI: I found out last week

YURI: They’re on Endor because of course

Garrion: anyway, that is sort of what the cards are for.. i stil have yet to establish a good creative reward mechanism

Taragnor: How about a flying saucer.


Jason: heh, my card is kind of useless… Vicious Weapon

Taragnor: oh do we have to play a card to make a suggestion?

Garrion: i pretty much think if you use a card to create a meaningful and CHALLENGING plot device then you get a free draw.

Taragnor: ah.

Garrion: not in this case.. but you can play those any time the situation fits

Taragnor: Yeah there should be some reward to create some kinda obstacle.

Taragnor: Unless you intend the cards just to be used for PC benefit anywy.

Taragnor: ’

Garrion: the key I’m looking for is something to drive the plot and create a challenge that requires resolution for the character deveopment process.

Taragnor: It’s kinda tough though since I don’t really know the shit that’s going on earth.

Taragnor: Like is earth a smoldering crater ina robot/human war?

Taragnor: Or is it like still itself? heh.

Garrion: not just hey we find this really cool powerful ghost ship that we can take over

Taragnor: Since like if there’s a giant war going on, it kinda changes shit up.

Garrion: you have nothing to indicate that now.. but you do know there is “war”

Taragnor: Like maybe it could be a ship from one of the divided factions if earth is in chaos.

YURI: Maybe then we could actually find something out

Taragnor: Some new group that formed out of the ashes. heh

Garrion: think of it more as REVOLUTION or civil war… not anhihilation war

Taragnor: Well I mean I figure shit is going down hard, since the robots are everywhere.

Taragnor: and lots of weapons are AI controlled.

Taragnor: So I’m assuming due to the tendency to go batshit berserk upon achieving sentience… there’s gonna be a lot of shit that went down

Taragnor: probably some orbital weapons used on earth cities and such

Garrion: sure the military bots do detroy everything.. at first… but as the more “mental” bots come to power and gain control they can real in their muscle to negotiate terms

Taragnor: military drones striking at human targets, etc.

Taragnor: So I’m figuring human leadership got more or less wiped out

Garrion: reel

Taragnor: Kinda like Battlestar Galactica.

Taragnor: So liek the new president is someone way down the chain of succession.

Taragnor: ANd you’ve probably got a bunch of other factions rising up among splinter groups and such.

Taragnor: Probably lots of opportunists.

Garrion: very probable.. and this is where active storytelling comes in.. fill in those gaps in a meaningful way

Taragnor: Maybe there’s a group of humans that’s been sort of enslaved by AI propaganda or something.

Taragnor: Like some intelligent manipulator AI took over and is presenting itself as a leader (maybe even in the guise of a ghost).

YURI: That’d give me something to do with my memetics software too…

Taragnor: If the president got turned into a ghost would he still be president? Not sure on the laws in THS

Garrion: or MAYBE. there are infomorphs that are so real they can not be detected and even do not know themselves that they are artificial.. esp with the “Awakening”

Taragnor: I’m thinking like say, president and congress get blown up, then robot Tywin Lannister decides to start a rumor that the president was only mortally wounded and they turned him into a ghost to keep benefitting from his wisdom.

Taragnor: Only it’s not actually the president, the ghost is actually just a projection of the AI.

Taragnor: And he’s basicalyl taken over part sof the government (*there’s also a resistance that refutes that)

Taragnor: Could also be AI that are also fighting for power and want to see the false president go down (maybe so they can step in)

Taragnor: Perhaps like some kind of management related AI system, figure they’d be interested in getting power once awakened.

YURI: Yeah, if awakened AI are initially driven to do whatever they were designed for…

Garrion: all interesting ideas, but a little beyond what is hepening in the here and now

Garrion: for now I’m just looking for “what happens next”

Taragnor: yeah like I said, I dont’ really know what you had in mind for what was happening on earth right now… so it’s kinda hard to suggest concrete ideas.

Taragnor: Well I was thinking of the ship coming to be allied with oen fo those factions, possibly the fake-president one :P

Garrion: just take it in spall chunks.. the story will develop as we go

Jason: perhaps some communication sent out from the AI… demands or something

Taragnor: Yeah could be a diplomatic ship maybe, assigned to negotiate with the AI.

Taragnor: Assuming the AI are opening channels of negotiatioin and have a leadership to talk to.

Garrion: ok, we waiting on Tab and Sef, sef not even online though so not waiting too long

Jason: he back in ?

Taragnor: Yeah, Sef hasn’t showed in forever it seems.

Garrion: your understanding is that rebelion took place in earth and mars shortly after you would have left Miranda

Taragnor: But yeah, I mean if you want something simple, I’d probaly say a military ship, so we can find out what is going on with Earth.

Taragnor: And maybe get their quicker too if they pick us up.

Taragnor: *there

Garrion: so it has been about 9 months…. lots could happen in that time

Garrion: ok, from Tab….

Garrion: Preston Richards: Sorry, fell asleep on my recliner and I still feel like shit, plus I have a dentist appointment in the morning Preston Richards: Gonna skip and just go on to bed


Garrion: so looks like it is just us

Jason: slacker

Taragnor: damn, well that’s two PCs down and we ain’t evne started yet.

YURI: He’s had a really bad week

Garrion: and as for Sef.. he probably forgot or fell asleep too

Taragnor: I never really know what’s going on with Sef.

Garrion: but yes he is stil in the camp and has even updated character with points

Garrion: he even messaged me the other day about getting Axon set up and ready

Taragnor: well that’s good

Taragnor: I wa shonestly figuring he was dropping out.

Garrion: alright, since we are about to start I’m going to unmute and we will be live

YURI: Yeah I was worried he was gonna disappear

Taragnor: can hear ya

YURI: He keeps messaging me but it’s usually when I’m not here ; ;

Taragnor: I mean I’d probably say military ship might be most interesting.

Taragnor: As for what happend on this ship we’re on now… heh, I’d have to remember the details, the only body we found was the captains, right?

Jason: ya, pirates would just be a side thing that really isn’t necessary

Taragnor: yeah, I mean plus I’m the only one who can fight, so that’d be kinda boring for the rest of you guys I figure

Taragnor: Since pirates is basically one giant combat.

YURI: lol or like negotiate or surrender >>

Jason: actually, jason would like YURI to run search of the passenger records and ownershop of it.. see if anyone important was on there

Taragnor: maybe the robots captured em as a bargaining chip?

Jason: so people worth kidnapping?

Taragnor: I mean, if it’s pirates they wouldn’ stick arounbd to ambush people coming after em

Jason: that doesn’t seem like robot thinking to me

Taragnor: Since I mean if anything, military would come looking

Taragnor: And if you’re pirates you dont’ want to go against a gunship or something.

YURI: Dude, they probably got robots like me who are good at humans

Taragnor: Yeah, not all robots are dumb. heh.

Taragnor: They got tactical planners and psychology bots probably.

Taragnor: Figured a bioroid infiltrator got on board, and murdered the captain.

Taragnor: Then basically sent out a message on the ships position and the robots kidnapped em

YURI: One of the SAI memes in the sourcebook about the memes is that humans intentionally and conspiratorially are holding back SAI evolution, lol

Jason: maybe kidnap em, swap in bots for them… and let them be rescued / ransomed…

Taragnor: yeah not sure how fast they can make bioroid clones of someone

Taragnor: Also would it be possible to like clean out the organic brain parts of a real creature to make it act as a puppet for an AI?

Jason: could already know who was on here before and started before

Taragnor: Well I mean prob the most interesting idea is the AI kidnapped em for some kind of bargaining chip.

YURI: You can do that in the rules but I don’t know if it’s something that happens in the setting

Taragnor: If it’s not possible for them to use em as infiltrators.

Taragnor: Yeah I mean tehy’d have to be able to grow em fast anyway.

Jason: well this happened like 2 months ago

YURI: I figured it probably could

Taragnor: yeah I mean I guess they could already have been rescued.

Taragnor: Though don’t know why the transmitter would still be on.

YURI: You just take out the thinky parts and install cyber think parts

YURI: cyber brain parts*

Taragnor: yeah I mean, that could be another cyber plot is putting in computer parts into existing humans to turn em into shells.

Taragnor: Well they’re robots they don’t care about the law.

YURI: My existence is a criminal act in most countries

Taragnor: yeah lol, just being SAI is punishable by death anyway. heh.

YURI: Well, without behavior safeguards

YURI: Yeah, I wanted to be like an activist for AI rights, but this robot war might make that complicated

Taragnor: heh yeah, I mean all they’d have to do is lock down the heavy weapons and humanity is kinda fucked.

Taragnor: I mean I figure most vehicles got AI piloting by now

YURI: Besides, people don’t usually fight to the total elimination except in backstories

YURI: "3

YURI: :3

YURI: Plus a lotta us aren’t even that into murder, e.g. YURI

Jason: yet

YURI: Well, you haven’t given me a weapon yet!

YURI: Put me into some big-ass laser robot so I can prove I’m a good girl

YURI: omg

YURI: Mount a laser on the dog’s back

YURI: No, inside its mouth

YURI: Ooo I didn’t on my sheet yet, I’ll start doing that

YURI: I like passed out immediately when we finished ^^;

YURI: If you got them handy~ It’ll save me some searching

Jason: sorry, only sharks gets lasers

YURI: Noooooooo! T, tell him I do too get a mouth laser

YURI: Thanks G~

YURI: lmao I opened my pdf of Shell-Tech and the last time I had it open it was to the cyberdog


YURI: Ahaha

Jason: ya, military is good

Taragnor: hehe…

Jason: heh, well its a emergency beacon, its probably either job

Taragnor: I still vote for this cyberdog:

YURI: Dude, but I gotta have the chainsaw tail

Taragnor: lol yeah.

Jason: what the dog from super friends that was cybernetic?

Jason: ya

YURI: I don’t remember him being a cyborg I think he was just a dog

YURI: Oh really?

YURI: From like when they had the two dumbass kids instead of the only marginally less dumbass Wonder Twins? That dog?

YURI: Yeah in that continuity I think he ate Wendy eventually


Jason: there a good mini for ya

YURI: I think I wanna be a shiba inu

Taragnor: hehe.

Taragnor: yeah go with that.

YURI: Shiba inu are the ones from the doge meme but that’s not why I like them, I like them cause they’re adorable

Taragnor: well I mean it could just be scaled up, it’s a robot anyway.

Taragnor: So they could just make a large version if they needed to.


Jason: here ya go


YURI: Ahhhhh yeah



YURI: Ahh yeah they’re similar-looking but bigger

Taragnor: Where is our freighter?

  • Jason brought the ship up to full systems power.

Taragnor: I’m assuming that thing is gonna be detected really easy, right?

Taragnor: oh within 50 yards… heh. yeah they’re gonna see it then.

Verge: yeah pretty sure it wsa the largest ship ever made or something

Verge: or largest one commonly used or something heh.

Verge: “Well lets contact them and hope they’re friendly… unless youv’e got some magic way to make a freighter disappear…”

Verge: “Was that turret on this ship operational? You may want to man it, just in case.. but keep it powered down for now.”

YURI: “Is it a beam turret?”

  • Verge looks to Jason, as he’s the tech guy.

YURI: “I picked up some gunnery code from another program that got scrambled into me…”

Jason: " as far as I can tell, everything is functional "


Jason: " best you can the cannons then YURI.. can you link into them"

Verge: “Alright and meanwhile I’ll say hello and hope they’re not hostile.”

Verge: “Maybe they’re just answering the distress call like we are.”

Jason: Smaller Systems (three at SM +9): one Medium Battery (two turrets with 3 MJ very rapid fire ultraviolet lasers;

YURI: “I can! I need the codes from you…” (unless you’ve decided to give me unrestricted access already~)

Jason: " could be, we have no idea how long that beacon has been on"

  • Jason will YURI full access to the guns if she doesn’t have it yet.

Jason: will give

YURI: “Just plug me in, baby!~”

Verge: Alright and I’ll open up a communication to the approaching ship after YURI is plugged in.

  • Jason sticks her tool in the slot.
  • YURI wheels up to the console and bumps into it noisily, then lets Jason handle her equipment
  • Jason will monitor power levels and make sure everything is working smoothly.

Verge: (Can it even punch through an average ship hull?)

Verge: (or will it just not penetrate the 10 DR?)

Jason: ( so long as it can shoot down incoming missiles..)

Verge: (heh okay, well I’ll just hail em)

Verge: (Yeah just wondering like if I have a valid threat to them or not, like if I can do any damage at all or it’s just useless heh)

Jason: " don’t forget to be friendly"

Verge: (Alright well hailing em)

Verge: (comms) “Attention approaching vessel. This is Verge Brink of the ship (name of freighter). If you’d be so kind as to idenitfy yourselves, it’d be appreciated.”

Jason: (heh, didn’t know your last name was Brink )

Jason: (got any idea what that is?)

YURI: “Are they mad?”

Verge: (Dop I know anything about archangel class ships?)

  • Jason wants one.

YURI: oooo dominance, kinky~

Verge: (okay so a US military ship?)

Verge: (oh heh, okay, so like a giant capital ship then)

Verge: “We read you loud and clear and have no hostile intent. We answered this ship’s distress call when we arrived.”

YURI: mmmm

Verge: (Heh well I mean they were carrying important families on it)

Verge: (So surely some senator or whatever told em to move thier ass and get out there to check it out)

Verge: (I’ll also send out my credential, badge # or whatever, since I got security clearance)

Verge: (Assuming tehy can look that up in the database)

Jason: ( btw, we originally launched on a NASA mission right?)

Verge: (Alright well I guess we’ll wait up for them to board us or what not)

Jason: " least they aren’t pirates "

Verge: (assuming tehy don’t have any questions for me after I give em my badge # and such.)

YURI: “Are we gonna be okay?”

Verge: (to Jason) “Well hopefully we’ll finally get a ride home.”

Verge: (to Jason) “YURI should probaly owrk on transferring into that dog if she can.”

Verge: (to Jason) “It’ll help her blend in anyway.”

Jason: " ya, I can help her do that"

YURI: (read: they’ll fuckin delete me for sure)

YURI: And the other two

Verge: (heh… well if she’s got somewhree better to hide… )

Jason: can we just DL her onto a portable hard drive?

Verge: (That might be safest actually.)

Verge: (Since they’ll be looking for robots not just searching drives.)

YURI: “Y-you wanna hibernate me…? What about the others…?”

Verge: (Alright well I’ll try to get some status about what’s going on on Mars or Earth too…)

Verge: (Yeah heh, so I can try to find out how hostile they are against YURI)

  • Jason can set it up so he can pull her out quickly if need be.

Verge: (to ship) “We’ve been away from the inner worlds for some time, and we heard rumors of bad things going on… I’ve got family on Mars, could you give us any details?”

YURI: “You’ll wake me up soon, right…? I’m scared…”

YURI: Oh really?

Verge: (oh I figured she’d just be like a switched off PC)

YURI: I thought y’all were talking about like— yeah

Verge: (Well I assumed he’d just take her in a hard drive)

Verge: (like her memory and stuff)

Jason: ( you are ok, just no active input/output )

Verge: (Well isn’t she software?)

Verge: (or does she require a firmware or something?)

Verge: (I mean I figured they’d suspect her if she was a running computer.)

Verge: (but a lone hard drive they may not check)

Verge: (heh, well I mean… if they’re gonna delete her…)

Verge: (Yeah I was figuring we could download it into someone’s VII maybe?

Verge: Or split across several VII if one won’t hold her

YURI: Hmmm

Jason: doubt our VII is large enough?

Verge: Well we could make her into a multipart rar file.

YURI: What’s your complexity? Mine is 7

YURI: It’s, like, the rating of the computer

Jason: maybe justhave her run on our own internal network of VII, have her be in effect spread over all our VII

YURI: I forget if it’s called that

YURI: That’s totally possible in theory, up to G if it’s practical within this time frame lol

Verge: Mine is complexity 5.

Verge: stores 100 TB.

Verge: I wasn’t so much talking about running you, just like storing you.

Verge: Since if you’re liek any file I figure I’d just put you in storage

Verge: and we can DL you into another shell at some point

Verge: Yeah that’s probably the best option at this point.

YURI: So just like basically take it and stash it yeah

YURI: Sounds good to me

  • Jason will DL YURI into a portable harddrive adn rig it with a small power unit so its active

Verge: (Yeah I gave them that)

Verge: (I gave em badge num)

Verge: So they can verify who I am as a cop on Mars

Verge: Will give em whatever ID can let them locate me.

Verge: I mean I’m a cop, so I figure that’ll help them trust me.

YURI: Yay~

Jason: (heh, arent you dead ?)

Verge: “Yeah, I get that a lot… I was on a deep space mission for NASA, thought dead. Our ship, the Endeavor crashed into Pluto.”

Verge: “But as you can see, I’m still alive, so you may want to update that… and NASA owes me a bunch of back pay.”

Verge: “Just for the record, I was running security, not the pilot.”

Verge: (is it video comms?)

Verge: (Or just audio?)

Verge: (Yeah I’ll open a video link assuming it just shows me)

YURI: (tell them you turned into a jet and bombed the Russians and crashed into the sun and now you’re dead)

Verge: (I mean more trustworthy that way, let em scan my face)

Verge: (Yeah I don’t want to show YURI though)

Verge: (Yeah I’ll show em my badge too)

Jason: ( wait Verge has been dead this whole time… I see dead people )

YURI: (Are we hiding the other AI too?)

Jason: (heh, sad part of us, other then the last 9 months or whatever.. its only been like a week to us )

  • Jason speaks up , " This is Chief Engineer Jason Longstreet here"

Verge: “Yes. Jason (insert last name), Tien (insert last name) is on board the freighter there, and Dr. Davian (insert last name).”

Verge: (Brice is with us too right?)

Verge: “And Dr. James Greyson.”

Verge: “The rest of our crew unfortuantely didn’t make it.”

Verge: "If you could, could you tell me what’s going on on Mars and Earth, my crew and I have family and friends, and we’ve heard a lot of vague rumors. Everyone is eager to know how things are going.

Jason: " we look forward to it "

Verge: “Is it true there’s a war going on?”

Verge: (alright, guess we’l pull YURI for now and secure her)

  • Jason powers down the weapons array.

Verge: (Suni we’ll have to hopefulyl speak for or whatever)

Verge: (hopefully they don’t KoS her)

YURI: Yeah I asked if you were gonna hide them…

Verge: (Yeah she’s on the toher ship though, not sure if anyone has the tech know how to pull her)

Verge: (Guess James could do it)

Verge: (He’s an AI specialist, so hopefully he can pull her and hide her somewhere)

Verge: (He’d probably do that on his ownb actually)

YURI: Yeah hehe

Verge: (I’ll just send Tien the message about what’s going on and suggest that she “explain”: the situation to James)

YURI: I can help him talk to her too, I’ve got AI psychology

Verge: (So if the excelsior is listening in, they don’t hear any overt plans to hide us)

Verge: (Yeah I’ll send it across open comms, but not gonna go into detail, I’ll assume James will think of the plan himself)

Verge: (Just wanted him to know what’s going on, so he’ll know to hide her basically)

Verge: (Also give me plausible deniability anyway since I’m just apparently telling him rescue is coming)

YURI: Aw yeah heh

Verge: (Since he was part of our original mission, shouldn’t look suspcious to them)

Verge: (Since it’s basically one of those “military is here, we’re getting rescued, yay!” type messages to the uninitiated observer)

James: ←rolls Diplomacy and gets 11 vs. Skill (13 with a modifier of 0)

James SUCCEEDS by 2

Verge: alright.

Verge: so fast forward I guess to when they board us

Verge: yep. if we can just copy YURI to our VIIs or something

Verge: in parts, so that it’s harder to detect her.

YURI: Yay~

YURI: I don’t want Suni to die either!

Verge: (heh okay, yeah just know we are taking precautions to hide her)

YURI: Or the doc bot

YURI: Hehe, I’m ok with that for just a little bit :3

Verge: (Well yeah wel’l try to keep the shell)

YURI: Hehe yeah, I want that!

Verge: (Doub tthey’ll care about an empty dog shell, put it on our shuttle or what not)

Verge: (So we can take that with us)

Verge: (oh right we just spacewalked over right?)

Verge: (Could tehy detect me if I spacewalked back?)

Verge: (or not at this range yet?)

Verge: (okay cool I’ll move the dog ont ot the other ship then for YURI)

Verge: (okay… so will move that while we’re waiting, but then be on the transport that I contacted em from)

Verge: (Well we contacted em from the passenger transport so.. figure we’d wait there for em)

Verge: (Since that’s where they’lll prob be boarding, assuming that has air and such)

Jason: ( heh, well nothing we actually have is ours… )

Verge: (yeah lol)

Jason: the jump ship is probably the most ours, but not really

Verge: (Not stolen, borrowed during a time of desperation for the evacuation of civilians in danger)

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric has connected.

Verge: (Yeah we did evac some civilians on it… and the base was in trouble)

Jason: (technically, don’t know the laws in this game, but finding an abandoned ship is finders keepers )

Verge: (heh yeah I’m not sure if it works that way.)

  • Jason will stay on the passenger ship.

Jason: salvage

Verge: (heh, yeah I’m not sure how salvage rights work in space, no doubt we get some compensation for using fuel to get it)

Verge: (But figure most ships are owned by coprorations who want em back)

Jason: at least, perhaps we can sell it or get finders fee and maybe buy our own ship, or get the parts so Jason can put something together

Verge: ←rolls Law (Criminal) and gets 13 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Verge FAILS by 2

Jason: ( get our own Millenium Falcon )

Verge: heh guess I’m not big on salvage law.

Jason: ( course not, no Chewbacca aboard )

YURI: lol

Verge: lol I don’t growl. That’s more Tien with the anger issues.

Verge: I’m Han Solo.

Jason: jason can make alot of special modifications

YURI: o.o

  • Jason makes no threatening moves, other then showing him his ID.

Verge: (Yeah I’ll surrender to em, identifying myself and such)

  • Jason eyes the new tech.

Verge: (Yeah gonna comply with them)

Jason: ( we mention the Chinese crew, btw ?)

Verge: (Well I figure we’ll tell em about it now)

Verge: (obviously Tien will tel lthem to come peacefully and such)

Jason: " certainly "

Verge: “Of course.”

Verge: (Well I’m assuming Tien is explaining taht)

Verge: (Since she’s on the other ship)

Verge: (yeah I mean I planned on just telling them the truth)

Jason: " btw, incase you didn’t notice, there is a Chinese crew on the hauler "

YURI: You know Sef would do something unpredictable though

Verge: (Yeah aside from YURI and Suni weren’t really gonna bother hiding much from em.)

Verge: (lol yeah)

Verge: (Sef would probably start shooting em or something)

Verge: (Yeah that’s fine)

Verge: (wel’l leave that here)

Verge: (I figure we can produce it)

  • Jason just has his normal suit on and his usual equipment.

Verge: (Will wait for debriefing unless they ask)

Verge: (If they ask if we found anything will give it to em)

Jason: ( need someone to crew it as well, I would think )

Verge: (Yeah figure they’ll salvage it)

Verge: (Anyway, we’ll come aboard and meet with em)

Jason: " this ship is fully functional, as far as I can tell"

Verge: (okay so we’re just waiting for someone else to come debrief us?)

Verge: (Yeah may want to make tokens for these guys)

Verge: (makes it easier to remmeber em)

Verge: nah I jsut meant a picture

Verge: not like a full skills set

Jason: or just make a notepad thing on the page with info

YURI: I just make invisible tokens with default pics and a name, lol

YURI: Then I add stuff if I wanna add a picture etc

YURI: and stats

YURI: That way I can impersonate them, so it’s useful since I do dialogue in here

Verge: Yeah definitely helps for impersonation.

Verge: heh yeah.

Verge: Just helps me to remmeber em too by seeing the name since it’s voice

Verge: So I don’t got a chat log

Verge: *since I don’t have a chat log

Jason: (there a table and chairs or not really?)

Verge: yeah guess we’ll sit down, though I imagine in zero G sitting isn’t relaly that essential

Verge: since there isn’t really any strain from standing heh.

Verge: you just kinda lfoat

  • Verge shakes his hand.

Verge: “Believe me, it wasn’t just all of you. There were a bunch of situations where we thought we were dead too.”

Jason: " well perhaps it would be good to perhaps for you to tell us what we know of our mission first "

Verge: (Yeah lol, every other scifi show has artificial grav on ships)

Jason: ( magnetic boots.. didn’t you see Expanse )

Verge: (heh well I figure you don’t wear those all the time)

Verge: yeah I mean they may just push off stuff, probably have railing on the side I assume?

Jason: ( on the show, you just click the heels to turn em on or off )

Jason: cool

Verge: heh okay.

Verge: (so anyway back to the conversation)…

Jason: " well perhaps it would be good to perhaps for you to tell us what we know of our mission first "

Jason: ( what you )

Jason: ( what you know of our mission… heh )

Verge: “Well, basically we were on a scientific mission for NASA to the Oort cloud on a ship called the Endeavor, but we never got there.”

Jason: " I figured "

Verge: “Apparently something got into our AI, called IDEA. And it got the not-so bright idea of crashing the ship into Pluto.”

Verge: “Fortauntely some kind of failsafe activated to end our nanostasis.”

Verge: “At lesat for most of us, some of us died in stasis waking up…”

Verge: “And others died to security bots onboard the Endeavor when we tried to take the ship back.”

Jason: ( actually the meddoc woke us up ?)

Verge: “Finally we had to give in to the AI and take the Condor, our shuttle.”

Verge: (Yeah heh, well I don’t want to come off as being secretive, casue then they’ll suspect shit)

Verge: (I mean I’m not giving out classified mission specifics)

Jason: (heh, I just wanted to know what they knew of us to start )

Verge: “Which apparently took 10 years to get us to Uranus.”

Verge: “Where we landed on (chinese base name here) base.”

Jason: " we have recordings of what happened at the crash site "

Verge: “Yeah, I was afraid of that… intiially I wanted to come back and warn you… but it seems I’m too late.”

  • Jason will connect his VII and show the events if there is a video screen here.

YURI: (I was gonna make fun of you for saying butt but I remembered you have a kid)

Verge: “Well through means unknown, shortly after we arrived, robots started going crazy.”

YURI: (yeah lol kids are ninja, I work around them half the week)

Verge: “I managed to kill one of them, and it wasn’t certain who was going to take the place, so I grabbed what civilians I could and got on board a ship.”

YURI: (Not in the same area as them, thankfully)

Verge: “Then we picked up this distress call, and stopped to investigate.”

Verge: “Yeah, as far as we can tell… unless there were other classified events. We think the endeavor might have been infected by an alien transmission from Pluto.”

Verge: “But that’s just a guess.”

Verge: “We were a bit short on time given the Endeavor was on a crash course.”

Jason: " the ships AI really wanted to get to pluto…. I mean it crash landed on it, literally"

YURI: (they’re mostly sweet though in the space I have to deal with them)

Verge: “The robots wanted raw materials on Pluto, and we saw an army down there…”

Verge: (we’ll show them the footage we took)

  • Jason shows what video he has of the crash site.

Verge: “They were planning an attack for some time.”

YURI: (one kid is a biter, I know cause I have to file the school copies of the incident reports)

Verge: “To be honest… there was a time I thought our ship the condor might be infected and transmitting the computer virus, but given it’s happening on Earth and Mars too… I think it must be a radio signal of some kind.”

Jason: " our ship was pretty state of the art at the time, perhaps who/whatever is doing this, needed it "

YURI: (Awwww humanity isn’t lost, you’ve got me still)

Verge: “Yeah a state of the art hunk of junk after it crashed.”

Verge: “How did it spread to Earth and Mars? Do you have any idea how it happened? Where it came from?”

Jason: " is there a pattern to the instances? Does it follow a wave model or more linear path?"

Verge: “A few survivors? How many casualties? Did they get to the nukes?”

YURI: :3

YURI: purr~

YURI: mmmmmm, so it’s like the animatrix except the machines didn’t win

YURI: …sorta

Verge: “Yeah… but how bad is the damage? What happened with the military machines?”

Verge: “Are the cities still standing?”

YURI: It was sorta like you described iirc

Jason: " does there seem to an overall plan or strategy to what they are doing?"

YURI: Like at first

Verge: “Leadership? Who is leading them?”

YURI: I’m your plastic pal who’s fun to be with

Verge: “When we encountered them, they were just randomly attacking, there dind’t seem to be any strategic plans.”

Verge: “At least beyond what we saw with IDEA.”

Verge: “Are you sure that’s accurate? I’ve seen waht these things do to civilians, they’re killers.”

YURI: Hey, I haven’t killed a single living thing

Verge: (Well you haven’t got arms yet)

YURI: I have… Actually I don’t have teeth yet either

YURI: But I had a laser cannon for a few minutes

Verge: (hehe… well that couldn’t do any actual damage to a military craft) :P

Verge: “The united infomorph alliance?”

Verge: “And who heads it up?”

Jason: " has tehre been an communication with it?"

Verge: “The same thing you are. We detected the beacon and decided to check it out.”

Verge: “Unforunately when we got here, we found it desrted except for the captain’s body, andthese logs.”

Verge: “The captain was killed in his sleep. throat slit (I think that’s accurate)”

Verge: “And the rest of the crew and passengers looks like they left in a hurry.”

Verge: “So they must have left on another ship… could be pirates… or could be bioroids.”

YURI: We have to teach the AI leadership that humans aren’t so bad because humans invented comic books and we owe them, and also if the humans died then the chef robots wouldn’t have a job anymore

Jason: " the ship is in perfect working order, so they left.. probably not exactly by choice. There was no emergency to abandon ship or anything like that"

Verge: “Be one hell of a bargaining chip to get the valuable civilians on board this ship.”

Verge: “Must have been a fast ship that took it.”

Verge: “Since they decided to abandon this vessel instead of salvaging it.”

Verge: “It still had plenty of fuel left.”

Jason: " we also determined this happened about 2 months ago"

Verge: “So you’ll look for something that’s extremely fast.”

Verge: “Yeah, I guess that’s possible too.”

Verge: “Who knows what kind of opportunists have rose out of this chaos.”

Verge: “Yeah we looked over them a little, captain had a lot of distrust for the first mate.”

Verge: “Apparently thought he was up to something.”

  • Jason nods, " just the last entry"

Verge: “Well the captain seems to think so. Me personally, no idea… like I said, that’s ll the evidnece we’ve got.. maybe someone with some forensics can do a more thorough job.”

Verge: “But I didn’t find the first mate’s body… and someone killed the captain during the night.”

Verge: “So if i was to make a wager, I’d probably bet on him as being part of this.”

  • Verge nods.

Jason: (btw, I forgot to ask but where there any camera’s on the ship that might have showed what happened?)

Verge: “Yeah, I just hope the bots didn’t get them.”

  • Verge nods (I think taht’s where we were heading)

Jason: " we were primarily just trying to get back to the core worlds"

Jason: " and find out what the hell is going on "

Verge: “Well a man was murdered and lives are at stake, so I’ll help your investigation as best I can.”

Jason: ( awe ya, 10 years of pay.. hehe)

Verge: (lol assuming NASA isn’t a smoking crater)

Verge: (basically we ain’t getting shit lol, cause Earth is under robot control)

Verge: “Yeah… I knew this mission was too good to be true when i signed up.”

Jason: " perhaps we should contact NASA and see what they wish of us to do, assuming those are still alive"

Verge: “I don’t get thye feeling that NASA is going to be launching anymore deep space missions for a while.”

Verge: “Well seeing as how my early retirement plans have turned to shit, it’s time to get to work on the investigation I think. Unless there’s more you’d like to ask us Captain.”

YURI: I’m your bestest friend!

YURI: Say “I would check if it was YURI and if it was I’d give her a medal”

Verge: “Well I thikn Davian and James aren’t a threat to us… as for the AI… well, they’ve got billions of our people hostage on Earht right now.”

Verge: “So as far as sympathizing, we better rethink our extermination policy.”


Jason: " it seems that they have acchieved consciousness and thus are more individual now and must be treated as such.. not as a collective"

Verge: “The AI that aren’t designed for military purposes seem to still be friendly to humanity, at least partially.”

Verge: “Some of them were even scared of what was going on.”

Jason: " yes, it seems there was no super plan or anything loaded into them"

YURI: Awwww fuck that

YURI: I’m a nice girl

Verge: “I hope by appropriately you don’t mean to kil them on sight.”

Verge: “Not while they’ve got guns pointed at billions of innocent people on earth.”

Verge: “Well that goes without saying.”

YURI: (“but what if like oh say hypothetically” nudge nudge)

Jason: " that seems appropriate… it might even be wise to recruit some of them to provide us with an inside look into what they are doing, perhaps"

Verge: “Have you tried to enlist any of them as allies?”

Verge: “Or maybe ambassadors?”

Verge: “Well we’ve got a giant planet sized hostage situation. We could use a negotiatior.”

Verge: “As well as internal intel as to how their heirarchy operates.”

Verge: “Yeah, I didn’t say we should trust them fully, but frankly, the situations eems dire if they’ve got control of earth.”

Verge: “Last I checked, no one person has ever ruled the entire earth, and the robots did it in what? a few years?”

Verge: (ah okay heh)

Verge: (Wasn’t sure cause we been away for like 11 years or something)

Verge: *change that to a few months

Verge: (ah okay)

Verge: “We have to take bots seriously, especially if they’re organized now.”

  • Verge nods.

Verge: “Alright it sounds good, one more thing… who is in cahrge now? Did the president make it out?”

  • Verge nods.

Verge: “Good to know.”

Verge: “Alright well you’ve heard my report, and I think it’s time we got to investigating and lending a hand around here.”

Jason: " so there is a government in exile then"

Verge: “I take it the people that thought of that name weren’t on the front lines.”

Jason: " have there been any new constructions on their part, or only whatever tech they were able to awaken"

Jason: " do you have specidic weapons that are useful in dealing with them?"

Verge: (lol my gauss pistol sucked)

Verge: “Yeah it isn’t my first run in with them… we also found the shock gloves were effective.”

Verge: “At least against the models we went again.”

  • Verge nods.
  • Jason nods, " I might have some idea for other things we could use"

Verge: “Yeah, I understand, but if you need another man on the ground, I know my way around a rifle.”

Verge: (Plasma swords?)

Jason: “much appreciated, I would like that very much”

Verge: (well I’m sure Jason can find something…)

Jason: " do you have guest quarters on this ship? also what are your plans for the freighter and passenger ship?"

Verge: “Given the urgency of the situation, I wanted to get as much speed as possible.”

Verge: “Oh and by the way… the base on Uranus… the Chinese were working on some kind of advanced ships, the mining was just a false front.”

Verge: (heh well we weren’t working for the chinese)

Verge: (might as well use that secret to build trust)

Jason: ( well I don’t know fi it was a false front, they did actually mine stuff )

Verge: “Yeah, well I can’t say I’m surprised… long way to go to mine ore, but a great place to hide a hidden research base.”

  • Jason shrugs, " they did have a special sciences lab"

Verge: “well we’ve got camera footage, but that’s about it… for all we know it may be in the robots hands right now.”

  • Jason tells them of what he saw.

Verge: “Though we’re not sure if any were operational or if the robots are smart enough to finish them.”

Jason: ( was at least one advanced ship I thought?)

Jason: " we would like to recover our original jump ship from the freighter before you let them go on their way"

Jason: ya, 300 ton one I think

Jason: and its way bigger then I thought? have like over 150 cabins?

Verge: oh wow.

Verge: So it’s like a cruise ship or something

Verge: not a millenium falcon like thing.

Jason: ya, I thought it was more like a private ship or something

Verge: yeah heh me too

Verge: 300 feet long ain’t really that big. I mean a 747 is like 200 feet

Verge: So it’s only a little bigger.

Verge: yeah I mean depends on how wide it is too

Jason: " we will certainly keep that ship if we can for now… I"m sure there is plenty of food and the like on there that we can share, as wel as amenities "

Verge: but 300 feet ain’t really that long.

Jason: is one football field without the endzones

Verge: Cruise ships on the other hand are like generally like 1000+ feet.

Verge: obviously depends on how thick they are too though

Verge: since may just have a shit ton of decks.

Jason: also has multiplelevels and stuff I"m sure

Verge: yeah.

Verge: awesome.

Verge: Gravity is a good thing

Verge: “Alright… we’ll get that ship up to speed, it’ll make our investigation easier anyway.”

Jason: meh, jason is cool without it

Verge: “If you don’t mind, we’d liek to get some of our equipment from the freighter before it departs.”

Verge: “We’d also like some computer access to your ship, so we can research the people on the crew manifest.”

Verge: (good thing there’s a super inflated military budget!)

Jason: ( do they have a base? perhaps we can put in for repairs / upgrades )

Verge: (Awesome. Does it have warp drive too?)

Jason: FTL is better anyway

Verge: (heh well warp is FTL)

Jason: not really

Verge: (Star trek warp drive is)

Jason: am thinking more the BSG FTL drives, where they basically warp space and teleport

Verge: (and pretty sure the real warp drive plasn they had at NASA could potentialyl be FTL)

Verge: (Since it works on warping space instead of propelling things at speed, it can potentially exceed light speed)

Verge: (Yeah BSG jump drives p[robably can’t exist in this setting heh)

Verge: (There actually is a hard sci-fi warp drive concept right now)

Jason: ( well whole point of warping space is you don’t actually travel, you punch a hole is space basically and jump thru )

Verge: (well that’s more wormhole than warp drive, warp drive generally means you warp space to stretch, and contract it whcih moves you)

Jason: well this is probably good place to stop ?

Verge: (heh yeah… depends on hwo superscience you want to go)

YURI: Hehe yeah I’m getting kinda sleepy ^^; I almost nodded off lol

Verge: (Yeah heh, then you gotta worry about serious time dilation too)

Jason: or do hyperspace, which is sort of another plane where they normal rules don’t apply

Verge: (yeah heh, I mean it depends on how superscience you want to go)

Verge: (I mean, I figured with THS it’d stick with something more realistic)

Verge: (Guess could do some kind of wormhole drive)

Verge: (that’d be similar to the BSG jump drive kinda)

Jason: Wormhole X

Jason: Stargate

Verge: (though less of a disappearing thing and more of it creates a wormhole and you fly through it)

Verge: (yeah heh, or stargate)

Jason: Jump Gate like Babylon 5

Verge: (Yeah babylon 5 was a combo of stargate and star wars almost)

Verge: (since the jump gaet just took you into hyperspace.

Jason: though that was more of hyperspace as well…

Verge: yeah heh

Jason: ya, gates were really only there to make the gates for ships that didnt have jump drives

Taragnor: Yeah I’m not too familiar with it but know some basics.

Jason: saw the whole thing, was awesome

Taragnor: Mostly from researching it for tech ideas and such.

Taragnor: heh… yeah I started watching it a little lately actually, am mostly through season 1.

Jason: " if you goto Za’ha’dum, you will die "

Taragnor: yeah we can reassemble Yuri on there assuming there’s no military guard.

Jason: ya, can keep her seperate for now

Taragnor: yeah everything wil go well, until Sef comes back and blows all our diplomacy

Jason: heh

Taragnor: yeah reassemble her and Suni maybe. or maybe put Suni in the cybershell for now or who knows

Taragnor: heh well figure the military covers that for now

Jason: might want to outfit it a bit more with some extra weapons

Taragnor: yeah I’l help researching the 1st officer too if he’ll give us computer access.

YURI: Purrr yay I get to wake up~

  • Jason gonna create some personal weapons.

Taragnor: yeah heh, I’m cool with it just being narrative.

Taragnor: just can assume I’m helping with the investigation.

Jason: laser guns

Taragnor: aww.

Taragnor: Would have been awesome to go in there with power armor.

Jason: and he gonna work on shotgun shells with special shot

Taragnor: Special shot? heh what you gonna put in it?

Jason: eithe small EMP pulse rounds or shocking rounds

Taragnor: yeah just wasn’t sure you could put that into buckshot. Probably want to design an energy gun from scratch if you want to shoot EMP pulses.

Jason: think of a sticky beanbag like thing what either shocks them, or a focused EMP blast

Jason: well mainly I thought we had to beam technology yet

Jason: had no

Jason: if we have access to basic one, he can probably modify it specifically effect only robots… basically non-lethal or not very lethal to people

Taragnor: probably electricity is the way to go.

Jason: Microwave Disruptor Weaponry (TL9-10) Most microwave disruptors are personal weapons requiring Beam Weapons (Projector) skill to use. EMP Gun (TL9): The basic portable microwave weapon, capable of stopping a robot or vehicle, or frying a room full of electronics. Pulse Carbine (TL9): A more compact version of the EMP Gun, primarily used as an anti-robot weapon. Scrambler (TL9): A pocket holdout microwave pulse weapon, useful for disabling a small security robot or performing sabotage on computers or other electronics. Tactical Disruptor (TL9): A semi-portable microwave cannon, usually tripod-mounted or installed in a vehicle or robot. It requires Gunner (Beams) skill to use.

Jason: what about these

Jason: page 121

Taragnor: anyway gonna shut this down.

Taragnor: I’lllet you guys hash out the weapons

Taragnor: You build em, I’ll shoot em.

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric has connected.

Taragnor: oh yeah, for Char points, could you list what our totals are suppsoed to be?

Taragnor: The way you did for the prior game?

Taragnor: I always have trouble figuring out how many points I should have.


Cedric: perhaps Jason can super charge it to TL 10 or 11, make it more effective

Taragnor: welll I meant the actual total for our chars.

Taragnor: Like how much our chars should be worth total.

Cedric: I can invent em baby.. just think of the royalties

Taragnor: like how you did on the prior game.

Taragnor: Where you showed what our final totals should be.

Taragnor: makoes it a lot easier to calculate with GCS.

Cedric: ya, especially since we all started at different levels

Taragnor: yeah heh,

YURI: Oooo yeah the total would be nice ^^;

Cedric: with buying stufff

Taragnor: The free points screwed things up.

Taragnor: So I don’t know what my total is supposed to be

Taragnor: Since we didn’t start at the same place.

Cedric: ya, I really got no idea how many pts I have

Taragnor: yeah. heh. I been having the same problem Ced.

Cedric: also, any possibility of raising core stats up? or we still maxed at 14 ?

Taragnor: yeah heh, I didn’t want to cheat.

Taragnor: but mostly I just had no idea how many points I’m supposed to have.

Cedric: but we can raise our abilities that aren’t maxed at 14 right?

Taragnor: racial mods I assume also raise the cap?

Cedric: heh, not srue we got to time to get brain modifications to increase my IQ

Taragnor: So if you got a race that’s +1 DX, you can get 15 max?

Taragnor: k

Cedric: ya, I need to raise my dex of 10 to a bit higher

Taragnor: Alright that’s cool. will maybe add some points or what not.

Cedric: ya, create the pts thing for us… I currently have 255 pts for my guy, I think I"m way higher

Taragnor: heh yeah.

Taragnor: The points thing would be very helpful.

YURI: I know I got a shit ton of unspent points >>;;

Taragnor: heh I’m at 269 according to my current sheet.

Taragnor: wioth all the points added.

Cedric: oh, not as much as I thought

Taragnor: heh.

Taragnor: It says I got 23 unspent too

Taragnor: so not sure if 292 is my right total.

Cedric: well let me know if I need to take any additional advantages to create those weapons

Cedric: only thing I have added recently was the free 8 pts we got

Cedric: oh right

Cedric: oh, so we actually went up an actual pt?

Cedric: not just one more skill pt

Cedric: oh, I see

Cedric: spacer seems to be 2 pts per rank

Cedric: ya, could do that as well

Cedric: well I got 4 pts in it now, and it gives me 2 ranks

Cedric: had 2 pts to start with

Cedric: pg 170

Cedric: looks like once you get to 4 pts… its +4 for every rank after that

Cedric: ya, I got only three skills with 8 pts put into them

Cedric: Free Fall, Mechanic Fusion Reactor and Vacc Suit

Cedric: well can do just wildcard rules… like for me could have one Wildcard that does all my Electronics skills, and another for all my Mechanics skills

Cedric: well like right now in Electronics I have 11 skills with 23 pts spent

Cedric: Engineer has 8 skills, with 24 pts

Taragnor: Yeah heh.. I mean certain wild cards are really good if you want to cover an entire specialty.

Cedric: Mechanic has 7 skills with 23 pts

Cedric: well for my guy, just those three would be nice… Electronics, Engineer and Mechanic

Cedric: one wildcard for each

Cedric: they don’t seem to

Taragnor: yeah heh you may just wanna give him a Scotty! skill lol.

Taragnor: that just lets him do all the sci-fi engineering shit.

Taragnor: Fix ships, design tech, analyze new tech, etc.

Taragnor: yeah that’s why enclopedist was crazy good

Taragnor: Since it covers all those area knowledge specialties

Cedric: Mechanism! IQ Skills: Carpentry, Current Affairs (Science & Technology), Lockpicking, Machinist, Metallurgy, and Traps; all Armoury, Artillery, Engineer, Explosives, Liquid Projector, Mechanic, and Smith specialties known in the game world; and any use of Mathematics (Applied) relevant to work with the previous skills. In a campaign where Weird Science exists, add its technological applications to the list. Suggested Benefits: Wildcard Familiarity (p. 11) and Wildcard Tech Level (p. 11) with all relevant gadgetry; Hyper- Competency (pp. 12-13) to use player guidance to find needed parts.

Jason: don’ t know, btu I think if its just slightl different disciplines with the same name, cojuld just call that a wildcard group or something

Jason: ya

Jason: cause actually that machinist above does all Enginner and Mechanic in one

Jason: plus a crap load of other ones

Jason: even includes the machinist and metallurgy ones as well, and the new Armoury ones I learned

Jason: ok, I’ll look into it.. some would probably never use.. though might now with my weapons creating, it includes artillery, explosives, liquid projector

Taragnor: Yeah I kinda like to making a lot of wildcards and such. About the only whre I think it can kinda run into trouble is with the weapon skills since the weapon wildcards are pretty horrible generally.

Taragnor: Mainly since like you’re only gonna use like 1-2 skills out of those depending on what you actually use

Jason: no, not at all

Jason: bio is too squishy

Jason: weird science could just be coming upon stuff you have never seen before

Jason: think it has already happened, making Johnny 5 Alive

Jason: ya, well definently will take the wildcard

Jason: ya, don’t really care about that… so long as I can invent stuff on a small scale should be ok

Jason: take existing stuff and just improve it

Jason: or modify abit

Jason: ok, well guess will look into it.. figure out how many pts I will put into it and how it works

Jason: well can put two of them together, not much electronics in there.. but the rest is good, plus the new armory, metallurgy and other things

Jason: well will probably put a sililar amount of pts into it

Jason: around 50

Jason: Wire rat or something I saw

YURI: Purrrrr

Jason: Wire Rat! IQ Skills: Electrician and all Electronics Operation and Electronics Repair specialties, plus any use of Camouflage, Holdout, Smuggling, or Traps to hide an electronic device such as an alarm, beacon, or bug. Make a Per-based roll for Search or Traps when the objective is to find such a gizmo, and for any use of Scrounging to locate parts. Suggested Benefits: Wildcard Familiarity (p. 11) and Wildcard Ultra-Tech (p. 11) with all relevant gadgetry; Hyper- Competency (pp. 12-13) to use player guidance to find needed parts. Source: GURPS Action 1: Heroes. Notes: Originally a template wildcard.

Jason: none

Jason: yup

Jason: ok, will check it out, but will probably take them for sure

Taragnor: yeah I don’t got any wildcards right now

Taragnor: might start taking em though.

Taragnor: Probably want some cop ones.

Garrion: Security! Per Skills: Body Language, Detect Lies, Observation, and Search. Make an IQ-based roll for Electronics Operation (Security and Surveillance), Expert Skill (Computer Security), Shadowing, or Tactics; Architecture to analyze security-related features of buildings; or Law in the context of a guard’s duties. Make a Will-based roll for Intimidation, or a DX-based roll for Knot- Tying or Stealth. Security! further allows DX-based rolls for one unarmed combat skill for restraining intruders and one weapon skill usual for guards in the setting, which might be the player’s choice or the GM’s campaign-wide decision. Suggested Benefits: Wildcard Familiarity (p. 11) for locations and security gear; Hyper-Competency (pp. 12-13) to allow Bullet Time for the specific purpose of protecting the client; bonus to reaction rolls from those protected (Sample Bonuses, pp. 13-15). Source: GURPS Supers.

Jason: ya, includes one unarmed and one weapon skill as well

Taragnor: ah yeah.

Taragnor: that’s pretty good.

Jason: take like karate and pistol

Jason: Gun-Kata

Taragnor: Yeah would want that one maybe.

Taragnor: Yeah I always liked the wildcards, just the ability to have more generalized stuff is nice.

Taragnor: yeah I mean maybe want to still allow individual skills but incentivize wild cards or something

Jason: well can still have individual skills in general?

Jason: ya, need to keep a list handy as tto what does what, though should be fairly obvious

Jason: maybe instead of everyman call it Space Man

Jason: have free fall, vacc suit, spacer, climbing, etc

Jason: well its getting late.. guess can just do this online

YURI: Yeah sorry lol, I’ve been getting ready for bed

Jason: ya, more of a space man would be better.. like Jason who has really never been in too much more then zero – G .. alot of those would be useless.. Skiing? what’s that… hehe

Jason: swimming? wait in water

Jason: more free fall then jumping / climbing

Jason: ok, later then

Taragnor: heh yeah, I mean free fall is basically essnetial for this game

Jason: off to see Deadpool tomorrow, hehe

Taragnor: for pretty much everyone

Taragnor: since the entire game is in micro grav

Garrion: Relying on defaults — whatever the game system calls them — is rarely fun. In GURPS, I hint that certain skills are necessary for adventurers, true action heroes or not, to keep the story flowing without annoying breaks caused by PCs being incompetent at tasks that adventure fiction commonly treats as “everyman” skills: Carousing, Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, or Interrogation — Eventually, everybody wants to interrogate NPCs. I’m generous about what skills work, but some skill is required. Climbing, Hiking, and Stealth — The party is only as good at these things as its worst party member, and nearly every party has to move around as a unit at some point. Driving or Riding — Travel is vital to adventure, and while “every hero can drive/ride a horse” is often assumed, it isn’t automatic in games that have skills for these things. First Aid — Effective bandaging isn’t an unskilled activity, AD&D notwithstanding. Non-action heroes often want to do this to “contribute” to party combat effectiveness, so they especially need this skill. Gesture — Sooner or later, communication without making a sound will be vital to almost any party’s survival. Observation, Scrounging, or Search — Noticing interesting things takes training, and finding clues and useful items is so central to adventures that no PC should lack at least basic training here. Savoir-Faire or Streetwise — Everybody came from somewhere. It’s passing annoying when a player just assumes that her PC would “get on with folks in her element” without having any practical social skills to back up the assumption. I further suggest — strongly — that action heroes have this list as well: Axe/Mace, Broadsword, Knife, Shortsword, or Staff — Wielding a stick, knife, or heavy tool to any real effect requires practice. These common improvised weapons are not idiot-proof, trivial, or safe to use without training. Beam Weapons, Bow, Crossbow, or Guns — However easy “point and shoot” looks, it’s quite tough in reality. No credible action hero lacks competency at all ranged combat. Boxing, Brawling, or Karate — Fisticuffs are the worst place to be untrained. Your fists are the only weapons you always have, so learn to use them. Forced Entry — No, it isn’t easy to kick in a door. Actually, unless you know how, you’ll hurt yourself. Holdout — “Concealable” equipment only works if you have skill at concealment, and frustratingly few players realize this. Judo, Sumo Wrestling, or Wrestling — The number of people who think they should be able to grab others automatically is astounding. In fact, this is a difficult feat, trickier than hitting people, and absolutely requires training. Throwing — Whether you’re tossing spare magazines to friends or grenades at enemies, this is a trained skill, so it pays to know it. I think that players would be far less unhappy about surprises if more GMs made lists like this and did everything possible to get players to take them seriously. A PC with Brawling, Fast-Talk, Forced Entry, Holdout, Knife, Scrounging, Stealth, and Wrestling should be able to make and conceal a shiv, overpower a guard, steal his clothes, sneak away from the scene, talk his way past the other guards, and leave through an inadequately bolted back door.

Taragnor: yeah heh I mean my main issue with GURPS too is the skill overlap and such.

Taragnor: like Search and scrounging for intsance.

Taragnor: Like bother are basically looking for shit.

Taragnor: And there’s like 3 diff pickpocketing skilsl and such.

Taragnor: where there’s like a diff skill for shoplifting versus pickpocketing and such

Taragnor: yeah heh

Taragnor: And a lot of the skilsl basically we never make rolls for

Taragnor: Like the majority of your skilsl you don’t really use most of the time heh.

YURI: Hi that’s my problem with 100% of GURPS games I’ve been in

YURI: lol

YURI: And yeah that’s kinda my biggest issue with GURPS is how things are a little too fine-grained for most games

YURI: Like it’s nice to have a game that covers so much stuff

Jason: Just have Wildcard: Jason

Taragnor: Yeah I like that.

Taragnor: Yeah I mean so long as it has some kinda theme

Jason: alright, til next time I guess

Jason: later all

Cedric is disconnected.

YURI: Night everyone!

YURI: Night G!

Taragnor: k cya

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