THS Log 2016-04-07

Server started; please wait for map to refresh.

Cedric has connected.

Tabris has connected.

Taragnor has connected.

Brice has connected.

Davian: Hey Brice, long time no see

Jason: holy cow, he’s back?

Garrion: hello everyone, just getting home and settling in… i need to add brice to axon

Garrion: ok, you should have request to friend brice

Taragnor: hey Brice long time no see

Garrion: ok, now i have you added to our THS room

Brice is disconnected.

Garrion: to activate you just drag your avatar to tyhe room

Jason: doh, guess we scared him off

Sachi has connected.

Sachi: Mew~

Garrion: well he is in axon room

Sachi: I hear ya

Jason: yup

Garrion: don;t frget axon T

Taragnor: yeah I’m just eating so will connect in a little bit heh.

Jason: this is awesome, wish I could have done it


Garrion: ok, chomp, chomp, yum yum….

Sachi: Holy shit that looks fun

Garrion: that is funny

Taragnor: lol

Hacker: picks up a trusty Laser Pistol.

Hacker: readies a trusty Laser Pistol.

Hacker: picks up a trusty Small Knife.

Hacker: picks up a trusty punch.

Hacker: readies a trusty punch.

Davian: And people call my hobbies weird

Sachi: It’d be neat if I was handcuffed to that, but I guess it’d be a safety hazard or whatever

Garrion: lol, you and your handcuffs

Sachi: Basically I might as well be one of the Addams Family

Hacker: readies a trusty Small Knife.

Hacker: sets aside a trusty Small Knife.

Hacker: picks up a trusty Small Knife.

Sachi: Daaaaamn I wish I’d remembered to look at the hacking stuff _> I feel like a dumbass lol

Sachi: I’ve had so much different stuff going on

Muscle 2: picks up a trusty Fist.

Muscle 2: readies a trusty Fist.

Jason: picks up a trusty EMP Gun.

Jason: readies a trusty EMP Gun.

←Attacks YURI with a EMP Gun
in the Torso
←Rolls 10 vs. Skill 11 (11 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 1

0 for Torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 range, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Sachi: Someone should drop 2 million koins on a complexity 7 cowboy cyberdeck so I can live in it

Sachi: Ouch

Jason: The EMP Gun inflicts 8 tight-beam raw damage.


Davian: YURI suddenly fears Jason

Jason: ya, does HT-3

Jason: was wondering how to imput that

Jason: oh, that what the 8 is.. its My HT -3


←Attacks YURI with a EMP Gun (HT-3)
in the Right Leg
←Rolls 11 vs. Skill 11 (11 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 0

0 for Right Leg, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, 0 range, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Taragnor: ok I’m on Axon now.

Taragnor: ready to go whenever you guys are.

Jason: what does the 1 yard thing mean? it hits everything within 1 yard?

Taragnor: think that’s the width the cone grows.

Taragnor: So like for every 1 yard, it grows by 1 yard maybe?

Jason: MAD beams deliver a HT-based affliction attack (modifier varying by weapon) with no armor divisor; add the target’s DR to HT to resist. If he fails to resist, he suffers from the Agony affliction (p. B428) for as long as he is in the beam, and for one second afterward. MAD beams are ranged cone attacks – see Area and Spreading Attacks (p. B413). Due to the need for a large antenna to focus the beam, the projectors are vehicle or tripod-mounted.

Jason: page 120.. its a MAD weapon

Jason: oh wait, it has its own category

Jason: Microwave Disruptor (TL9) These are refinements of the single-shot explosivelypumped high-power microwave pulse weapons of TL8. They generate a directional pulse that can scramble and overload electronics and electrical systems. Criminals use them to hijack robots for later resale, while saboteurs and terrorists use them to attack vital circuitry. Microwave disruptors project ranged cone attacks – see Area and Spreading Attacks (p. B413). Any target in the cone is struck by an affliction attack. This only afflicts electrical systems and those with the Electrical disadvantage. Make a HT roll or be shut down (or unconscious) for minutes equal to the margin of failure. Add +3 to resist beyond 1/2D range. The target’s SM adds to the HT roll to resist. Microwave disruptors are contact agents that ignore DR unless the target is sealed. Disruption can propagate along radar or communications antennas, power lines and communication cables. Treat a target with unshielded electronic access as unsealed.

Jason: try this?

Jason: Area and Spreading Attacks (p. B413)

Davian: lol

Davian: Just treat it like Cone of Cold and call it a day

Davian: lol that’s not even a cone at all, the standard hex or whatever is 1 yard isn’t it?

Jason: is more like just a line attack, not cone

Davian: Yeah heh, that’d be a line attack

Jason: just say it hits everything in a 5’ wide line

Jason: only question is whether it effects it or not

Jason: well lets now worry about it, it says it only effects electric stuff, so won’t be able to use on people anyway

Jason: I didn

Jason: t

Sachi: Does anyone have any money to buy me a cyberdeck and stuff with? ; ;

Jason: take my shotgun

Taragnor: lol we haven’t made any money yet.

Jason: we have some cash left over from what we sold

Taragnor: oh right, that stuff.

Taragnor: Well it wasn’t mcuh heh.

Jason: around 6K ?

Taragnor: Also why do you want a cyberdeck? That help with hacking?

Jason: oh, if we still have access to our cash from character creation, I got a ton left

Taragnor: Or is it just another place we can carry you aroundw ith?

Davian: We can’t get paid because of the war? Fuck it, let’s nuke all those AI bastards

Davian: Hell yeah

Sachi: Fuck war anyway, and then we’re not getting paid on top of that

Taragnor: heh well I’m sure they probably defaulted on the debt.

Taragnor: I mean, the entire earth got conquered

Davian: That’s what lawyers are fort

Davian: for*

Sachi: The shittiest cyberdeck is $415, a complexity 5 tricked-out hacker one with full VR is $4800, and the best one is almost 2 million

Taragnor: damn 2 million? wow…

Taragnor: well you need complexity 7 to run yourself right?

Sachi: Yeah, anything else would have to be attached to another unit that I’m running on

Sachi: I mean that’d be easy

Taragnor: I mean would there be any advantage to using a cyberdeck worse than the computer on the dog?


Jason: got 9490 left from creation

Sachi: Being able to hack anything at all whatsover ever in the campaign

Sachi: If I understand correctly

Taragnor: Weird, so you need a special computer to hack?

Sachi: Yeah apparently

Sachi: Oh you don’t need one if you’re an AI?

Taragnor: That’s strange… the VII doesn’t work?

Taragnor: Figured that basically was a built in cyberdeck

Davian: You “can” do it but it’s like superhumanly difficult

Taragnor: weird.

Sachi: A cyberdeck is a computer specifically designed and optimized for direct neural (VR) interface with the matrix. Normally, accessing a VR environment over direct neural interface requires a program, which takes up some of the computer’s processing power, leaving open fewer “program slots” for other high-Complexity programs to run. The VR interface is hard-coded into a cyberdeck, and controlled by an independent subsystem. As a result, VR does not count as a program running on a cyberdeck – so the decker can use his deck’s full Complexity to run other programs.

Sachi: That’s what it says on the website thing

Taragnor: I mean regular VIIs do VR.

Taragnor: Ah.

Sachi: Basically with a cyberdeck the VR program doesn’t count toward how many programs you can run at once

Taragnor: well glad I don’t need to worry about anything hacking-related.


Taragnor: I’ll stick to shooting and beating people down

Sachi: Ahhhh it says that AI are always considered to be using total VR, that’s awesome

Davian: But running multiple instances eats up system memory and makes my computer crash

Sachi: The steps as far as the game is concerned are terminal, basic VR, full VR, total VR, and in contested rolls the one with the slower interface gets a penalty that stacks

Davian: I shot the sheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy

Sachi: I don’t mean to interrupt ^^; Sorry

Sachi: :3

Davian: Only if we encounter a white room with black curtains

Davian: At the station

Davian: I don’t remember lol

Davian: The Cream version is superior either way

Taragnor: yeah I mean i did radio my teammates what’s going on.

Taragnor: So they can hopefully blockade it and what not… figure let the other PCs have some action tonight.

  • Davian frowns as he hears about the violence

Davian: Me lol

Taragnor: yeah Davian can hopefulyl talk em down over the comms maybe.

Taragnor: If he wants to prevent future violence.

Davian: Heh yeah, I’d want to try something like that

Jason: ( give em a description of the others, Verge )

Taragnor: (Nah screw em)

Davian: lol

Taragnor: (Verge doesn’t care much about em)

Taragnor: (I’ll let medical staff and the deputy know what the situation is,m so if they want to send a med team, they can do something for em)

Taragnor: (I won’t finish em off, but if they bleed out, so be it)

Taragnor: (Verge isn’t going to use any of his time trying to save an attempted copkiller)

Sachi: Where like, are we physically? My mom was talking to me a little bit ago and I think I missed some stuff

Taragnor: yeah gauss pistol is a really tiny needle.

Taragnor: Yeah think 5 mm

Taragnor: Not sure I know it’s a pi— round for damage type

Taragnor: yeah heh.

Taragnor: probably did an exit wound

Taragnor: I mean it’s armor peircing so would go through them


←rolls Hacker! and gets 11 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Hacker SUCCEEDS by 5

Verge: (comm) “They’ll be trying to get to an airlock of some kind… if there’s no airlock they might try to blow a hole in a light section of hull. These guys were well equipped, they might have demo charges.”

Jason: (one of them did look like a hacker )

Verge: (heh, yeah I’m n ot sure if Verge would know they’re a hacker or not IC)

Verge: (heh… unless it’s like some augmented reality thing where I can see his token name floating over him)

Jason: ( na, had name tag )

Verge: (I mean I didn’t get a great look at em in all the excitement probably)

Verge: (oh okay, there’s visible cybergear?)

Jason: can be

Jason: ( mine isn’t, but I payed extra for that )

Davian: Engage the elevator rope cutter

Verge: (comm) “Yeah they had a hacker with them I think. I’ll see what my team can do to render aid. We’ve got a computer specialist.”

Verge: (PM to Yuri) “See if you can slow down their hacker.”

Jason: " make sure they lock down the ship they came in "

Verge: (comm) “Is there any other escape from the mines? Do they run all the way through the asteroid?”

Verge: (Technically I can always claim James is the specialist if someone needs to ask, since he’s got computer backgorund)

Sachi: (PM to Verge) “I’m not sure how well I can do without specialized software, but I’ll give it a try…”

Verge: (PM to Yuri) “You are specialized software!”

Jason: " suit up how? there oxygen down there?"

Verge: (So there’s no way they can bring thier ship around to another airlock?)

Davian: Oh wait they stole the dude we came here to talk to?

Davian: Shit

Verge: (So are they trapped down there or is there a backway out to space?)

Jason: ya, they were here before us

Verge: (I mean if there’s limited oxygen, we can just wait em out if they’re trapped)

Davian: From what it sounds like they could potentially make their way out somewhere

Davian: If they knew where they were going

Verge: (Yeah I’m figuring they’ll get out to space and then get their ship to pick em up outside)

Jason: ( so why do we have to go in after them? we can just wait em out?)

Davian: Because they escape on the other end of the asteroid and we won’t know it lol

Davian: Unless somebody is orbiting the thing and doing surveillance or something

Jason: only if they have another ship

Verge: (comm to deputy) “I’m going to commandeer their ship.”

Jason: can’t the cops lock it down? take it over?

Verge: (Is medical staff coming to the marshall or I need to call Davian for him?)

Verge: (Well if I claim their ship they won’t be able to go anywhere)

Sachi: (PM to Verge) “O-okay!”

Verge: (I mean only two ships in the place, ours and theirs)

Sachi: (Can I do that thing where I can try to improvise a program? >.>; )

Verge: (Okay so I’m assumign tehir medstaff will get to the marshall before Davian)

Verge: (Msg to Davian) “See if you can talk them down, or at least stall them… I’m going to take their ship.”

Verge: (oh… so they could steal that?)

Davian: Maaaaaaaybeeeeeeee

Verge: (msg to Jason) “Jason, secure the ore frigate, I’ll get their ship”

Verge: can we say Yuri wrote some programs over the year journey?

Sachi: I mean: am I allowed to default like it says?

Verge: I mean… she would have since hacking is one of her things.

Verge: And she had a ton of free time.

Jason: " ok, I’ll try "

Sachi: I wasn’t either _>

Sachi: But I just mean like

Verge: I mean if ya got the hacking skill, should prolly have some programs.

Verge: Should probably retcon her with some programs at least. since she never needed em before. heh.

Sachi: Default Use Normally, a program can only be used if it’s installed on the netrunner’s computer, or if he can access it on a remote computer via the Control program. At the GM’s option, someone with H4xx0r (Action 1, p. 18) or the full version of Quick Gadgeteer (p. B57) may attempt default use of a program that he doesn’t have. This runs as a program of one Complexity higher than the program’s Base Complexity rating, and rolls are made at -4 to the normal default, with no bonus from having higher-than-base Complexity.

Sachi: And yeah heh ^^; I’m really sorry

Sachi: orz

Sachi: I just hadn’t had a chance to get this stuff sorted out

Davian: Haxxor

Davian: lol

Davian: It means you have l33t skillz yo

Sachi: Hehehehe yeah it’s some advantage that’s about— yeah

  • Jason heads for the ore freighter. ( back in 5 )

Sachi: Quick Gadgeteer is highly cinematic too

Sachi: Ok, so I make a Hacker! roll with a penalty equal to the complexity?

Davian: Password Cracker, SQL Worm, Credit Swiper, DDoS Spammer

Verge: (Well I’ll let him know where I’m going so he can open the doors in advance hopefully?)

Verge: (I mean they’re in the mines ain’t like they’re gonna use em)

Verge: (And I’ll just let him know once I’m through so he can seal em behind me)

Verge: (Starfire was their ship right?)

Verge: (is there any docking clamps or something that prevent ships from blasting away?)

Verge: (or can it just freely leave?)

Verge: (to Deputy) “Their ship is trying to flee, set clamps to maximum!”

Davian: (Maybe YURI can try to hack their ship and shut down their engines)

Verge: (to Tien) “Use the turret and fire on their ship, see if you can take out the engines, they should be a sitting target.”

Verge: (I’ll increase my pace to sprinting over there)

Verge: (Can James fire the turret?)

Verge: (Or Yuri remote fire it?)

Verge: (or jason.. heh.)

Verge: (Anyone have starship gunner?)

Davian: YURI did I think, lol

Verge: Well ets let YURI virtually fire it

Cedric is disconnected.

Verge: Figure she can patch into the ship’s weapon systems remotely?

Cedric has connected.

Verge: (to party) “Someone fire the ship’s cannon and try to disable the Starfury!”

Verge: (so hopefully some other PC picks up the ball heh)

Verge: (Verge will be sprinting over.

Sachi: (I don’t have that skill anymore lol)

Sachi: (I don’t think anyway)

Jason: artillery skill work for the cannons?

Sachi: Nope, no gunnery skill

Sachi: Hmmmmm so basically I want to try and make ICE, Breach or Spoof, Search, Listen, or Analyze, and Alter or Control

Verge: well someone try firing some shots heh… whoever can anyway. lol.

Davian: Pacifist lol

Verge: I mean they can’t move, just gotta aim for a while.

Verge: You’re disabling the engines on a ship

Sachi: ICE; Breach or Spoof; Search, Listen, or Analyze; Alter or Control

Verge: Don’t give me that pacifist bullshit.

Sachi: To specify the alternatives better

Verge: You’re not trying to blow it up. Just disable it

Davian: I only believe in violence in self-defense

Jason: your not shooting people, you are shooting equipment

Davian: Also I have no gunnery skill

Sachi: I guess I’ll start with ICE, lol

Sachi: The base complexity is 3, so…

YURI: ←rolls Hacker! and gets 6 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -3)


Sachi: Sweet

Verge: Well nobody does apparently.

Sachi: My default would be 9

Verge: who has the best dex? Jason, Davian or YURI?

Davian: My default would be 7 lol

Jason: heh, no

Jason: my default would be 7 as well

Davian: Go YURI, blast the humans

Verge: Honestly at this point I kinda want to see Yuri get to teh ship and man the controls using the dog body.

Verge: cause that’d be awesome.

Sachi: For Spoof, complexity 4…

YURI: ←rolls Hacker! and gets 13 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -4)


Sachi: Fuck

Sachi: I can’t get past ICE without Spoof or Breach so I guess I’ll go for Breach, it’s less complex

Sachi: 3

YURI: ←rolls Hacker! and gets 12 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -3)


Sachi: Yeah it’s for self-defense

Sachi: Breach disables enemy ICE with brute force; the other way to get past them is to use Spoof to fool them

Sachi: For my last one… lol, I don’t really have any choices that will be useful by themselves

Sachi: I guess I’ll go for Analyze

Verge: heh can it get a target lock? I mean… it’s firing at a stationary target

Verge: that should be pretty easy.

Verge: Since normally it’s prolly designed for ships moving at crazy fast speeds

Sachi: Or maybe Control, but I’m not sure if you’d have any luck controlling something without knowing anything about it

Sachi: Nah, Analyze I guess

YURI: ←rolls Hacker! and gets 8 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -3)


Jason: Analyse This !

Sachi: Do I have access to the ship’s guns? Like, remote access?

Sachi: .-.

Sachi: I guess I’ll run back then lol

Sachi: Ah

Jason: go dog legs

Sachi: Eh

Sachi: I have no idea if that’s a good idea or not

Davian: Heh, am I somewhere that I could shoot at it? lol

Davian: Might as well try blind luck

Sachi: i might as well, lol

Sachi: I can’t do anything to stop that hacker, really

Sachi: imo it’s of maximal importance that I get some more programs

Jason: lock the door so they can’t leave the station or something

Sachi: Heh

Davian: Hach her cyber limbs and make her hit herself

Davian: hack*

Sachi: Can I get Control instead of Analyze then? >.>;

Verge: It’s time to unleash the dogs of… hacking?

Verge: lol, only if she succeeds

Davian: Instead of looking at it as a question, what if it was a statement

Davian: Who let the dogs out

Davian: Who

Sachi: That was a serious question btw, since I’m not capable of doing anything you mentioned

Verge: Dr. Who?

Davian: Pet Townsend

Davian: Pete*

Verge: isn’t the ICE anti-hacking?

Verge: Ah okay, can’t upload it onto another system.

Verge: wasn’t sure if it was like Shadowrun where you can send an IC after another person.

Sachi: Well, to do 100% of the things you mentioned having in mind for me to do I would need Control, so I’m gonna go for it lol

Sachi: Nah ICE in this game mostly prevents you from running other programs on something until you breach it

YURI: ←rolls Hacker! and gets 10 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -4)


Davian: Heh well I asked if I could do it

  • Jason runs back toward the ship. ( will take a while )

Davian: No I’m asking you if I can do it lol

Davian: As long as I’m not trying to kill them I guess I can try it

Verge: yeah you’re shooting to disable the engines.

Jason: just shoot the engines

Davian: Heh, yeah I mean shouldn’t I get some kind of bonus for aiming at a stationary target? lol

Verge: I assume Jason will talk him into what to look for as a target

Verge: engineer should know what shit to shoot

Davian: ←rolls DX and gets 13 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -4)

Davian FAILS by 6

Davian: lol

Sachi: ; ;

Davian: It wasn’t a critical fail at least!

  • Jason brings his VII up and looks for a picture of teh ship in question, then sends it over to Davian, with a big red X as where to shoot at.

Verge: yeah at least you didn’t hit the space station

Verge: well I assume he’d have taken a few turns to aim too

Verge: cause he doens’t know what he’s doing though a fial by 6 proly doesn’t matter

Verge: unless it has crazy accuracy.

Davian: “Ah, that trigger is sensitive…”

Davian: Can I try again? lol

Hacker: « 3d6 = 10 »

Jason: over comm, " take time to aim… use the computers targeting program"

Davian: “Ah, it seems like they’re about to break away…”

Davian: Do I have time to aim before they break loose? lol

Davian: Okay what does that do for me

Sachi: It depends on the weapon’s Accuracy for personal weapons, dunno if it’s different for ship guns

Sachi: Like if a gun has Accuracy 2 and you take an Aim action, then when you shoot you get +2 on the roll

Davian: Heh, okay, well if I am for 2 rounds then can I cancel out the -4 on the default and make it a straight DX check?

Davian: aim*

Sachi: I think you can aim multiple rounds, not totally sure

Sachi: Yeah one second of Aim gives you the accuracy, 2 seconds gives you an additional 1, 3 seconds gives you +2 instead

Jason: heh, maybe can make up for aim with just spraying

Sachi: So if you aim for 3 seconds you’d indeed get +4 to cancel out the -4

Sachi: (p.s.: I’m pretty sure if you install telepresence software on a thing, I can control it from anywhere as long as I can connect to it)

Jason: holy crap

Davian: lol wow

Sachi: Like you’d have to have the software installed on it, which we don’t apparently, but I think me being able to control the ship’s guns from outside it is not an unrealistic prospect

Davian: Yeah heh

Davian: lol, so aiming only gets me +2 at best then

Davian: Heh, okay, here goes

Davian: ←rolls DX and gets 10 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -2)

Davian FAILS by 1

Davian: lol

Jason: close

Jason: burned some paint

Davian: I accidentally blast the life support system, oops

Hacker: « 3d6 = 16 »

Davian: I hope that’s the damage roll lol

Davian: Heh, maneuvering thrusters

Jason: probably blew off the things trying to hold it

Davian: lol

Davian: “This isn’t working too well…”


←rolls Pilot! and gets 15 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Pilot SUCCEEDS by 0

Verge: Well if Verge ever needs surgery, he’ll proibably look for a doctor with better dex…

Jason: maybe you shot the pilot and they suck

Verge: (ramming speed?)

Davian: Another shot? lol

Jason: doesn’t he get two shots per round or something?

Davian: Well if she’s doing that then I probably don’t have time to aim


←rolls Pilot! and gets 11 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Pilot SUCCEEDS by 4

Davian: Guess I’ll just shoot from the hip then

Davian: ←rolls DX and gets 8 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of -4)

Davian FAILS by 1

Davian: God damn it

Pilot: « 3d6 = 8 »

Pilot: « 1d6 = 5 »

Davian: Bridge? lol

Davian: Life support!

Davian: Oops

Verge: lol’

Jason: that’ll work

Verge: is that fuel unstable?

Davian: “Oh dear… That’s not what I was aiming for either…”

Sachi: ooooooo you’re in troubleeeeeeee

Verge: be funny if the entire thing just exploded in a big nuke in space.

Davian: lol shit

Jason: ( pacifist no more )

Sachi: Telllliiiiiiinnnngggg

Davian: “Oh no!”

Verge: lol.

Verge: (I said across her nose, not up it!)

Davian: Haha

Davian: Well is the ship disabled at least?

Verge: lol. it’s space debris I think

Verge: if the explosion was big enough to damage the space station after it felw away…

Verge: the ship itself is probably totally fucked

Davian: lol

Sachi: puts on that Uh-Oh song again

Davian: Whooo

Davian: “Uh, well… I think it’s stopped… Oh dear… I hope no one is hurt…”

  • Jason stumbles a little as teh whole station shakes, " Davian.. what did you do ?"

Verge: it’s still functional after a giant explosion that damaged the space station? heh.

Verge: what a shitty space staiton.

Davian: lol geez

Davian: “I think I must have hit a fuel tank or something, it seems like the ship is badly damaged but it seems to still be moving.”

Verge: plus figure the explosion would have sent them spinning or something heh.

Davian: Thats because they have shields lol

YURI: (comms) “Holy crap! I hope they don’t all die! That’d be unlucky.”

Verge: (comm) “Well hopefully that’ll damage their chances of a rescue. I’ll see if I can get em on the line…”

Davian: (Can I try to hail them? lol)

Verge: (Anyway I can communicate to em? like some public comm, or send it through the intercom or whatever?)

Jason: ( at very least they can’t get far )

Verge: (the guys on the station)

Verge: (was gonna try to get them to surrender, since their ship is fucked)

Davian: (The people on the station)

Verge: (Yeah lets do that)

Davian: (Yeah I’ll ask him to patch me through on that so I can speak to the fugitives)

Verge: (Figure verge will do it unless Davian beats him to it, heh)

Verge: (But guess we’ll let Davian do that)

YURI: (sometimes in old-timey comics when they like tell a dude to surrender or whatever, instead of “fuck off” he’s like “NUTS” and I think that’s kind of adorable)

Verge: (Well they just gotta listen really heh)

Davian: Do I know who these guys are? Or are they just like, attempted murder suspects? lol

Verge: (basically it’s the “your escape route is cut off, you’ve got limited air, turn yourself in now before more people get shot.”)

Verge: (They semeed like some kinda mercs)

Verge: (Basically shadowrunners in space)

Verge: (actrually)

Verge: (I do have a mugshot program)

Verge: (I’ll send back anything that turns up)

Verge: (assuming tehy got a criminal record should have em on file)

Verge: (Yeah I asusme it has a lot of stuff on file though, it’s a pretty big program)

Verge: (I’ll send that info to Davian I guess if he’s gonna be our negotiator)

Davian: All right, I’ll make an announcement over the loudspeakers

Jason: ( we make it back to the ship yet?)

YURI: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww boo

YURI: thumbs down

Davian: “Attention fugitives fleeing through the mining tunnels, the explosion you may have felt just now was your ship’s fuel reserves being destroyed. The vessel is critically damaged and out of control. You have no escape route. Please surrender yourselves and turn over your hostage unharmed so that we may avoid any further bloodshed.”

YURI: mmmmmmmm…

Davian: “You will not be harmed if you surrender peacefully.”

Davian: Ehh I’ll roll it

Davian: ←rolls Talker! (IQ) and gets 7 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Davian SUCCEEDS by 8

Davian: Booya

Jason: ( Intimidation?)

Muscle 2:

←rolls Will and gets 13 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Muscle 2 FAILS by 2


←rolls Will and gets 7 vs. Skill (11 with a modifier of 0)

Hacker SUCCEEDS by 4

YURI: ooooo wow

YURI: :o

Verge: I dunno if Davian can intimidate anyone.. he’s a pacifist…

Verge: And he hasn’t learned the PACIFIST CRUSH! special attack yet.

Davian: They don’t know that

Davian: Plus I just exploded their ship

Verge: lol.

Davian: Partially

Verge: Yeah guess they wouldn’t know you missed :P

Garrion says to the GMs: Excellent: The NPC worships the PCs or their cause, works incredibly hard, puts the PCs’ interests ahead of his own at all times, and would even die for them.

Davian: Yeah, I meant to do that

Garrion says to the GMs: Excellent: The NPC is extremely impressed by the PCs, and acts in their best interests at all times, within the limits of his own ability. In a potential combat situation, the NPCs are extremely friendly. They may even join the party temporarily. The PCs may ask for aid or information; roll again at +5. (If a fight is in progress, the NPCs surrender.)

Davian: lol


Davian: Haha

Davian: “A wise soldier knows that sometimes the battle must be surrendered to ensure the war is won. And no paycheck is worth anything if you aren’t around to spend it. Please release your hostage and surrender and I will request leniency for you.”

YURI: (I should deliver a catchphrase right here)

Davian: “I understand. Turn yourself in and we can work this all out peacefully. No one has to get hurt.”

YURI: Peeping

Davian: Hm

Hacker: « 3d6 = 9 »

Verge: (verge wil make his way towards where they are)


YURI: I would like to try, yeah~

  • Jason will go backup Verge.

YURI: Remember I’m total VR since I’m an AI, so she gets -2 for each step she’s at below that (if any)

YURI: If we have any opposed rolls

YURI: Hehe yeah~ I assume breaking her control would be kinda like breaking ICE?

YURI: Hehe right, and it’s got ICE that I gotta breach I guess?

YURI: ←rolls Hacker! and gets 12 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -2)


YURI: Whew

YURI: So I’d use Control? hmm 13 14

YURI: Looks like Computer Operation -3 is my better default cause of my AI bonus, lol

YURI: I have a racial bonus to just that skill, so I have it separate from the rest

YURI: ←rolls Computer Operation and gets 11 vs. Skill (17 with a modifier of -3)



←rolls Hacker! and gets 10 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of -4)

Hacker SUCCEEDS by 2

YURI: Yay!

Davian: Huzzah!

YURI: (comms) “I’ve managed to crack into the elevator’s systems, guys!”

  • Jason will go backup Verge.

Verge: (Jason maybe?)

YURI: I suppose so, hehe

Verge: (to Davian) “How are negotiations coming?”

YURI: Tho would I be useful or just get in the way?

Verge: guess youc an go for a disarm or something

Verge: maybe bite their hand.

Verge: how good attack skills do you have?

YURI: Tr00…

Verge: I mena your bite won’t breach their armor

Verge: but… might be able to disarm em. Not sure how disarm works in GURPs

YURI: I have Basic Self-Defense! at DX-2 which is 11.

Verge: not terrible. but not great.

Verge: well this is a zero G area so they’d have a space suit on right?

Verge: So figure she wouldn’t be able to do much against that other than maybe biting em and stealing their gun.

Verge: Oh…didn’t they need to suit up to go into the mines?

Verge: Yeah.. so that’ll stop a dog bite.. unless it’s a really thin suit.

Verge: well wait why are we going down there?

Verge: Their ship is destroyed, why not just wait em out?

Jason: I think my suit just needs a helmet I think

Verge: (Lets make our way to the other ship then, might as well be wiating for em)

Verge: (or at least I’ll plot an intercept course to get them as they’re headed there)

Verge: (Well I mean if they’re in vacuum we can just wait em out. At this point probably best not to endager the hostage and just let their situationg et desperate and hopefully theirt morale breaks)

Jason: " we can just wait by the elevator and take them once they come out?"

YURI: Like, Chris? or Pris, like in Blade Runner/Bubblegum Crisis?

YURI: ohhhh

YURI: I was double wrong

YURI: That’s a great movie and a cool anime tho

Verge: (if they got an open comms, I’ll talk to em if I can)

Davian: (Comm) “Marshall, are you willing to agree to their terms? It would help locate a lot of missing people and hopefully get these guys out of your hair.”

Verge: (the marshall is dying, heh)

Davian: Oh lol

Verge: (tehy shot the sheriff)

Davian: Okay well Deputy then

Davian: I’ll phrase the question to him

Davian: Yeah I’m asking him privately heh

Davian: Hmm

Verge: (comm to criminals) “This is Sergeant Verge Brink. You’re down there with a dwindling oxygen supply and your group just critically wounded the marshall. There’s two ways out of here, in handcuffs or in a body bag.”

YURI: lolz

Davian: lol yeah

YURI: evidently not

Davian: Hahaha

YURI: (team comms) “Sgt. Verge, are you sure it’s a good idea to threaten someone who’s cornered…?”

Verge: (heh, yeah Verge’s style is more to strongarm em)

Verge: (comms to criminals) “Now look, you guys drop the guns and come out with your hands up, and you’ll get through this alive. If you’ve got useful information, you mgiht even get a lighter sentence.”

YURI: (even if I’ve been forgetting btw, YURI tends to address people with their title almost mechanically)

Davian: “I’m afraid your situation is rather precarious, as I’m sure you can see. I’ll do all I can for you but I need something to work with. Release your captive and surrender peacefully and you can at least have a chance at a more lenient sentence. I’m sure you’d find that preferable to dealing with Sgt. Brink any more intimately.”

Verge: (Verge is more of the Dirty Harry style of negotiation)

Davian: lol

Verge: (comms) “Your two best fighters… (naming the two that I dropped) decided to take that route.”

Davian: “Three meals a day, a place to sleep, and work that helps you maintain your physique, sounds a lot preferable to a cold death in vacuum at the bottom of a mine.”

Verge: (Steve Rogers? Captain America?)


Davian: Hahaha

Verge: (Cap was a traitor!)

YURI: (He was probably doing it to teach one of his friends a covert lesson about not leaving the toilet seat up or something, superheroes can be dicks like that)

Verge: (lol superman definitely would)


←rolls Pilot! and gets 7 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Pilot SUCCEEDS by 8


←rolls Pilot! and gets 15 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of 0)

Pilot SUCCEEDS by 0

Davian: Crap

Davian: Do I have time to take another shot at them? lol

Verge: (well can have Tien pursue em at least?)

Verge: (and Davian can shoot again?)

Verge: (they actually trying to continue the pickup or they just flying away in a random direction?)

Verge: (Well can’t take that much fuel I mean.. it’s short range manuevering)

Verge: (Yeah figured it wouldn’t take up that much unless we’re pursuing em across a large expanse of space.)

Verge: (can’t take that much fuel to just circle an asteroid heh)

Jason: ( probably not, but where going to go after that?)

Davian: “All right, I have your ship in my targeting sights. Release the boy and I won’t fire on it again.”

Jason: ( ya to DM )

Jason: ( what closest place to this?)

Verge: (Does the space station itself have weapons on it?)

Davian: Whoo

Davian: All right well I’m offering to stop firing on their ship if they let whatshisname go

Davian: Yeah lol

Davian: Him

Davian: Note that that isn’t an offer to actually let them escape, if Verge or the Deputy or whoever wants to go kick their asses

Davian: Yeah I’m watching them on video

Verge: (Yeah I’ll be watching em too)

Verge: (I mean no reaosn not to)

Verge: (Well assuming I can see all of them on the feed, I’ll keep watching that, if I lose sight of em… then I’ll switch it off in case)

YURI: That’s why I wanna save up for Compartmentalized Mind >.> Get another process going, lol

Verge: yeah YURI ‘s software isn’t optimized for multiple cores.

YURI: It’d let me e.g. hack and fight at the exact same time

Verge: (Yeah, I mean if I’m just walking I’ll be watching the feed while we’re moving)

Verge: (Will keep it partially transparent so it doesnt’ totally obscure my view)

Davian: Yeah, if I don’t hear anything back from them or don’t see them letting him go after I make the offer then I’m switching back to targeting the ship and lining up another shot

Davian: Well shit

Muscle 2 declares Do Nothing

  • Muscle 2 prepares to fight! Initiative: 17.25

Hacker declares Do Nothing

  • Hacker prepares to fight! Initiative: 18.5

Verge: (how close am I to them now?)


Verge: (Close enough to fire or can I just see em on video but still far away?)

←Attacks Tommy Gonzalez with a Shoot
in the Torso
←Rolls 12 vs. Skill 7 (13 with a modifier of -6)

Pilot FAILS by 5

0 for Torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, -6 range, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Verge: (comms) “You know, I really could care less about Tommy Boy… go ahead, shoot him. I’ve got a deputy out here that’s out for blood, because your group just shot the marshal. He’s looking for any excuse to gun the rest of you down. Now come out with your hands up and I can guarantee you get out of this alive.”

Verge: (I’ll quicken my pace as the shot is fired)

Muscle 2:
←Attacks Hacker with a Shoot
in the Torso
←Rolls 8 vs. Skill 15 (16 with a modifier of -1)

Muscle 2 SUCCEEDS by 7

0 for Torso, 0 for maneuver, 0 shock, -1 range, 0 miscMod, 0 accMod

Verge: (damn.. these guys are pretty hardcore trying to execute a hostage)

Hacker: tries to dodge and rolls a 8 with effective skill 7

Hacker FAILS by 1

Davian: (Heh, well seems like the chick is being crazy and irrational for whatever reason, the mercenary dude is trying to stop her)

Muscle 2: The Laser Carbine inflicts 12 tight-beam raw damage.

Davian: Ouch

Davian: And her suit has a giant hole in it that she starts losing oxygen through? lol

Verge: lol

Garrion: 22

Hacker: is reduced 22 HP, and now has -12 HP: at half move.
Hacker breaches -10 HP. Roll against modified HT to avoid dying.

Muscle 2: Major Wound Check

Error in body of roll. Statement options (if any): h Statement Body : Mod = Modifier

Hacker: Major Wound Check

Hacker: Hacker rolls 3d6 and gets 9 vs. HT (8 with a modifier of 0)

Hacker FAILS by 1

Hacker: Death Check

Hacker: Hacker rolls 3d6 and gets 9 vs. Skill (8 with a modifier of -52)


Davian: lol wow

Davian: Holy shit is that a real mod? lol

Davian: Haha

  • Davian curses as he watches the scene unfold

YURI: (comms) “Oh no… That’s not what I wanted at all!”

Verge: (who handles making deals with criminals in space? Like is there some space district attorney or something?)

Davian: rofl

Davian: “Listen, just let Tommy go and you’ll still have a ship. Whether you escape on it or not is up to you from there.”

Verge: (comms) “I know you just want to get out of this situation.. I’m sure after you tell the judge that you tried to save Tommy boy’s life and you let him go, he’d show some leniency. Judges tend to care about that sort of thing. Especially if the information he gives us and you give us ends up saving more lives.”

Verge: (comms) “Yeah we saw everything, and we’ve got a recording. We know youw eren’t the one that shot the marshal, and you tried to save Tommy boy.”

Verge: (comms) “The sooner you surrender and we get this sitaution over with, the better it will look for you.”

Verge: (Yeah, I’ll be heading towards their position)

Jason: Verge and me

Verge: (not gonna directly approach em yet to get within firing range)

Verge: (I’ll negotate over comms for now, but trying to close in)

Verge: (Well I don’t want to get into view of em yet, I’ll just talk on comms, if I come in there with a gun it may panic em)

Verge: (Will give him more chance to turn himself in)

Cedric is disconnected.

Cedric has connected.

Verge: (okay I’ll come in at that pointa nd secure them)

  • Davian breathes a sigh of relief

Verge: (to criminals) “You made the right choice.”

  • Jason grabs Tommy and gets him out of there.

Verge: (oh I thought there were two more guys surrendering)

Verge: (what hpapened to the 5th one?)

Verge: (thought there was 5 total)

Verge: (maybe I screwed up the nubmers heh)

Verge: oh okay. heh.

Verge: I’ll just say it to him then.

Jason: didn’t you take out 3 ?

Verge: Thought there was two left.

Verge: nah I killed 2

Verge: a muscle guy and the captain

Verge: heh yeah I got mixed up somewhere heh.

Verge: Well anyway iwill just say that to him then.

Verge: (And also gonna secure tommyboy, I’ll handcuff him too)

Verge: (no idea if he may try something stupid, he’s involved too)

Verge: “Standard procedure.”

  • Jason will secure the weapons of the dead girl and drags her along as they go by the leg.

Verge: “Everything will be sorted out when we get to the security office.”

Jason: ( actually probably just float her along )

Davian: “Attention Starfire, we have your personnel on station are either dead or in custody. If you can make for another port then I suggest you do so, otherwise feel free to turn yourselves in.”

Verge: (the ship is gone?)

Jason: " Yuri, anyway you can track that ship? its leaking fuel right?"

Verge: (Alright well verge will bring the survivors baskc to the security office, asusme tehy got a holding cell tehre)

Jason: ( if its dropping a nuclear pellet from time to time, should be easy to track )

Verge: (Will let the deputy know the situation)

Verge: (Will also take thier weapons, since they’re evidence heh)

  • Jason will hang onto the girls weapon. ( spare parts )

Jason: (bah)

Verge: (btw what’s this last survivors criminal record? Any major crimes, or does he actually seem small time?)

  • Jason will look over the girl and grab anything on her that looks useful, or might let them know who hired them or the like. ( memory chips, anything like that )

YURI: “I’ll try!”

Verge: (wait I thought the hacker was dead)

Verge: (I meant the surviving guy we can question)

Jason: will search her

Verge: (Yeah heh.)

Jason: ←rolls Everyone (Space)! (Per) and gets 13 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of 0)

Jason SUCCEEDS by 3

Verge: (He seem like he’s got any money to his name? Or he poor?)

Verge: (Well in general how well are these merc types paid? Like he do dealing with any wealthy corporations?)

Verge: (Yeah just wondering if I can extort any money out of him. heh)

Davian: Such a terrible person

Verge: (heh, well Verge does have the corrupt secret)

YURI: Audible gasp!

Verge: (And if he’s a small time criminal, he might be willing to let him go for a small fine.)

Davian: lol

YURI: Oooo

Verge: (Yeah totally had that from the start)

Verge: (Yeah mainly I gave him that so I’d have a decent excuse not to turn in YURI, where he’s willing to look the toher way fro minor offenders)

Verge: (Figured I didn’tw ant to be a total straight shooter since one of our party members is an illegal)

Verge: (So needed to have some flexibility there)

Verge: (So I figure small-time criminals he’s wiling to let off pretty much)

Davian: You can’t extort money from AI though

Verge: (Well Verge is willing to look out for his friends too)

YURI: :x

Davian: lol

Verge: (I mean he’s not a total selfish asshole, he’ll still try to put himself out there to save civilians and other cops)

Verge: (It’s just he’s not above making some creidts on the side and taking a more flexible view towards the law)

Verge: (Yeah)

Davian: You sold us out, Officer Duffy!

YURI: Patrick Duffy?

Verge: (when I get to the deputy, going to talk to him) “I’d like to take custody of this prisoiner, he’s a crucial witness in an ongoing investigation with information that could help us save many more lives.”

Verge: (Going to try to get custody of the last survivor so I can take some bribes later)

Verge: (Though what I’m saying is indeed true anyway)

Verge: (Yeah there was something about saving the hostages he said)

Verge: “Seeing as you’re undermanned with the marshal down, I figure I can take this guy off your hands and see that he gets to Mars for trial after I’m done with my current assignment.”

Verge: (yeah I know, but If I got custody of him, i can potentially take a bribe and see he gets freed en route)

Verge: (I’m not gonna question him yet… heh just trying to get custody of him on our ship for later, so I can potentially arrange for him to get free)

Jason: ( sounds like alotof effort)

Verge: (okay I’ll take him with us and we’ll question Tommy boy)

Jason: ( I find anything on that girl that might lead us to some info ?)

Verge: (Well I figure we can let this guy off at the net spaceport if he pays up)

YURI: “Steal her computer! See if I can get anything useful off it!”

Jason: searching her in general for anything useful

YURI: Oh, nevermind

YURI: I thought it was in our custody for some extended period

Verge: (I’ll just ask the deputy if our expert can take a look at it)

Jason: suceeded by 3, btw

Verge: (Figure he’s got no real reason not to grant the request.)

Verge: (Also we’ll question Tommy Boy.)

Verge: (While YURI is looking into that, gonna also secure the merc prisoner we got on our ship, keep him cuffed for now and seal him in a room)

Jason: any data chips or the like

Verge: (Well I’ll take the vidence with me)

Verge: (I mean we’re bringing this guy as prisoner to trial)

Verge: (So if I’m going to bring him to trial… )

YURI: (I was hoping I could steal her hacking tools off it, lol)

Jason: I can try I guess, how hard would it be.. or will they just share with us?

Verge: (Well I am a police officer and I’ll tell him to contact that military ship we’re working with)

YURI: (In addition to, you know, looking for some info)

Verge: (Yeah that could just disappear too heh YURI. It’s a good thing you’re working wtiha corrupt officer :P)

Verge: “Yeah… we still have some other work to do first, some more prisoners to rescue, which I’m hoping he’ll help with.”

YURI: (Well I mean copy her software, but yeah)

Verge: “But afterwards, I’ll see him delivered to Mars and brought before a judge.”

Jason: ( who? Yuri?)

YURI: ←rolls Hacker! and gets 7 vs. Skill (15 with a modifier of -2)


YURI: Purr~

YURI: That was a Breach roll


←rolls Hacker! and gets 6 vs. Skill (16 with a modifier of -2)

Hacker SUCCEEDS by 8

YURI: With the mod

YURI: Juicy bits of paydata

YURI: “I don’t get it…”

YURI: “What’s so bad about me?”

Davian: Getting tired, and I gotta get up early tomorrow, gonna head on to bed


YURI: Night night!

Davian: I’ll catch you guys later

YURI: I’m pretty sleepy too, gotta work tomorrow

Tabris is disconnected.

Jason: was odd, he was here for a couple of min and gone

YURI: Aw, that’s ok~

YURI: aw yeah, hehe

YURI: I understand

Verge: Heh, well yeah it depends on what info we get

Verge: how heavily guarded, etc.

Jason: probably see how far away it is and see

Verge: And what they plan on doing with the hostages, I mean we’ll call in the military if it seems like we need a lot of help and if it’s not particualrly time sensetie.

Jason: seems like alot, especially since most of us aren’t fighters

Verge: prob best to call in the miltiary, but fist may wwant to find a spaceport to drop off our prisoner.

Verge: Asusming he’s willing to pay Verge a small fine to expedite his trial. :P

Verge: Yeah, I mean I’d ask for what I’d figure he’d have in his account.

Verge: Not sure how much mercs make

Verge: Figure it’s pretty decent if it’s anything like real life

Verge: where mercs can make a good amount of money.

Verge: I’ll take probably half of it.

Verge: Well depends on how much it is.

Verge: I mean I don’t want to totally screw him, but like if it’s less than he’d pay a lawyer…

Verge: I’ll ask for that heh.

Verge: I mean it’s gonna at least be what lawyers fees would be, if not more… depending on waht he’s got.

Verge: Since he can get free right now without a trial, and the evidence can be conveniently lost in transit. (aka Yuri can keep the cyberdeck)

YURI: Yeah that’d be humiliating for you………

Verge: heh well Verge doesn’t care that much.. I mean these things happen.

Jason: later then

Verge: Remember I’m broke right now.

YURI: hehe~

Verge: Gotta have money for booze. lol.

YURI: Peace out everyone~!

Cedric is disconnected.

Verge: I mean i did kill a couple of criminals and diffused the situation so… that’s a win for me, even if the other guy did get away.

Verge: Assuming anyone even bothers to follow up on it anyway.

Verge: I figure they probably won’t really care that much, since he’s a small time criminal, so unless the deputy follows through on it (whcih I mea it’s months to get to Mars..)

Sachi is disconnected.

Garrion: yeah, that is unforseen.. i mean it did have to do with the people who shot the marshal

Garrion: so a little higher profile to them than some petty theft or ruffing up some worker

Verge: Well I mean the guys who actually fired the shots were dead.

Garrion: BUT… lots can happen between there and wherever

Verge: So I mean this guy is just an accomplice that surrendered. and a small time guy. And yeah, I mean it’s a long time before he’ll be delivered,, and I did say he won’t get delivered until after i was done with my mission with the military.

Verge: So it’s not like it’s a priority delivering him. heh.

Garrion: yeah, but his crimanal charges would be accessory to attempted murder

Garrion: accessoy to attempted kidknapping

Verge: Yeah, but I figure with all the chaos going on right now… with the earth taken over by robots, they’re probably not gonna folow through too heavily on that.

Verge: And at worst, I can just say he escaped. heh.

Garrion: yeah

Verge: But I’m hoping nobody follows through on it and it gets lost in red tape.

Garrion: well yuri could help with that… make sure any corporate rports get erased, lol

Verge: yeah heh.

Verge: Verge has been covering for her, it’s time she returned the favor

Garrion: i’m trying to get the correct feel and flow i want for this camp, not really quite feeling complete but getting there… don;t want to get all tied up in the detail GURPS has and keep it flowing, but at the same time simulating that realistic aspect of THS

Taragnor: Yeah heh.

Taragnor: I mean, no point really getting inot all the minute fuel uses and stuff, so long as it’s not long term travel.

Garrion: right

Garrion: more importantly though keeping the action flowing and not having to stop to look up detailed rules references

Garrion: like with the whole ship stuff.. i didn’t bother with rolling for damage and deducting DR and all that crap…. the ship was not REALLY plot essential, it was simply a tool that was useful if possible but expendable

Garrion: i could have also narrated the events with the conflict between the merc and the haccker.. but i wanted the dice to determine that outcome and see how that changed the story line.. either he won and turned self in or she won and you would have had to assault and take by force casue she was not going to give up

Garrion: fortunately he won

Garrion: oh, i did realize one other thing i need to define in the new MoS rule… multifire… if you multifire that affects the MoS damage bonus cause you get extra hits depending on recoil

Garrion: so i think the MoS bonus shouold be for individual placed shots… if you multifire you are playing the chances of getting multiple hits so forgo the MoS bonus… what you think?

Garrion: or maybe you get the MoS bonus as long as your MoS does not trigger multiple hits, in which case it superceeds

THS Log 2016-04-07

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